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Welcome to our guestbook here at Halvfabrikat Records. Please write your comments or questions here. If needed we will answer your posting soon. Thank you!

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Jose Juan   2013-02-19 10:13
Hi there,
Im Jose Juan Guitar player and founder of DESTINO, Dexkoncierto, Los Humaniax and other bands thru time.
Now I just finished recording my new project DESTINO and I want you to check it out.

Jose Juan Posada

Colombian D Beat Hardcore Punk Music, Info and Documentarie about Punks in Medellin-Colombia

Floppy   2012-03-11 09:00
please make some new t shirt designs :-) greets from germany
Answer given 2012-04-25 Hey Floppy! As of today, we have added tons of Eskatologia merch. T-shirts, patches, backpatches and even canvas bags. All of you who want some merch, now go shop til you drop!

Cheburatormi   2011-05-24 06:27

o drunk...


Slaktattack (H)  2011-05-08 03:21
We still need labellabels to release this. If you are interested or know somebody who might be, let us know. Cheers!

Johan (H)  2009-11-03 13:10
Kolla in, här kan man lägga in skivsläpp, tourdates, kolla videos, läsa intervjuer och en jävla massa annat.

Alvaro   2009-08-28 07:10
like your web site not too flashy and,great bands.which is most important thing,obviously.

Slaktattack (H)  2009-01-31 17:01
Den 13:e mars lirar SLAKTATTACK på Sticky Fingers. Vi kör på Top Floor tillsammans med Sanctuary in Blasphemy och Fredag den 13:e.

Rille (H)  2008-12-29 20:44
Hej hej hå!
Köp en skiva eller två!
Hej hej hu!
Köp den nuuuuuu!

Ett dåligt julrim till er ;)
Mohahahaha ho ho ho

Abnorm (H)  2008-12-19 19:47
ABNORM i GBG är flyttat till 27:e, dock fortfarande på Underjorden (SPATT). Kom och sparka tomten i röven! ;-)

Blom (H)  2008-11-26 20:11
ABNORM lirar live i Uppsala 29:e November och i Göteborg 12:e December. Mer info på

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