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Updates 2003

2003-12-30 - Changes on the site
We are currently redoing the whole site folderwise. There can therefor be some problems if you happen to access the page when we actually do the updates. If this happen, try again in ten minutes and the site will probably work.

2003-12-21 - Vacation
We will go on vacation from tomorrow, the 22nd, until the 26th of december. Orders that do come under this period of time will be served in the order they arrive.

The Human Waste/Personkrets 3:1 has been postponed since there have been some problems with the testpresses. We will wait for the problem to be solved rather than release something sounding like shit, don´t everyone agree? Vi vägrar släppa något jävla halvfabrikat!

The promotional record, Promo 2003, are almost complete, and will, as usual, be released between the 26th and 31st of december. The covers are handmade and spraypainted as we speak.

2003-12-15 - Sleeve for HALVEP011
The sleeves for the Human Waste/Personkrets 3:1 split 7" EP are done. They are looking great! Check out the HALVEP011 page to get a preview of the sleeve. Both back and front!

2003-12-06 - Next release - HALVEP012
We will release a split 7" EP with Anatomi-71 and Radioskugga. This will be out in the beginning of 2004 and include four songs by A-71, three by Radioskugga. There are a few more songs recorded by Anatomi-71, those will be released on the Hjälp snuten compilation and on the forthcoming Promo 2003. Those are both in the works right now.

2003-12-05 - Layout for Educational tapes reissue
We are almost done with the layout for the trilogy set for the cassette release on Educational Tapes. This release will, however, miss one song on Rättvisa (E.T.S.M. 011) and Jämlikhet (E.T.S.M. 012). This is because of that the original release where a little to long to fit in on a C60 tape.

2003-11-29 - Testpresses for the HALVEP011
The testpresses for the Human Waste/Personkrets 3:1 split 7" will arrive shortly. Probably even in the beginning in the next week so we can give the pressingplant a Go real soon also.

The Hjälp snuten compilation are turning out nicely as well. There are many great acts on this, including many unreleased tracks. The CD version will be limited to 100 copies. This one will also be released on cassette by Educational Tapes.

2003-11-27 - HALVEP011 are sent to the pressingplant
The Human Waste/Personkrets 3:1 split 7" has been sent off to the pressingplant a few days ago. Now we´re waiting for the testpresses to arrive.

We have found a limited quantity of the Human Waste - Från generation till generation (HALVEP006) here today. Those are back up on sale now.

Also, the Totalt Jävla Mörker - Det ofrivilliga lidandets maskineri on 12" LP is now out of stock / sold out. Sorry for all of you who missed this great piece of plastic.

2003-11-08 - HALVLP010 are out now
The Totalt Jävla Mörker - Det ofrivilliga lidandets maskineri has been released today on LP. This version cotains of the video edit for the song PK - Poliskonstapel. It comes in a great looking gatefold sleeve that will make no one disappointed!

In total, there are 17 songs just as the CD version.

2003-10-19 - Translation of the webshop
We have now translated the webshop into english. Now everybody who wants to can buy from there and understand the texts. We can, still, however, have missed out on translating some parts of it. This will be changed when we find those parts.

We can also tell you that the almost sold out trilogy series Solidaritet (17), Rättvisa (18) and Jämlikhet (19) will be released by Educational Tapes For Suicidal Minds. Hopefully by the fall of 2003, but as Halvkass Produktion will do the sleeves, no one really can´t tell.

2003-10-06 - Next release - HALVEP011
We will release a new split with Human Waste. This time they will team up with Personkrets 3:1. Personkrets 3:1 are about to record their side soon as this release will hopefully be out in december.

And for all of you who are wondering if we will make more copies of the Halvkass Produktion backcatalogue KASS 1 - KASS 15, they are available through Evigt Lidande Productions.

2003-09-24 - New releases out now
First of all; we have been very bad on updating the page with the latest news. Sorry. There are, however, a perfectly good explaination for this. We have moved and have had no connection to the internet here, until today. Well, the good news is that the Uncle Charles/Human Waste split 7" EP has been released! This one are selling well as any other HW release has done, so you better grab one of you want one fast. A limited edition (100 copies) has been made for this, one on white vinyl. The covers are one of the coolest ever made - handmade, spraypainted by the groups them-selves. And there are also a regular edition on black vinyl. This one has been made in 400 copies.

The TJM LP has been sent off to the pressingplant, and will probably be released in october. We do have more to offer in the fall as the plans has developed with or without the internet, although it helps to have a connection indeed.

Personkrets 3:1 - "Kampen mot livet", is out now on Halvkass Produktion. Limited to 100 copies. We will co-release the "Hjälp snuten - slå dig själv" compilation CDR with Eductional Tapes for Suiciadal Minds (ETSM, a sublabel to Evigt Lidande Productions). They will do the cassette version and Halvkass Produktion will do the CDR version. Limited, as usual, to approx 100 copies. This will be released sometime in the fall.

2003-09-13 - HALVEP009 has arrived
The vinyl for the Uncle Charles/Human Waste split 7" EP has arrived. We still, however, wait for the sleeves. The TJM LP has been sent off to the pressingplant, and will probably be released in october.

2003-08-16 - HFR are about to move
The Uncle Charles/Human Waste split 7" EP has arrived to out partner label Regression Records. Hopefully we get our share this week to come.

We are also about to move. New address as of the 1st of september 2003. The orders who comes in during this period of time will be taken care of in the order they arrive. There are a possibility of the items to go out of stock.

2003-08-01 - Next release - HALVLP010
The Uncle Charles/Human Waste split 7" EP has been delayed a bit. The sleeves, both the limited spraypainted and the others are delivered. We still, however, wait for the vinyl.

We will release the Totalt Jävla Mörker fullength album "Det ofrivilliga lidandets maskineri" on 12" LP. This will be a labelsplit with Federatia. The release date are not yet set, although this is planned for september 2003.

2003-07-20 - Many now records in stock
Many new records in stock as of todays update. Check the webshop out as there are probably records for everyone! Also, dont miss out on the new compliation 7" EP More world, less bank (HALVEP008). More information further down on this very page.

2003-07-07 - New release out now
The compilation 7" EP is out today! Order it now to receive your copy. This EP is limited to approx 1.000 copies. Unreleased material only! Comp 7 EP w/ Crossing Chaos, Coma, Uncle Charles, Murder Disco X, Human Waste, Cluster Bomb Unit, Lim and Skitsystem.

2003-07-03 - New release out now
The third compilation CD in the trilogy has been released today. Now the whole series is out! Get it now before they are sold out!!

2003-07-01 - HALVEP008 has arrived
The vinyl for the More World, Less Bank Compilation has arrived today. Now we are waiting for the sleeves which should appear any day aswell. Hopefully they will arrive this very week.

The third compilation CD in the trilogy will probably be out soon.

2003-06-28 - HALVEP009 has been sent of to the pressingplant
The Uncle Charles/Human Waste split 7" (HALVEP009) has been sent off to the pressingplant. The release will be out in time for the Uncle Charles gig at Storsjöyran. They will perform the 1st of august at the Club Chrome stage. Be there!

Also, we can push for another event 4-5 july, the Crustfest 03. Human Waste will perform at 21.15. Other acts attending is Apologia, Bombstrike, Counterblast, Slaktattack, Kaos kris och helvete, Konfrontation, Mörder and Rövsvett. More info at

2003-06-27 - Testpresses for the HALVEP008
We have in the last few days received the testpresses for the "More World, Less Bank" 7" compilation (HALVEP008) and approved those. We have been told that the vinyl is in Sweden today, although we have not received it and will probably not do so within the weekend.

The Uncle Charles/Human Waste split 7" (HALVEP009) are completed and will be sent off to the pressingplant any day now. We can also tell you all that we are in the middle of discussing the next release after the split 7"... What this will be is to soon to tell, but we can say that no one will be disappointed!

2003-06-21 - Inventory
We are done with the inventory since the Hultsfred festival. Because of this, there are many records that cannot be bought from us any longer.

2003-06-19 - Next releases - HALVEP009
We have not been able to update the site in a few days due to inventory. There might be some records out of stock but this will hopefully be updated in the next few days.

News about the upcoming releases. The testpresses for the More World.. (HALVEP008) has arrived. The record sounds amazing and the pressingplant has gotten the OK from us to press the records. The sleeves for the release has also been sent off to the pressingplant.

The new Uncle Charles/Human Waste split 7" (HALVEP009) has also been completed. This means the record will be sent off the the pressingplant by the end of June.

2003-06-11 - Hultsfredsfestival 2003
Many new items in stock today. Also, we are planning to go to Hultsfred tomorrow in order to sell some records outside the big Hawaii-entrence. Support the scene and come visit us! Note that we will only be there tomorrow 12.06.03, not the following days.

2003-06-09 - Arrival of the testpresses for HALVEP008
We are currently waiting for the testpresses for the More World, less bank compilation 7" (HALVEP008). We expect them to arrive in the middle of this week. Also, the artwork for the Uncle Charles/Human Waste 7" EP (HALVEP009) has been completed.

2003-06-01 - Almost sold out on the KASSCD17
First part of the compilation series has been out for a few days only and has almost sold out. This is apart from 30 copies that will be saved until june in order for all of you who want the whole package: Part I, II and III of the compilation series. The price has not yet been decided upon.

2003-05-29 - KASSCD17 are out now
First part of the compilation series is out now! Limited to approx 100 copies, this released will sell out fast. Contains unreleased material with Farbror Haj, Total Egon and Varnagel.

2003-05-25 - Booklets for the trilogy series
The booklets for the Halvkass Produktion's trilogy will be picked up at the pressing plant tomorrow. This means the first part of the series will be out next week, probably on wednesday.

2003-05-19 - New items in
New items in today. Among others, the 2nd pressing of the long sold out TJM 7" EP "Industri, betong och sålda själar". In addition to that, a few other Communichaos Media/CD-arse releases in stock. Get 'em while supply last!

2003-05-18 - New mp3s online
Many new mp3:s are online now! Click on each of the releases on the Utgåvor / Releases and Planering / Plans pages. More will come in the next few days and we might even take a few down. Also, a couple of more 'zines will be put up for sale in the next few days.

2003-05-16 - New flyer
We have completed a new flyer. This can be put in a fanzine, as it size is A5. There are quite a few of you guys who has wondered when we will do new once, as the older where almost two years, yet still rather topical. So here it is.

This flyer contains of all our releases so far, from the Revolution EP to the not yet released More world, less bank. Also included here are the Redioskugga's demo "En plats av tårar och blod".

2003-05-12 - Sold out HALVEP007
We have sold out every last one of the newest Human Waste 7" EP "I väntan på Socialbidraget". If you still want a copy, you might get one at your local distro. There might also be a slight chance that our partner labels New Noise Records, Stategrinder Records or Dimman Records has some left in stock.

We have gotten a lot of old and obscure fanzines today. We have put those in the webshop for you to view! We have also lowered the prices even more. For example a fanzine cost only 5 SEK (not including postage). There are quite a few more items on sale...

2003-05-07 - The songs for HALVEP008 has been collected
The songs for the upcoming compilation 7" EP has been collected. Now we are in the middle of checking the volume on the songs in order to make them as good together as possible. The collected material will then be sent off to the pressing plant.

A big cheers to Crossing Chaos, Coma, Uncle Charles, Murder Disco X, Human Waste, Cluster Bomb Unit, Lim and Skitsystem for making this compilation a reality!

2003-05-01 - Next release - HALVEP008
Up next: a compilation 7" EP w/ unreleased material only!

- Crossing Chaos
- Coma
- Uncle Charles
- Murder Disco X
- Human Waste
- Cluster Bomb Unit - Lim
- Skitsystem

2003-04-27 - HALVEP007 out now
Now you will be able to buy the new Human Waste record! Not many copies left due to the amount traded and pre-orders. But do not let this frighten you, as if you hurry you will obtain you own copy of this masterpiece of plastic!

Some news on the upcoming compilation album. More info about this one will be presented here at the 01/05/2003 update. Be here to believe it! Will this be the best compilation record ever?! Acts, songtitles and artwork will be presented here.

2003-04-23 - New records in the webshop
New records in the mailorder! Besides the newcomers we have gotten some new copies of the sold out Kontrovers - Kontrovers CD. Great record, great cover artwork. Buy now or regret it for the rest of your life. Vinylfreaks - you will get your fair share aswell - we have gotten it on 12" LP too!

2003-04-17 - Radioskugga tour
Don´t miss out on the Radioskugga small tour in the next few days!

17.04.03 @ TBA, Uddevalla
w/ Digital Dödsmaskin.

18.04.03 @ Kungen, Sandviken
w/ Digital Dödsmaskin.

2003-04-16 - HALVEP007 almost ready for the printer
The new Human Waste 7" has been reported as almost ready to go, which means this record will be released this very next week. The trade quota is already filled up, and much speaks for that also this release are sold out in preorders before we even released it. But there might be a few copies left depending on how many we will get, so then you better act fast if you want any of those!

There will be some changes in the last compilation disc for the trilogy series. It will not include the songs stated with Uncle Charles, and there will be an unreleased track with D-takters.

2003-04-12 - Compilation trilogy completed
The new compilation trilogy are completed! There are a total of 40 acts on those three, and there are more than 72 songs on it! Check out them under Planering/Plans. You´ll be stunned! This trilogy will not make anyone disappointed! Release in may, june and july. In july there might be a special deal if you wanna buy them all. If they are not sold out!

We have also managed to get more copies of the new Skumdum record - Det vi kan bäst (this record is truely a masterpiece!). Also, there are some more sold out items that are back in stock today.

2003-04-04 - New act on HFR
A new group has been tied Halvfabrikat Records! The new act is, as you all probably already know by now - RADIOSKUGGA (eng: Radioshadow). The group are from Sandviken, Sweden and has released their first real demo at Halvkass Produktion (KASSCD16). They play really good helvetespunk and we are truely excited about having them in our stable. You will probably hear alot from those guys in the future! Don´t miss out their first release - buy it now!!! This will be a truely rare piece!

2003-04-03 - KASSCD16 out now
New demo CD out now! Radioskugga - "En plats av tårar och blod" (KASSCD16), extremly good helvetespunk in the same school as Totalt Jävla Mörker. This is a 5 track demo, including the bonustrack 'Folköl' (formerly known as Fuck you).

Two of the songs will be able to download here.

2003-03-25 - Update on the trilogy series
Almost complete listing of the participacting acts and their songs on the Halvkass Produktion's trilogy compilation is now announced! More to come in the next few days, some changes will probably be made in the songlist. But this is pretty near what the releases will look like.

2003-03-17 - KASSCD16 artwork done
Partial list of the participacting act on the Halvkass Produktion's trilogy compilation is now announced! More to come in the next few days.

The recording for the new release 'En plats av tårar och blod' by Radioskugga has been completed. Release in late march at Halvkass Produktion. Two songs may be downloaded here.

Listen to a new Human Waste song from the forthcoming 'I väntan på Socialbidraget' 7" EP called 'En fot i graven'. The 7" will be out by the end of march!

2003-03-10 - Arrival of the HALVEP007
We have gotten the new Human Waste record and it´s looking mighty good! Release on the 27th, but you will be able to pre-order it now! Limited to 407 copies this baby will go fast! More info to come in the next few days.

2003-02-19 - Next release - KASSCD16
We have decided on that from now on we will release all new stuff on Halvkass Produktion on CD-R. The last cassette will be Slaktattack, KASS 15. Next up will be Radioskugga, KASSCD16 and thereafter the trilogy compilation. All the CDs will be individually handnumbred and limited editions.

Eventually, the plan is to turn over the whole tape backcatalogue to the newly started label Evigt Lidande Productions. At the same time the older stuff will be deleted from our part, which means that those cannot longer be bought from us. We do still take orders on the newer stuff, from KASS 9 and forward. Pay a visit to Evigt Lidande Productions here.

2003-02-14 - HALVEP006 sold out
The Human Waste record "Från generation till generation" (HALVEP006) has been officially sold out from us. No third press has been planned or even discussed, so this may soon be put in the deleted section. Our split partner New Noise Records have some of this release left though. Get it while you can! The link to them are to be found on the link page.

Also, the Besk - What went wrong (HALVEP005) limited edition is sold out as well. No repress will be made. Those of you who haven´t got the record can always get the other pressing.

2003-02-12 - HALVEP007 sent to the pressingplant
Breaking news!!! The new Human Waste record "I väntan på Socialbidraget" (HALVEP007); has been sent off to the pressingplant. The artwork for the covers are not yet completed.

The record will be a labelsplit with New Noise Records (NNR 018), Stategrinder Records (SGR 004) and Dimman Records (FOG 002). It will be pressed in 400 copies only. Not limited edition will be pressed, all will be done on black vinyl.

2003-02-05 - Trilogy on Halvkass Produktion
No real update on the Halvfabrikat part; Halvkass is currently asking bands to participate on the new trilogy comp series (KASS 17-KASS 19). A few has already been confirmed. No names yet, all we can say is that this will be a trilogy for everyone.

2003-01-24 - Many new EPs in stock
Many new 7" EPs in stock as of todays update. A couple of items has been updated as restock. Check out the Merch section. Also, we are running a bit low on the second press of the Human Waste - Från generation till generation (HALVEP006). The new Human Waste record (HALVEP007), has been postponed to end of february or maybe even beginning of march.

2003-01-18 - Article in Gotlands Tidningar
Yesterdays article about the group Age and the promotional record from Gotlands Tidningar (GT).

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