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New Additions 2017.08.11
Here are the latest new items added to our catalog here at Halvfabrikat Records Webshop.

Kalla händer - Bomberna faller för döva öron (limited; 7 copies) (Tape - Home copied)
Kalla händer ~ Tape - Home copied

Punkrock from Jönköping. Think Burning kitchen, Ebba Grön and/or Masshysteri. Limited to 7 copies...

Price: 15.00 SEK

Drown In Blood - Blood Red Path (12" LP)
Drown In Blood ~ 12" LP

Good News for all deathmetal, punk & stenchcore maniacs: We repressed the DROWN IN BLOOD - blood red...

Price: 100.00 SEK

Instinct Of Survival/Volkermord - Split (7" EP)
Instinct Of Survival/Volkermord ~ 7" EP
I.f.m.H. [017]

Afters years of planning and a lot of delays this release is finaly ready to ship! Two of Germanys b...

Price: 30.00 SEK

Adrestia - The Art Of Modern Warfare (12" LP)
Adrestia ~ 12" LP
PR 134

Adrestia's music is a mix of crust punk and old school swedish death metal. The lyrics are mostly re...

Price: 100.00 SEK

Dornata - Disorder (7" EP)
Dornata ~ 7" EP

Crustpunk from Ljubljana, SLO.

Price: 30.00 SEK

Humus - Eterna Condanna  (12" LP)
Humus ~ 12" LP


Price: 100.00 SEK

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