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Updates 2004

2004-12-29 - New release out now
The Personkrets 3:1 - Life is beautiful 10" are out now! Buy it today or regret it for the rest of your life. 6 songs, inluding an intro and outro. In short: a must-have!

Also, the promotional record for this year - Promo 2004 - will be out december 1st. All of you who order from us after this date will get a free copy. Of course, this offer stand as long as supply last. This one is limited to approx 100 copies, so, if you want this you better grab one fast.

2004-11-28 - HALVEP008 out now
The follow-up for More world, less bank is out now! We come in peace (HALVEP015) are limited to approx 1000 copies. It includes unreleased songs from all participating groups!

2004-11-22 - Promo 2004 to the pressingplant
Today we have left of the Promo 2004 to the pressingplant. The artwork turned out great!

For more info on this, including artwork, visit the page.

2004-11-11 - Acts for the Promo 2004
Yesterday we approved the testpress for the We come in peace compilation 7" (HALVEP015). We have also sent the Personkrets 3:1 - Life is Beautiful 10" (HALVEP016) to the pressingplant.

And yes, there will be a promotional record out even this year. Promo 2004 will be out in late december and containing the following acts:

Aktiv dödshjälp
Personkrets 3:1
Human Waste
Kaos, kris & helvete

2004-10-14 - Acts for the We come in peace compilation
Today we do announce the acts and artwork for the upcoming We come in Peace compilation 7"! Just as "More world, less bank", there will be 8 bands, 8 tracks! Planned release october/november 2004.

Personkrets 3:1
365 dagar av synd (ex-Dödsdömd)

We are currently waiting for the sleeves to release the repress of Human Waste/Uncle Charles - Split 7" EP. Limited to 500 copies, all on red vinyl. The sleeve have a completely new artwork!

Alot of new records has also been added to the distro, both CDs and new vinyls. Check it out!

2004-09-25 - Next releases
Today we have left off some of the new Human Waste/Personkrets 3:1 - Split 7" (HALVEP011) and Protestera - Zora EPs (HALVEP014) to the local recordstore Wall Records in Kalmar.

We will release the Bulldom - S/T and the Radioskugga - En estetisk krigsförklaring in the fall. Both will be released by Halvkass Produktion and not as stated in Close Up #68. They mentioned that we will release the Bulldom demo as a 7" which are not true.

2004-09-18 - Lyrics to several releases available
Today we have added some more lyrics to the releases. Now you will find lyrics to the Zora EP and the upcoming 10" by Personkrets 3:1.

Also added are some new records in the distro. Now you will be able to buy almost every release by the danish anarchopunks Paragraf 119 from here.

2004-09-04 - Next releases
The Personkrets 3:1 10" will be titled Life is Beautiful. The artwork are in the works right now. Hopefully we will have it printed soon.

We are in the process of repressing the Human Waste/Uncles Charles split 7" EP. This will be out during september. Limited to 500 copies, all on red vinyl. This pressing will include a totally new sleeve design.

We are currently working on the follow up for More world, less bank. The songs we have collected so far rips, so expect a really good compilation 7".

The Dëünga limited tour edition have sold out, but we do have some of the tour edition left. For those of you who were unfortunate not to get the limited edition, the cover artwork can be seen to the left.

2004-08-17 - New release + Dëünga supports Ambulance on tour
Today we do release the tour edition of "No submission, no penance, no repentance and no fucking shit" by Dëünga. Limited to 78 copies! We have also done a limited tour edition of the same demo, which are limited to 10 copies.

Below you will find the tourdates of Ambulance. The (*) shows where they will team up with Dëünga. Nowadays Ambulance contains our friend Sylen (of Human Waste and Uncle Charles).

AMBULANCE Umeå d-beat on tour, August:
13 Stockholm - Fullersta (*)
14 Sandviken - Högbo (*)
15 Östersund - Bageriet
16 Örebro - Folkets hus (*)
17 Uppsala - Ungdomens hus (w/ *, Harkkorauta)
18 Göteborg - Spatt (w/ Reign of bombs, Out Cold)
19 Linköping - Skylten (w/ Reign of bombs, Out Cold)
20 Köpenhamn - Ungdomshuset (w/ *, Zegota, No rest)
21 Visby - Roxy
22 Umeå - Stallet (w/ Reign of bombs, Out Cold)

2004-08-06 - New release
The two Kaos, kris & helvete demos are out now! We will start off by selling them as a 2CD-R package but eventually we might sell them seperatly.

The pages on are being slighty redone. Nothing major, but then again, it will hopefully be easier for us to update the pages after this.

Finally. We are in the process of collecting all written reviews (from 1998 to present) here and put it online. If you have any reviews not up here, mail us. If it hasn´t already been put up here, chances are big we have missed this one out.

2004-08-02 - Next releases - HALVEP015/HALVEP016
We are currently planning to release our first 10"! Personkrets 3:1 has recorded six new song who will fit perfectly for a 10" vinyl. The songs are unquestionably the best material by the group to this day!
The record will be out in the fall of 2004.

The work with the follow up to More World, Less Bank is slowly coming together. We have put of with quite a good lineup this far... The artwork for the upcoming Kaos, kris & helvete demos has been left over to the pressingplant today. Delayed by the industrial vacation.

2004-07-07 - New release
The Human Waste/Personkrets 3:1 - Split 7" EP are out now! Limited to 501 copies, all on black vinyl.

2004-07-01 - Delivery of HALVEP011
We have gotten the long awaited Human Waste/Personkrets 3:1 - Split 7" EPs. We will release them on wednesday the 7th of july. The record contains 5 new Human Waste songs and 3 new Personkrets 3:1 songs. You will find more info on this release on the page concerning HALVEP011.

Also, we have gotten many new records for the distro in the last few days, so please have a look! The records that can be found right now are some brand new and a few for re-stock.

2004-06-19 - Testpresses of HALVEP011
Yesterday we did receive new testpresses for the long awaited Human Waste/Personkrets 3:1 - Split 7" (HALVEP011). This time the product sounds great. In general, this means one major thing; we will give our approval for the production to start on monday.

The two Kaos, kris & helvete demos - "Käftsmäll" and "En ny världsordning" (double CD-R, KASSCD22/ KASSCD23) has unfortunatly been postponed until july. Hopefully the guys themselves will save a few of those and sell them at the Augustibuller festival (Loppholmarna, Lindesberg) in august, where they will play. Other acts who will participate are Asta Kask, Disfear, Krymplings and Skitsystem to name but a few. The festival are going to be held between the 6th-7th of august.

The artwork for the Hjälp snuten compilation are being redone at the moment to fit both the CD-R and tape version.

2004-05-28 - Consignment deal with Wall Records
Today we do release the long awaited "Zora" EP by Protestera. Buy it now in our webshop. Limited to approx 1000 copies, so you better act fast!

Also, we have started a cooperation with the recordshop Wall Records (Västra Sjögatan, Kvarnholmen), Kalmar. There you will find every of our available releases from now on. This means if the release are marked as In stock, chances are big you´ll find it at Wall Records.

2004-05-09 - Next release
We are happy to announce we will release the new Zora EP by Protestera. This is in fact the first material to see the light since the Kampen går vidare LP (Skuld Releases, 2000). The release will be out by the 28th of may when the group start their european tour.

The 7" EP contains three new songs and one re-recording of the song Kärlekssången from the LP.

2004-04-19 - New releases out now
Today we have released three new records. The Apologia - Sentinel (HALVCD013), Anatomi-71/Radioskugga - Split 7" EP (HALVEP012) and Aktiv dödshjälp - Allt hopp e ute (KASSCD21).

Buy those today to see that you´ll get a copy of all of them! Trades are welcome at this point (for a limited period of time only!). Please ask us for the wholesale rates.

2004-04-06 - Next releases
It looks like we will have four releases out in april. The 19th we will release the Apologia - Sentinel (HALVCD013), the Anatomi-71/Radioskugga - Split 7" EP (HALVEP012) and the Aktiv dödshjälp - Allt hopp e ute (KASSCD21).

By the end of april we will be able to release the Human Waste/Personkrets 3:1 - Split 7" EP (HALVEP011)! Yes, the pressingplant has fixed the technical problem that made it impossible for us to go ahead with the pressing. But now this seems to be ok and we are awaiting the testpresses for this. More news to follow!

And yes, the offer still stands - just as Anatomi-71 mentioned on their homepage. Write us a mail telling us you want the Promo 2003 record and we'll send you one for free. We are down to the very last copies of this, so first come, first served. Don't forget to write you address!

2004-03-17 - Re-issues of HALVEP006 and HALVEP007
We have got the re-issues of both 'Från generation till generation' 7" and the 'I väntan på socialbidraget' 7" by Human Waste (check out your to your left).

Also, we have gotten some new 1" pins, by Totalt Jävla Mörker (three different motives) and Human Waste (two different motives). Search in the webshop and you shall find those.

2004-03-15 - New releases in the works
Two new releases in the works. First up is the long awaited Apologia - 'Sentinel' (HALVCD013). Yes, this is our first CD ever out on Halvfabrikat Records! This is actually a MCD containing four songs.

Next up is the follow up on the 'More world, less bank' 7" EP compilation. This will be titled 'We come in peace' (HALVEP014). The acts participating will be presented later on.

2004-03-02 - Halvfabrikat has moved to a new apartment
This very weekend we did move from our old home to a new apartment in Kalmar. This means we have a new address from the 1st of march. The new address are:

Halvfabrikat Records
c/o Danne Lönnqvist
Rimsmedsvägen 36 c
S-393 52 KALMAR

Testpresses for the Anatomi-71/Radioskugga - Split 7" EP has arrived today and it sounds great! No news for the Human Waste/Personkrets 3:1 - Split 7", there are still some technical difficulties with this release that probably originate from the recording itself. This could explain why the testpresses that has been made has failed. We have changed to a swedish pressingplant for them to solve this and hopefully they will soon.

2004-02-13 - Releases sent to the pressingplant
Both the Human Waste/Personkrets 3:1 - Split 7" and the Anatomi-71/Radioskugga - Split 7" has been sent of to the pressingplant today. As you all know, the Human Waste/Personkrets 3:1 split has already been delayed as fuck.

Anyway, we aim for Human Waste/Personkrets 3:1 to be out in time for the Punkfest 7 in Umeå (march 5th-6th), where Personkrets 3:1 will play. The Anatomi-71/Radioskugga split 7" will be released thereafter.

Further note regarding the PUNKFEST 7: Others who will play at this venue are Discharge (uk), Disfear, Suicide Blitz, Royal Downfall and Uncurbed +more.

2004-01-29 - Restock HALVLP010
The Totalt Jävla Mörker LP is back in stock. We expect this load to sell out as fast as the first, so if you want this record - you might want to act fast. Limited to 500 copies...

Also, we have gotten the V/A - Punkrock will unit us mini-cd, containing Skumdum, Fence 52 and A good name for a band.

2004-01-10 - Testpresses of the HALVEP011
We have been told that the new test presses for the Human Waste/Personkrets 3:1 split 7" has been sent from the pressingplant today. This means that if everything works out fine we can go ahead with the approval to get this split printed.

Also the promotional record 'Promo 2003' are out and has been so from the december 31. Due to vacations we have not been able to send this out, but it will be sent out to fanzines and other media in the next few days. If do want one copy of this you might want to check this page the next few days...

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