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Updates 2002

2002-12-20 - Halvfabrikat Records Promo 2002
The promotional record Promo 2002 is out now. This means that they who order from now on will get this for free as a bonus. You might want to act fast as this promo record is limited to 100 copies!

2002-12-01 - HALVEP006 are now sold out
The first press of the new Human Waste record Från Generation till Generation - both the limited edition and the regular - (HALVEP006) is officially sold out.

This is also the case for the limited edition of the Besk - What went wrong? (HALVEP005). But we have a few left, so if you want one of those soon-to-be rare items you might want to act fast.

2002-11-21 - Totalt Jävla Mörker - Satans barn tour 21-30/11 2002
Don´t miss out on the Totalt Jävla Mörker tour in late november!

Satans Barn, tour 21-30/11 - 2002.

21.11.02 @ Mullberget, Skellefteå
w/ Cult of luna and Soundatia.

22.11.02 @ UFFA, Trondheim (Norway).
w/ Oktobr and Rifu.

23.11.02 @ Tingshuset, Östersund
w/ Oktobr and Human Waste.

24.11.02 @ Växthuset, Västerås
w/ Labour and Masskonsumtion.

25.11.02 @ Skylten, Linköping
w/ The Jam Session, Beyond Pink and Wishing Days Away.

26.11.02 @ Ungdomens Hus, Uppsala
w/ Bandera De Odio, First Degree Murder and The Ghoulies.

28.11.02 @ Shindig-Bar FF, Visby
w/ TBA.

29.11.02 @ The Shrine, Stockholm
w/ Dismember, Thyrfing, Genocide SS. (Membership needed!)

30.11.02 @ Eldslandet, Jönköping
w/ Martyrdöd and Beyond Pink.

2002-11-16 - Halvkass Produktion releases now back in stock
Several of the newer Halvkass Produktion releases that has been temporary out of stock - due too high demands - is now back in stock again. Those are amongst others: Apologia - S/T, KASS 10; Mansic - For the rich and the wannabes, KASS 11 and Age - Critique?, KASS 12.

2002-11-12 - HALVEP006 breaking even
According to our financial plan; the new Human Waste record has sold as many as we needed for the higher price to break even. This means no more high price. So today we have lowered the price ones again and this price will be permanant, at least we will try to stick to this. The 2nd press has been pressed, sent and released, so you better grab your copy as they are going fast!

2002-11-09 - Halvfabrikat Records Promo 2002 in the works
The promotional record "Promo 2002" is in the works as we speak. Those who order and some chosen magazines will get this. This will not be able to buy - and will be given away for free only. The record will be out in december, and you better keep your eyes open for this because it contains some real goodies!

2002-10-21 - Increasement in merch prices
Due to higher production costs we are forced to increase the price on all our merchandise. Not much but it will show in the end. For example will a 7" EP cost 30 SEK instead of the normalized D.I.Y. 25 SEK. This will also make the wholesale price going up as well. The lower price which we have today will stay until the end of october. The 1st November we will make the change. So buy now if you want the cheaper price.

2002-10-13 - 2nd pressing of the HALVEP006
Due to high demands on the new Human Waste 7" EP, there will be a 2nd press on this one. But the 2nd is limited also in a sense; it will only be done in 250 copies. Better grab one before they too are out of stock.

There will be sorta releaseparty for the EP on the Punkfest 6 in Umeå november 14-16. The EP will be sold there. Also there will be a release party for Uncle Charles new 7" EP, which has members from HW. The Punkfest will be E.T.A.'s last show ever and D.S.-13 last show ever in Europe (they will later do a tour in Japan).

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