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Side A
01. Apokalypserna anfaller  
02. 13 procent
03. Trygghetens pris
04. Slentriankonsumtion
05. Varför ska jag lyssna?
06. Alla mår skit
07. Mera gift
Side B
01. Du ska lida
02. Gubbvrak
03. Varje dag är en domedag  
04. Paria
05. Själviskt helvete
06. I ett nav av förljugenhet

Item: 3270
Date: 2015-08-22
Catalog No: HALVLP094
Format: 12" LP
Label: Halvfabrikat Records

Price: 100.00 SEK


Fredag den 13:e are back with a third output - the Domedagar LP. And what a recording, what a release! Just as angry as the vocals, the guitars pierce your ears and eventually you just wanna dance. This is undoubtfully one of the best records in 2015, an effort that show no intention of slowing down. Now it is time to once again unleash one of the best hardcore/rock n crust acts from Gothenburg.

Selling points
# Numbercrust/Motörcharged scandicrust deriving from Gothenburg, Sweden.
# Fucking ace recording.
# Thirteen (!) new songs in a gatefolded sleeve.

Jacob: guitars/vocals
Niclas: drums
Stoffe: guitar
Anders: vocals
Peter: bass/vocals

Digital download
Blindead Newsletter #8, 2015, [written by Krogh. Distributed by Sound Pollution]
Third LP from Fredag den 13:e, recorded at Fvck Life Studios and mastered at Audiosiege so you know the sound is as powerful as it should be for this kind of music.
Aggressive, absolutely manic Scandicrust influenced by the usual suspects: Disfear, Wolfpack, Wolfbrigade, Victims, Skitsystem...
Metal Norge, [written by Asgeir. Distributed by Sound Pollution]
Fredag Den 13:e presenterer noe de kaller Nummerpunk / Motörcharged scandicrust. Det er knallhardt og faktisk ganske underholdende til stilen å være, og ligger nesten på kanten til at man burde innrømme at det hadde vært fett å se på en scene.

Det er mange band om beinet innom punk/crust -og de fleste bandene lever relativt korte liv. Fredag Den 13:e har derimot eksistert siden 2006 og har gitt ut sine respektive utgivelser. Denne plata "Domedagar" er jo helt fersk -da den ble sluppet 4.juli. Skiva slippes i 1000 ex på vinyl og 500 på CD ifølge hjemmesiden til bandet.

Det er (såklart) 13 spor på plata -som bare gir meg inntrykk av at det er planlagt mer enn flere andre band orker å gjøre. Det er ett helhetlig konsept rundt Fredag Den 13:e som jeg liker av en eller annen merkelig grunn.

Favorittene som stikker seg ut for min del iløpet av plata er "Mera Gift", "I Ett Nav Av Forljugenhet" og "Paria".

Ellers så må jeg bare anbefale å sjekke skiva om du enn liker punk, hardcore, crust eller bastard miksen av disse stilene. Jeg ble positivt overasket over plata -så regner med at ett stykk vinyl skal handles iløpet av kort tid.

Wonder box metal, [written by Wonder box metal. Distributed by Sound Pollution]
Fredag Den 13:e are from Sweden and this is their third album. They play Hardcore.

This is aggressive music that’s fuelled by Crust and and d-beat Hardcore. If you like bands such as Skitsystem, Disfear and Martyrdöd then you’re in for a treat here.

Fredag Den 13:e have plenty of groove and rhythm to their sound and a strong recording brings out the best of them. Everything is solid and immediate, which is the kind of impact a band of this type requires.

The songs are catchy and emotive, which is a lethal combination. There are great riffs in abundance and the band have a large amount of energy that they siphon into the songs. A lot of the guitars feature aggressive melodies that sound quite apocalyptic, so much so that Domedager could almost be the soundtrack to the end times after civilisation has fallen.

The singer has a scathing voice and he screams his way through these 36 minutes like a focused ball of rage that nonetheless manages to convey emotion and charisma alongside the vicious diatribes.

One of the things I love about this release is that the songs have this relentless energy that drives them forward. Add to that the emotive, dynamic riffs and songwriting…well, we have a winner here for sure.

This is not a band I was aware of prior to writing this review, but it turns out they could be one of Sweden’s best kept secrets. It’s time to change that – listen to Fredag Den 13:e and get ready to be impressed.
Merchants of air, [written by Serge. Distributed by Sound Pollution]
Monday morning, perfect time for some fierce aggression, hyperspeed riffs and pissed off vocals. It's been a while since I reviewed a crust album and to be quite honest, I wasn't expecting this kind of anarcho-punk with this full-length since it comes from a grindcore label. The cover too has some death metal/grindcore looks and the band played at Obscene Extreme Festival this year. But of course both genre are somewhat comparable so I think it's no big surprise that EveryDayHate comes up with something like this. This label knows a thing or two about ruthless aggression and intense guitars and proves it again with a crushing album..

'Domedager' is already the third album by this Swedish quintet who have been arond since 2006. Since then they have been creating havoc everywhere they go. This album contains all the right ingredients to make them a big name in the genre, perfectly fitting in with bands like Disfear, Skitsystem or Wolfbrigade. Yet, I do feel that there's a bit more musical ingenuity in some of the songs. Guitar solos and often quite groovy riffs indicate that at least some of the members are metalheads who are into bands like Motorhead and Poison Idea.

Some more metal influences are shown in the twin-guitar solos of songs like the punishing 'A Mera Gift'. 'Gubbvrak' could actually have been written by Lemmy and company. However, for the main part this is simply intense and brutal d-beat, crust or hardcore punk, perfectly illustrated in songs like 'Själviskt Helvete' or 'Paria'. These songs grab you by the troath and beat you severely with their massively wroth sound.

After a short intro which already shows that these guys don't only listen to crust-punk, we're immediately treated to hyperspeed crust punk and from there on it never ends. '13 Procent' brings a bit of punk rock melody to the whole, another element that's often repeated. This gives the music some very welcome variation and makes this one of my favorite tracks. 'Trygghetens Pris' even seems to borrow some riffs from groove death metal like Entombed, which is obviously awesome.

Since my Swedish is about as good as your Swahili, I have no idea what this band is so angry about but I can image it has something to do with the current state of our society and about consumerism. To check on that, I've tried to translate some of the titles. 'Du Ska Lida' means 'You'll suffer'. 'Trygghetens Pris' means 'The Price Of Safety'. 'Varje Dag Är En Domedag' translates as 'Every Day Is Judgement Day'. So yes, you can say there's a bit of social criticism in here.

So yes, the tempo is intensely high and so is the level of aggression. Most of the songs drive on these amain guitar riffs and hardcore punk drums. Add some of the most ill-conditioned vocals ever to the whole and you're in for a wicked performance where crowdsurfers and stage-divers have to be constantly on the look-out for the position of the moshpit and the wall-of-death. This is music that leaves no survivors, no prisoners and definitely knows no mercy.
All titles with Fredag den 13:e
Domedagar (CD in jewelcase)
Dystopisk utsikt (CD in digipack)

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