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Updates 2006

2006-12-31 - HALVCD024 and Halvfabrikat Records Promo 2006 out now
The Anatomi-71 - Mot nya höjder ar out now! We expect this to sell quite fast! Distributed by Sound Pollution, meaningen you can get this one practically anywhere if you live in Sweden.

Also, so is the annual promotional record. Promo 2006: Taggtr√•d och murar will be sent out with orders on which the value of the items are more than SEK 200. Sorry, we really can¬īt send them along if you just order a badge.

2006-12-01 - Anatomi-71 - Mot nya höjder CD master discs sent
Today we have sent the master discs of the Anatomi-71 - Mot nya höjder CD to the pressingplant. The releasedate are set to 31.12.06.

M:40 has made a video for one of the songs on the split 7" EP with grace.will.fall. The song are Innanför muren and streamed from or, in better quality, downloaded from (rightclick, save target as). The file are a *.mpeg, and about 29mb large.

The Punk Illegal Fest in Gothenburg was a blast, thanks to everyone who where there.

2006-11-17 - Delivery from Skuld Releases, Germany
Today we have gotten a shitload of records from Skuld releases. Many new titles and some restocks will appear in the next few days.

Tomorrow I am off to the Punk Illegal Fest in Gothenburg. It will be fun to finally see Mob 47 and Illdåd (never did that before). As well as seeing yet another gig with Asta Kask and Skitsystem. See ya there?

As promised, the artwork for the Anatomi-71 CD will appear online in the beginning of next week.

2006-11-16 - Next release - HALVCD024
Alright, next release on Halvfabrikat will be Anatomi-71 - Mot nya höjder... CD (HALVCD024). We will do the CD and Putrid filth will do the LP. The artwork will be up in the next few days.

Also, we are going to look into the releases and the future of Halvkass Production in the next few days. There will be some changes done as the release schedule don¬īt seem to work.

2006-11-03 - HALVCD022/HALVLP022 out now
The Personkrets 3:1 - The Glorious Dead are out today on CD and LP. Earlier today Personkrets 3:1 played at the Punkfest 9, despite of this, a proper releaseparty will be held 8/12, @ Krogen Krogen, Umeå, w/ Lesra.

The CD can now be found at

Tomorrow Punkfest 9 will continue @ Hamnmagasinet. Svartenbrandt, Imperial Leather and Total Egon will play, to name but a few.

2006-10-10 - Approval of the testpress for HALVLP022
Today we have approved the testpressings for the Personkrets 3:1 - The Glorious Dead 12" LP. This is, indeed, punk at it¬īs finest!

Release date for both the CD and the LP has been set to november 3, 2006. The CD will be distributed by Sound Pollution, meaning you can buy it from or even your local recordstore.

Personkrets 3:1 will play at the Punkfest 9 in Umeå, november 3-4 together with Knugen Faller, Oi Polloi, Imperial Leather and Total Egon to name but a few, more info here.

In stock now are the Skitsystem/Cyness - Split 7" EP.

2006-10-06 - Testpresses has arrived for HALVLP022
Today we have gotten the testpresses for the Personkrets 3:1 - The Glorious Dead LP and it sounds awesome. Now we will await the approval from the other labels involved.

2006-09-23 - Pre-productional work are almost completed
Almost everything are completed in the pre-productional work for the Personkrets 3:1 - The Glorious Dead CD/LP. It will be sent off to the pressingplant this weekend. The artwork is looking sweet!

The Samuarai overdrive - Av allt inuti... are now avaliable as a jewelcase version from us. This, as well as the only intended Halvkass Produktion edition in a outer plastic cover, are on sale now. Don¬īt miss it.

We have begun taking discussions of the next release... More info will follow.

2006-09-08 - Protestera - Gränslösa land t-shirts
We had a really great time in Lidköping/Gothenburg last weekend! Would love to thank M:40, grace.will.fall and Protestera for making the weekend rememberable.

Notes regarding Protestera - we have gotten the Gränslösa land t-shirts and they are up in the webshop as we speak. The sizes are in the range from small to xl.

We have gotten the final mix/audio master of the new Personkrets 3:1 - The Glorious Dead CD/LP and things are beginning to take shape even further.

2006-08-31 - HALVEP023 out now
The M:40/grace.will.fall - Split 7" EP (HALVEP023) and the Samurai Overdrive - Av allt inuti... (KASSCD30) are out today! Please place your order a.s.a.p. as both of them are limited.

2006-08-30 - Regarding the Personkrets 3:1 CD/LP
Regarding the Personkrets 3:1 - The Glorious Dead release. This is the shit:

The 12" LP will be a split release between Fight Records (Fin), Blindead Production (Swe), Fight for your Mind (Fra) and ourselves. This means we will go ahead and press 1,000 copies as the initial pressing.

There will also be a CD version of this, which will be released by us. The distribution are being handled by Sound Pollution, meaning you will find it easily.

2006-08-29 - Two new releases out August 31
As it looks, two releases will be out August 31. First off, the M:40/grace.will.fall - Split 7" EP (HALVEP023), second, the Samurai Overdrive - Av allt inuti CD-R (KASSCD30).

We have some relly cool news regarding the Personkrets 3:1 - The Glorious Dead release. However - no time to write about it right now, please check back tomorrow!

2006-08-24 - Releaseparty for HALVEP023
The M:40/grace.will.fall - Split 7" EP have arrived here. Release 31.8.06! Two official releaseparty will be held in Sweden.

September 1 @ Gillestugan, Lidköping.
September 2 @ Insikten, Jönköping.

We have gotten a few releases from Wasted Sounds. Check them out in the webshop.

2006-08-15 - New titles put on sale in mailorder
During today, many new titles have been put in the webshop. Mostly there are new titles from Alerta Antifascista; but there are also some restocks thats have been made.

Feel free to browse the selection!

2006-08-14 - Updates regarding the review section
We have added a function to search reviews in the review section. More updates on this will be done, however, now you can do a basic search there.

Also, we have gotten a alot of new records in earlier today to put online on the webshop. This will be done tomorrow at the earliest.

2006-08-11 - New titles put on sale in mailorder
As of today, many new records are put up the webshop - finally, the time seems to be on our side. Diskonto - Watch us burn CD are back in stock, so are Protestera - Rock n riot badge. We have gotten the new Protestera - Gränslösa land badge in stock as well.

2006-08-05 - Augustibuller 2006 continues tonight
Tonight Totalt Jävla Mörker are playing at the Augustibuller festival in Lindesberg. Other acts that will play today are Khoma, GBH, Cult of Luna, P-nissarna and Asta Kask.

The vinyl and the sleeves for M:40/grace.will.fall should be ready any day now. We have put up some preview mp3s for you to get a chance to hear both side of this split.

The media server are up and running. In conclusion, this means that we can give you more mp3 files. Actually, only our own fantasy sets the boundaries.

2006-08-03 - Regarding the review section
The review section has been moved to a database. This means that we can update the pages more easily and are able to put more functions to it than before.

Protestera - Gränslösa Land are selling really good! If you want one of those, we suggest you move fast now.

2006-07-30 - The sleeve for M:40/grace.will.fall
The sleeve for M:40/grace.will.fall will be printed this week to come. Also, we will do a flyer to promote this release, hopefully this will go in print early next week as well. The vinyl for the release should be done any day now. There will be a gig with both bands August 12, at Badstuen in Odense, Denmark.

We are currently launching a new media server here. Tests will be made to make the server work, so if you experience any problem with the site in the next few days, please try again and it will work.

2006-07-28 - HALVEP021 out now
The Protestera - Gränslösa land EP are out today! First pressing 1030 copies. Black vinyl as well as a 16-page booklet with lyrics and texts in length.

Today we do celebrate the release of the 7" EP, but please do consider as of today, Dawit has been imprisoned for 1769 days.

Also, right now, are selling the Protestera - Rock n riot CD for SEK95.

2006-07-27 - Strong lineup for Augustibuller 2006
Tomorrow we will release the anticipated Protestera - Gränslösa Land EP. We are ready for you orders on this... Tonight we will go on a concert here in town, and no, there will be no Augustibuller for us this year, although a really, really strong lineup.

Probably their best ever!

So, for all of you thats going there: have a great time and remember to drink alot.

2006-07-26 - Artwork for Samurai overdrive has been received
As of today, we have gotten the artwork for the new Samurai Overdrive - "Av allt inuti...". We have checked it out, and by far, this is a great piece of artwork, I tell you!

Anyway, this event has forced us to release this prior to the One Life Taken - Burn your Soul CD-R. This has to do with that we have not receied any lyrics and the pre-production of this has more or less come to a complete stop.

2006-07-22 - Webshop integration
We are currently working hard to get the webshop more integrated in the rest of the structure. We have reached a point where we feel we can manage this, but please take this as a work in progress. This will, however, take some time to get done.

2006-07-21 - Testpresses for HALVEP023 arrived
M:40/grace.will.fall - Split 7" EP testpresses has arrived. They sounds great so we have approved them as of today. The next step are to print the sleeves. Hopefully we will have this one out by late july 2006.

The Protestera - Gränslösa land EP are currently being sent to fan- & magazines of importance. Therefor, you will probably find some reviews out soon.

2006-07-18 - Artwork for HALVEP023 completed
The artwork for the M:40/grace.will.fall - Split 7" EP are done. It will be printed next week. The testpresses have been sent from the pressingplant, we expect them in next week as well.

The Protestera - Gränslösa land EP been delivered here. We are currently working on getting this as t-shirt as well as 1" badges. Releasedate 28.7.2006!

2006-07-06 - Complete tracklist for HALVLP022
We have gotten the complete tracklist for the upcoming Personkrets 3:1 - The Glorious Dead LP (HALVLP022).

Side A
1. Döden
2. The Glorious Dead
3. See and Believe
4. Warcrimes
5. Cattle

Side B
6. Where is you God now?
7. The Cancer has spread
8. What is it all Worth?
9. Victims of War
10. Sjuka jävlar 2006

The song Sjuka jävlar 2006 are actually a re-recording of the song from the Human Waste/Personkrets 3:1 - Split 7" EP (HALVEP011, 2004).

We are hoping to present the frontcover for the record any day now as well. We can tell you this one is a killer!

2006-07-05 - Massive sale starts today
Today we start our massive sale. The deal is 10% off on all items in the webshop, even wholesale! The price in the webshop are without the discount and we will deduct this here when getting your order. The offer do not apply the shipping. The offer are valid during July.

The reason why we are doing a sale is to make more room here and to raise money for our next release, which will be the Personkrets 3:1 - The Glorious Dead LP.

2006-06-09 - HALVEP021 sent to the pressingplant
Today, Protestera - Gränslösa land EP, has been sent off to the pressingplant. This means that we will release this in a couple of weeks time.

This time, the sleeve are made as a jacket and the release will include a 16-page CD sized booklet. The booklet includes the lyrics, translations and more information about Dawit Isaak himself.

2006-06-06 - Next releases - HALVEP023
We are happy to announce that we will participate in releasing a split 7" EP with M:40/grace.will.fall. This EP will contain 4 songs by M:40 (Lidköping) and 3 by grace.will.fall (Jönköping). This will be a labelsplit with Hobo Records (Jönköping). Due out in July.

We will also release the Samurai Overdrive demo "Av allt inuti..." on Halvkass Produktion. Due out in August.

In short: the page for our upcoming releases has been quite updated.

2006-06-01 - New Protestera EP postponed
The Protestera - Gränslösa land EP are not out yet. It has been postponed due to some artwork related issues.

However, we are currently working twentyfour/seven to send the stuff to the pressingplant this very weekend. We are currently looking at a early june release.

2006-05-07 - Halvfabrikat at
The Personkrets 3:1 - The glorious dead LP sleeve are beginning to take shape. The finished parts looks really cool and we are really proud to be releasing this album as this will be awesome in every possible aspect!

As from today, we are members of the myspace web. Please visit us at

2006-05-01 - New material with Protestera and Personkrets 3:1
We have added more new mp3 files on the site. Please browse the pages as there are quite plenty of new once. Now, for the first time, you can get a glimpse of the new material from Protestera!

Furthermore, the new 7" EP - titled "Gränslösa land" - will be out during may 2006. There will be some gigs made to promote this EP.

Personkrets 3:1 have recorded new songs for an upcoming 12" LP on Halvfabrikat/Yellow Dog. The title of this record will be "The Glorious Dead". At the moment, the material are being mixed.

During the summer/autumn of 2006 Personkrets 3:1 will go on tour to promote this new album.

2006-03-29 - Title of the new Protestera EP
Welcome to our "new" site. We are currently making some minor complementary changes to the update. The update will make it easier to update a big amount of pages quicker.

The new Protestera EP will be titled "Gränslösa land" (Boundless land). A perfect title for the 7" if you ask me. Much more information can be found here at the website.

The testpresses has already been printed (as of 21.3.06) and they sounds great!

2006-03-06 - Protestera/Gotcha - Split 10" on Acclaim Collective
The upcoming Protestera/Gotcha split record on the Acclaim Collective will be a 10", and the songs on this one will be:

1. Världens vackraste brott
2. Klassfiende
3. Historien om en försvunnen svensk journalist
4. De måste bort (unreleased 2002 version)

Also, there are some quite intresting reviews in the new Close Up Magazine (#80). There you will find reveiws of the Anatomi-71 - Hej kom och hjälp mig MCD and the Protestera - Rock n riot CD.

Hint: if you are too lazy or just to stingy you can read the reveiws somewhere here at

2006-02-23 - Protestera and a new EP for Dawit Isaak
We will release a new 7" by Protestera. Still untitled, which will deal with the issues around Davit Isaak. Currently we are waiting for the sleevedesign to send it off to the pressingplant.

There where also a couple of more songs recorded in the session, which will be released as a split of some sort with the act Gotcha (Japan), by the Acclaim Collective (Japan).

Spatt have arranged a new gig with Protestera, Sprängd and Ohuzaru (It) saturday the 18th of march at the GAT, Gamlestaden, Göteborg.

The music channel MTV will start broadcasting a program which will be called Hej kom och hjälp mig, approximatly one year after the release of the Anatomi-71 MCD. A coincidence?

2006-01-28 - HALVLP020 out now
The Mässmörd - Inget liv/Ingen död 12" LP are out today! Tonight there will be a releaseparty held for this 12" @ Blitz in Oslo (Norway).

We have updated the stock from the recordfair earlier today.

2006-01-19 - Rock n riot graded 9/10 by My Last Chapter webzine
The Protestera - Rock n riot CD have been graded 9/10 in their latest review by!

- "This music is filled with so much energy, and the lyrics with so much anger, that it instantly starts a reaction within the listener. And before you know it your teeth are grinding and your fists are bleeding as you clench them so hard. /../ Protestera manages to make me wanna make a change! /../ Easily the best stuff from Protestera, and I'd recommend it to any fan of punk, anarchopunk, hardcore and crust."

So, pick up your copy today! You can get it from here of from our distributor Sound Pollution. If your local recordstore doesn¬īt have this one in stock, make them order it from Sound Pollution.

We will be attending the twice-per-year recordfair in Kalmar. This very day, a releaseparty will be held in Oslo @ Blitz for the new Massmord LP. We would like to send our best wishes to Massmord, Nakkeskudd Plater and Blindead Productions there as we will not attend on this event.

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