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Updates 2005

2005-12-31 - Halvfabrikat Records Promo 2005 out now
The Promo 2005 are now released. It will be given away for free additional to orders, to fanzines and people in general who are intrested. Now we are getting ourselves ready for 2006. We will not make up any releaseplan for the new year, but we dare to say we will have some really cool releases out during the year to come.

Crappy new 2006.

2005-12-28 - HALVCD018 released at Sound Pollution
The Rock n riot CD are by today released officially at our distributor. This means you can now place your order through CDON.COM.

Also, you might want too keep your eyes open for reviews and such for the album. A hint can be the magazine Close-Up but there should be more coming up.

The Promo 2005 are done and will be released as told on the 31.12.05. This one contains of a 8-page booklet loaded with information on our releases from this year.

2005-12-14 - HALVCD018 has gotten distribution
We are happy to announce that the Rock n riot CD has gotten distribution by Sound Pollution. This means you might find it in a local store near you. If you don´t, please tell the store to take them in or order it yourself from CDON.COM.

The testpressings for the Massmord LP has been received and they sounded good so they have been approved and the production has now started. We don´t have a shipping date yet, but we´re planning a release in early 2006. This unfortunatly means the Massmord song will be omited from the Promo 2005.

2005-12-03 - Halvfabrikat Records Promo 2005
The acts and songs on the Promo 2005 will be:

Bulldom - Instrumentalfall
Protestera - Terroristpop
Konfrontation - Inåtvänt hat
Massmord - Koloni
Ulrike - Under snarans skugga
Bulldom - Barnen i Bulldombyn
Hotbild - Hungrid, trött och tärd (alternative version)
Radioskugga - Lämna mig ifred
Anatomi-71 - Hej kom och hjälp mig

Promo 2005 are set to be released 31.12.05.

2005-11-12 - Promo 2005 in the works
In the works right now are the Promo 2005. Right now we are deciding the acts and the songs to be on this one. Information will be up shortly!

A few new records in the distro, amongst A tribute to Anti Cimex. If you are into Cimex, grab it while you can!

2005-11-05 - HALVLP020 postponed
Unfortunatly the Massmord - Inget liv/Ingen död LP has been postponed for release at least a month. Thus, the releaseparty tonight at Betong, Olso, has been cancelled.

We have gotten many new titles from Profane Existence, as well as the Köttgrottorna - I morgon bitti 7" from 1991 in stock. We have also gotten the tape version of Hjälp snuten - slå dig själv from E.T.S.M. This is very positive since the CD-R version is almost sold out.

2005-10-27 - HALVCD018, KASSCD28 and KASSCD29 out now
Today we have three new releases out; the Protestera - Rock n riot CD, Bulldom - S/T, CD-R and Hotbild - I skuggan av livet, CD-R.

The Massmord - Inget liv/Ingen död 12" has been sent to the pressingplant. The releaseparty will be held at Betong, Oslo (N), 5.11.05, together with the act Betong Barn.

News on behalf of Halvkass Production. There will be yet another annual promotional record, called Promo 2005. Release set to december.

2005-09-25 - Next releases - HALVCD018/KASSCD28/KASSCD29
Protestera - Rock n riot CD will be out 27.10.05. It will be released along with Bulldom - Bulldom (KASSCD28). We have also made an agreement with Hotbild to release their demo I skuggan av livet. This will be released at the same time as the above on Halvkass Produktion (KASSCD29), with one bonustrack not included on the initial demo release.

Our next release after the Protestera CD (HALVCD018) and the Konfrontation LP (HALVLP019) will be Mässmörd - Inget liv/Ingen död LP (HALVLP020).

2005-09-03 - HALVLP019 out now
Konfrontation - Nedbrytningsprocessen LP are out today. Killer gatefold sleeve - limited to 519 copies! 12 new songs of political crust at it´s finest by this Linköping/Sthlm act.

The Personkrets 3:1 t-shirts has been out for a while by now. All black w/ print on front. Available sizes are S, M and L.

We have been attending this years last recordfair in Kalmar. As for now, the webshop are now up to date from this event. Thank you, all of you who purchased anything from us!

2005-08-05 - KASSCD25, KASSCD26 and KASSCD27 out now
The compilation Hjälp snuten (KASSCD25), Radioskugga - En estetisk krigsförklaring (KASSCD26) and Ulrike - Vardagen är en kamp (KASSCD27) are out today. All three are made as CDR and are limited to approx 100 copies. The Hjälp snuten will be available from Evigt Lidande as tape in the near future.

2005-07-24 - Songlist for KASSCD25 available
Finally the complete and accurate act- & songlist for the Hjälp snuten comp can be found online! The comp CDR will be released August 5, together with the Radioskugga - En estetisk krigsförklaring CDR and the Ulrike - Vardagen är en kamp CDR.

We are also in the process of printing Personkrets 3:1 t-shirts.

2005-07-19 - Sleeves left off to be printed
Yesterday we left off the Hjälp snuten sleeve, the Radioskugga sleeve and the Ulrike sleeve to the printing company. Sometime in the next few days we will update the Hjälp snuten page with the correct acts and songs.

The distro has been updated with a few new records as shown on the left. Also, we have updated it with some restocks.

2005-06-29 - Last days rumours are true
The rumours are true! We have started working on the Hjälp Snuten compilation as a result of getting the last master cd a few days ago. We hope to be able to send the sleeve to the pressingplant as soon as possible. The page for this release are at the moment highly inaccurate.

2005-06-19 - Home from the Hultsfredsfestival 2005
Home again after the annual Hultsfredsfestival. It has truely been a blast. The 2nd press of the Promo 2004 are now out of stock - given away to some of all the nice people we met there.

The distro has been updated by Yuppiecrusher - No Sir, I wont 7" and the new Anatomi-71 - Hej kom och hjälp mig 7".

2005-05-27 - HALVCD017 out now
The Anatom-71 MCD Hej kom och hjälp mig (HALVCD017) are out now. Released in 550 copies.

New release after Protestera - Rock n riot CD will be Konfrontation - Nedbrytningsprocessen as gatefold 12" LP. Twelve songs of raging crust! Be prepared!

2005-05-26 - Next release will be presented tomorrow
Tomorrow we will release the Anatomi-71 - Hej kom och hjälp mig MCD. We will also present what will become the new record out on Halvfabrikat after Rock n riot... Don´t miss it for all the butter in small-land.

2005-05-25 - Protestera - Rock n riot LP arrived
The Protestera LP Rock n riot has arrived. We will release the Anatomi-71 - Hej kom och hjälp mig on friday, 27.5.05. They will be sold for SEK 40. Please do ask us for wholesale rates!

2005-05-08 - Minor updates of homepage
We have changed the "Special Offer"-coloumn to the more appropriate "New Merchandise". This coloumn will from now on show the newest stuff added to the distro. Remember that we sometimes replace old stuff with new - this will not be shown to the left.

Skuld has released the new "Rock n riot" album on 12" LP. We will get this one as soon as possible, hopefully early next week.

Also - we have added a new guestbook. It can be found under Interact / Guestbook. Drop a line will you?

2005-05-05 - Production started for HALVCD017
Many new records from Profane Existence has been put up for sale. Currently CD versions are up but we wait for LPs of some of the new aswell.

The Anatomi-71 MCD production has been started as stated from the pressingplant. Release at this point set to late May.

Preproductional work for the Protestera Rock n riot CD has been started by us.

2005-04-22 - HALVCD017 sent to the pressingplant
The Anatomi-71 - Hej kom och hjälp mig MCD has been sent to the pressningplant this week. We have also gotten an OK from them - this means the production will start any day now.

2005-04-15 - Protestera/@patia No - Split 7"
The Protestera/@patia No Split 7" EP has been released by Skuld. The 7" EP includes two booklets, one for @patia No and one for Protestera.

We have updated the upcoming Protestera - Rock n riot CD (HALVCD018) with a correct tracklist.

2005-04-09 - Next release - HALVCD018
Halvfabrikat Records 18th release will be Protestera - Rock n riot CD (HALVCD018). The LP version will be released by Skuld Releases in the spring/summer 2005.

The Anatomi-71 MCD Hej kom och hjälp mig (HALVCD017) are ready to be sent off to the pressingplant, we are currently waiting for a confirmation from the pressingplant to do so.

2005-04-08 - Mailorder news/re-stocks
We have gotten new records up for sale in the distro. Also, restock of the sold out Another Oppressive System/Human Waste - Split 7" EP.

2005-03-22 - Next release - HALVCD017
We have a new special offer out today. Reduced SEK35 from it´s initial price, the both Besk records are sold at this price for a limited time!

We have taken the decision of releasing the Anatomi-71 - Hej kom och hjälp mig MCD as HALVCD017 and take it from there. This means the MCD will be our next release.

Personkrets 3:1 will start their tour Norrland Attackerar 2005 today. Tonight they will play in Luleå @ Lillan. Supporting them are Sprängd and Earth Died Screaming.

2005-03-09 - Personkrets 3:1 - Norrland attackerar 2005 tour
We are in the process of sending out a major promotional package to relevant press. If you do have a fanzine and such, feel free to drop us a line!

In the works at the moment are Anatomi-71 - Hej kom & hjälp mig MCD and the long awaited Hjälp snuten compilation. Done and ready to be sent off to the pressingplant are the booklets for the Radioskugga - En estetisk krigsförklaring and Ulrike - Vardagen är en kamp.

Our current Special Offer will stand until 22/3. The Personkrets 3:1 tour Norrland attackerar 2005 will start the day after that. If you wish to see the band again in the southern of sweden, please buy the stuff they have for sale on tour! This will give the band an opportunity of breaking even on the trip, thus, hopefully will this in the end lead to a new tour.

2005-02-20 - New special offer
From today on we will put out a Special Offer. This offer only stands as long as it´s out here. Every two weeks or so we will change this offer. We now offer the Personkrets 3:1 - Life is beautiful 10" and the split with Human Waste for only SEK60. Ordinary price for this set is SEK50 and SEK25. Search for Personkrets 3:1 in the webshop and you will find it!

We have gotten a shitload of new records. Article Nine, Cluster Bomb Unit, Chickens Call to name a few of the 7" EPs. Disgusting Lies to name some of the 10"...

2005-02-18 - Our deepest condolences
Our deepest condolences goes out to the guys of Nasum. Mieszko Talarczyk died in the Tsunami disaster december 26, 2004. According to, his body has been identified and will be transfered to Sweden shortly. He became 30 years old.

2005-02-16 - Withdrawn parts of the releaseplan for 2005
We have withdrawn parts of the releaseplan for 2005 as we will most definitely make some smaller adjustments in the next few days. This time around we will probably not present the whole releaseplan for this year as there are many releases who are still uncertain.

2005-02-15 - News regarding KASSCD25
Once again the Hjälp snuten compilation (KASSCD25) is back on it´s feet after several months of delay. A new artwork has been made. Hopefully we will stick to this. If we do, both the tape and cdr version will be wrapped around a 7" EP sleeve.

The Anatomi-71 (tba, HALVCD018) release is getting closer. The artwork are in the works as we speak.

2005-01-30 - Releaseplan for 2005
The releaseplan for 2005 can be found at the upcoming page. As you can see, quite a lot of represses as told before, but also some new stuff. The page for a specific record will be updated as soon as there are some news about it.

2005-01-29 - Recordfair update
The recordfair went great. It was alot of fun. Thank you all who bought some of our stuff we had with us. Some records has been sold out, others are still available. We have updated the webshop with the current stock.

A few really crappy reviews have been added in the review section. As told before, tomorrow we will give you the releaseplan for 2005. A few things has to be up-to-date before putting the list online.

2005-01-23 - We are attending the Recordfair in Kalmar 29/1/2005
Next weekend Halvfabrikat Records will attend the annual recordfair in Kalmar. The recordfair will be held on january the 29th, opened 11:00 - 15:00 at the venue IOGT-NTO (Strömgatan, Kvarnholmen).

We will bring the distro. This means if you have checked out the webshop and found something you want to buy, do place your order now. On saturday it may be sold out.

The following sunday - 30/1 - we will present the releaseplan for 2005.

2005-01-16 - Re-stocks made available
We have been putting up some restock for sale. Amongst others, Kontrovers first and second CD/LP, Dödsdömd CD/LP, Illdåd LP. We also found one copy of the Aktiv dödshjälp demo cdr on Halvkass. One copy! Then those will be sold out and never repressed.

We are in the process of making the releaseplan for 2005 right now. Soon we will give you the first glimpse of it. We can tell you now that we will try to get more releases out be fewer groups this year to come. Also, there will be represses made on the releases which are only a few left in stock.

2005-01-06 - First review of HALVEP016
Yesterday we got the first review from the new Personkrets 3:1 - Life is beautiful 10". Read it in the review section.

We still have some copies left of the promotional Promo 2004, but they go fast - so make sure to place an order to get this for free.

We are in the process of making the releaseplan for 2005 right now. Soon we will give you the first glimpse of it. We can tell you now that we will try to get more releases out be fewer groups this year to come. Also, there will be represses made on the releases which are only a few left in stock.

2005-01-01 - A new year
Halvfabrikat Records/Halvkass Produktion wishes you a Happy New Year! We can tell you we had a great New Years Eve! The night was the funniest night in a really long time!

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