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Updates 2007

2007-12-31 - KASSCD33 and the Promo 2007 out now
As of today, we have three new releases out! First there are the highly asked-for repress of the Hjälp snuten - slå dig själv (KASSCD25).

Second there are Hotbild - I blint raseri (KASSCD33). Initially released by the group themself but now available through Halvkass Produktion. Besides new artwork there are three bonus tracks included.

Third there are the annual promotional Promo 2007: Svarta vingslag. This time there are five songs and one hidden bonus track included. Not for sale, this can only be obtained by order from us. We will send it for free if the order value are SEK 200 or more. The songs are:

1. Personkets 3:1 - Melting ice
2. Aktiv dödshjälp - Slav under smärtans missionär
3. Mässmörd - Ett frö av ondska
4. Hotbild - Dömd
5. M:40 - Brännmärkt

All are limited to approx 100 copies each - so we suggest you act fast!

2007-12-07 - Profane Existence #55, Jan/Mar 2008 issue
The January-March 2008 issue (no 55) of Profane Existence has been presented at the PE webpage. It will include an interview with Massmord. The CD will include one of the songs from the Unleashed LP. This is song number 16 on the CD.

1. ANTHRAX Exploitation
2. ATROMVINTER Frackast av Alla (Coolest of ’em All) *
3. AUKTION Krig F√∂r √Ėvertygelse
4. BARREN 20 Minutes (demo track)
5. BRING DOWN THE HAMMER Democracy in the Workplace *
6. CLUSTERFUX Read Between The Lines
7. CO√ĄCCION Revolver *
8. THE COOTERS Bustin Loose
10. FACE UP TO IT! Chirac Youth
11. THE FALLOUT Campassion Over Killing
12. FILTHPACT Necessary Evil *
13. GARMONBOZIA Last Will and Testament *
14. MASSGRAVE Reap What They've Sewn
15. KULTURKAMPF Existence *
16. MASSMORD I en Värld Utan Framtid
19. RESISTANT CULTURE Sentient Predator
20. SECURICOR Nuclear Ignorance (demo)
21. TEARS OF GAIA Movement In the Dead of Night
22. UNDER PRESSURE Whip and Rein
24. WARTORN Prey for Salvation
25. WOLFBRIGADE Digging Graves

* = unreleased song at press time

2007-12-05 - Many new items added
Many new items have been added in the last week alone. This means our webshop now are your one-stop place to get all your X-mas gifts!

What else is new?
1. Jugga has quit Mob 47, meaning they are back as a three-pice once more, just as in 1984... With √Öke on vocals it can't be anything else than pure war. Mangla!

2. As of december 2007, Skitsystem has ceased to exist. They might play one last gig in Sweden, or maybe not. If they won't, the last gig ever was with Warcollapse at Truckstop Alaska, Gothenburg. They will be missed I can tell you. Heck, HFR should probably do a tribute record with only Skitsystem covers, don't you think?

2007-12-01 - Distribution in the US
We finally have a fully functional distribution deal in the US.

We have started a cooperation with Stickfigure Distribution. They have deals with and such, meaning that you as of now are able to find our stuff there.

Chech out our available titles here!

2007-11-20 - Adjusted prices
As of now, the prices are adjusted in the webshop. We have increased some of the prices, but we have also decreased the prices on some. This will be your chance of getting some rare records to really good prices as we this month have discounts on all records! The discount (10% on all ordered items, not the shipping) are only valid if you do have an account at the webshop - but hey - thats free so why not sign up for it.

Yesterday we got a parcel from Skuld releases. Besides the new additions shown to the left we have been able to restock Martyrdöd - In extremis 12" LP.

2007-11-12 - Contest @ Kulturkrock Zine
Are you too cheap to buy our records? Then there are a perfectly good chance of winning the M:40 - Historiens svarta vingslag CD, the poster and three stickers. Just enter the competition at if you don't win you can always buy the album (and get the poster for free!) here at the webshop.

2007-11-08 - Additions in the mailorder
We are finally catching up with the additions in the mailorder! The last few days we have added some really nice shit. There are releses by Fight for you mind (Witch hunt, Nuclear death terror, Fall of Efrafa) as well as releases by Insane Society (Guided cradle, Artimus pyle). There are additions from the fairly new company D-takt & Råpunk Records (Warvictims, Mardröm) as well as additions from Power it up (Bombstrike, Birdflesh) etc etc.

As this wouldn't be enough we offer 10% discount for all regulars. Sign up for an account, login and shop til you drop.

The new Personkrets 3:1 - Ruiner EP are going fast here at the moment. Don't wait to long if you want this!

2007-11-05 - HALVCD028 postponed til 2008
The Punk Illegal Fest was a blast - as usual. I met the guys in Operation who told me the remastering process are taking longer than expected. Of the 26 songs to be on the anthology, they are about 1/3 done. This means we will not release this during 2007. This will, however, be the first release of 2008.

2007-11-01 - Updated to Webshop 1.1
The new site/webshop is now open. The webshop are slightly different. The major news are that we have integrated the webshop more to the site, also there are some major changes for all retailers.

Yesterday we did release the last Personkrets 3:1 EP ever. This is limited to 498 copies. About 100 are already gone, so I suggest you act fast if you want one...

This month we offer a 10% off for all customers who do have an account at the mailorder. Sign up for it, login and shop and you will get the deduction.

2007-10-19 - HALVCD028
Today the Operation songs are going to be remastered for the upcoming anthology "Så länge du inte gör motstånd stöder du systemet 1996-1999". No releasedate yet set, althought hopefully this will be sent to the pressingplant this week to come.

2007-10-17 - M:40+Splitter European tour
18.10.07 - Leewarden, NL @ Mukkes
w/ Splitter + Sand Creek Massacre + Dr. Doom

19.10.07 - Leiden, NL @ Bar&Boos
w/ Splitter + Liar Liar Cross On Fire + Sand Creek Massacre

20.10.07 - Geel, BE @ Dizzyrock Festival
w/ Splitter + tba

21.10.07 - Aalst, BE @ Negasonic
w/ Splitter + A Den Of Robbers + Ador & Krupskaya

22.10.07 - Nancy, FR @ The Soap Box Club
w/ Splitter + Xaros

23.10.07 - tba
w/ Splitter

24.10.07 - Pardubice, CZ @ Ponorka
w/ Splitter + Alienation Mental

25.10.07 - Prague, CZ @ Klub 007
w/ Splitter + Thema Eleven

26.10.07 - Linz, AT @ Ann And Pat
w/ Splitter + Distaste + After The Last Sky

27.10.07 - Slavonice, CZ @ Cizkrajov KD
w/ Splitter

28.10.07 - Dresden, DE @ AZ Conni
w/ Splitter

29.10.07 - Hamburg, DE @ Fundbureau
w/ Splitter + Yac√łps√¶

30.10.07 - Rostock, DE @ Toxis
w/ Splitter

2007-10-16 - Mailorder update
We are in the process of preparing another update of the webshop. For the regular customer, this will not mean that much, except more subcategories.

During october we will adjust the prices in the webshop so that all items in the same category are sold at the same price. This might mean some increased prices for some products. As for retailers we will do the opposit. We will lower the prices if you order as wholesale. We will also start with presale for retailers. This will all be done when the new version of the webshop is uploaded.

2007-09-25 - Besk - Revolution EP
Have you looked for the Besk - Revolution 7" EP but with no luck? This is you chance of getting it to a fair price. The EP are out on sale at tradera, check out the auction 7 st punk / Käng sjuor. International bidders are welcome on this one as it seems. This auction ends the 28/9 at 11:19.

Right now there are also several M:40 CDs and Anatomi-71 CDs out on sale as well.

2007-09-18 - Additions to the webshop
Today we have added a delivery from Crimes against humanity Records to the webshop. How about collecting all DRILLER KILLER six CD from CAH recs?

Amongst other, check out the NASHGUL discography CD.

2007-09-17 - Aktiv dödshjälp video done
The video for Aktiv dödshjälp - Slav under smärtans missionär are done. The video has been put online at YouTube. See it and rate it!

Use the follwing link to YouTube or see it directly on this page.

Have you missed the old video from the track Mordbrand? It's also available at YouTube!

2007-09-13 - Sad news regarding the Ruiner EP
We have just gotten the message we were afraid of. The Personkrets 3:1 - Ruiner EP will not be ready for The Funeral, the acts last gig ever this saturday. Problems at the pressingplants are forcing us to pospone this release until the end of september. The gig will be held as schedule, 15.9.2007. Tickets for the gig are sold out.

M:40 will be going on tour with Splitter, grindmaniacs from Stockholm, this october. The date are as follows:

28 September: J√ĖNK√ĖPING (Insikten, with Kongh)

18 October: Leeuwarden (NL)
19 October: Leiden (NL)
20 October: Geel (BE)
21 October: tba
22 October: Nancy (FR)
23 October: tba
24 October: tba
25 October: tba
26 October: Linz (AT)
27 October: Slavonice (CZ)
28 October: Dresden (DE)
29 October: Hamburg (DE)
30 October: Rostock (DE)

2007-09-11 - Profane Existence #54
The new Profane Existence Magazine, #54, are out today. Besides containing a few Halvfabrikat related reviews, there are also afull page advertisment for the new Massmord - Unleashed LP by all the four involved labels.

We have also included a new Massmord track on the included CD. The song are Driven to submission, although on the CD the track are misleadingly called Driven to death.

CD included in PE #54, PECD54
1. AGAINST EMPIRE - Choose to Fight
2. AGRIMONY - Re-Wetting of the Bones
3. THE COOTERS - Crusty
4. DEVIL'S SON-IN-LAW - Drop Dead
5. THE FALLOUT - Peace, Love and Anarchy
6. GERIATRIC UNIT - Kill The Pose
7. GO! - Room Enough on This World
9. HUMAN COMPOST - Ambition
10. HUMAN ERROR - Living Common Grave
11. INHASTE - The Wreckage
12. ISKRA - Oka
13. KULTUREKAMPF - Army of God
14. LEGION 666 - Happy Now
15. LUNACY - De-brain the Redneck
16. LUNACY - Lose a Turn
17. MAKILADORAS - Niemandsland
18. MASSMORD - Driven to Death
19. MISCHIEF BREW - Tell Me a Story
20. MURDER DISCO X - Empire
21. NUX VOMICA - Why Are They Laughing?
22. PARASYTIC - Liberation (demo version)
23. REBEL SPELL - I Am a Rifle
24. SAHN MARU - Ending
25. TANKER CHAOS - Lie After Lie

2007-09-08 - M:40 + Close up Magazine
In the latest Close up Magazine, (#94), you will find several articles on M:40. They are included on the souncheck board (voted as number 8 out of 15!), as well as being review in the regular review-section. There are a advertisment in there regarding the new CD from Halvfabrikat as well as upcoming shit from us.

For those who do subscribe there are alo a M:40 song (Bomberna faller) included on the Close up compilation CD. Worth to be a subscriber now, isn¬īt it?

2007-08-23 - M:40 european tour 2007
Don't miss the European tour with M:40 on the following dates.

24 aug - Aalborg (DK) @ 1000Fryd Punk/HC Festival
w/ Protestera, Illdåd, Project hopeless, Skitkids, Imperial leather, Born/dead, Bomberegn
25 aug - Weimar (GER) @ Hypno east brigade
w/ Bombstrike, Katyusha
26 aug - Chomutov (CZ) @ Hu-Hu Bar
w/ Sand Creek Massacre
27 aug - Leipzig (GER) @ G16
w/ Malignant Tumour, Sand Creek Massacre
29 aug - Groningen (NL) @ Barakade
w/ Malignant Tumour, New Reality
30 aug - Liège (BE) @ Sux To Be You
w/ Status//Hysterie
31 aug - Bremen (GER) @ Festival Bremen
w/ Assassinators, Seein' red, Kolokol
1 sept - Fredericia (DK) @ UngdommensHus
w/ tba

In the next few days we will put up some more records on sale which we do have gotten the last few days.

2007-08-16 - New merch in the shop
As of today we have updated the webshop with many new items. Amongst others the Likskjit 7" EP (great crust from Norway in the vein of Skitsystem) as well as some releases from Pas-83 (mostly Warcollapse records).

On further note we have gotten a message telling us that the Personkrets 3:1 - Ruiner EP (HALVEP029) will be shipped from the pressingplant 23.8.2007. This means that the EP will be released at the last gig ever, 15.9.2007.

2007-08-07 - Testpresses for HALVEP029
"..// Musikaliskt rör det sig om desperat ångestkäng av det slag Halvfabrikat gjort sig kända för, med den skillnaden att det här är riktigt tungt och tight. Oftast har de släppt ifrån sig en hel del som känns halvfärdigt. Men med ett sådant bolagsnamn kanske det är just vad man kan vänta sig? //.."

The text are taken from a review of Aktiv dödshjälp - 4:48 CD. The whole review will be in the next issue of Slavestate.

Today we have received the testpresses of the Personkrets 3:1 - Ruiner EP (HALVEP029), which sounds great! This recording might even be better that the mighty epos known as The glorious dead CD/LP!

2007-08-06 - HALVEP029 and such
The testpresses for Personkrets 3:1 - Ruiner EP (HALVEP029) should be arriving here in the next few days. The EP do caontaisn of three songs; the last recorded material by this act. They will do one more show in Umeå 15/9 called The Funeral. Don't miss it!

We are waiting for the re-mastred songs for the Operation anthology (HALVCD028) for sending this to the pressingplant.

We are currently setting up a new distribution deal in USA/Canada. More info regarding this will follow in the next few days.

2007-07-21 - KASSCD33 - next release
Next release on Halvkass Produktion will be Hotbild - I blint raseri demo CD-R. This is a re-issue with bonus songs. The band themselves are in hiatus right now.

2007-07-07 - HALVCD026 out now
The M:40 - Historiens svarta vingslag CD are out today (7/7/2007). Don't miss the releaseparty @ Boxarkällaren, Folkets hus, Lidköping tonight! The CD will be sold from 13/7/2007 at

The 50 first who order the CD from us will get the Historiens svarta vingslag poster for free. This one is huge - 70x50 cm. The poster will be sold seperatly as well, hopefully this will be up here for sale in the next few days. It will be sent folded unless other arrangements has been made.

We will also have Historiens svarta vingslag t-shirts up for sale in the sizes S, M and L. Apart from that we will also have the Split 7" print as t-shirt up for sale.

2007-06-07 - HALVLP025 and HALVCD026
Massmord - Unleashed LP (HALVLP025) has now been sent off to the pressing plant. The plans on getting it done for the tour went up in smoke but hopefully the CD on Yellow Dog will be done in time.

The Unleashed Tour starts this Saturday in Berlin, check out the tourdates at

The M:40 - Historiens svarta vingslag (HALVCD026) has being confirmed as being put into production. An estimated shipping date has been set. Release planned to July 7.

2007-05-18 - HALVEP029 and HALVCD026
HALVEP029. The songs for the last EP by Personkrets 3:1, which will be titled Ruiner, are done. As of today, the songs has been mixed/mastered and are ready to be pressed. The artwork are also done. There will be three songs on this. This are the titles:

Side A:
1. Melting Ice

Side B:
1. Ruiner
2. Krigssång

HALVCD026. The songs for the upcoming fullength by M:40, Historiens svarta vingslag, has gone through a testmix. There are still a few things that will be altered.

Tomorrow, 19.5.2007, Protestera will play at the Anti-G8 festival in Kiel, Germany.

2007-05-14 - HALVCD027 are out now
As of today, the Aktiv dödshjälp - 4:48 CD (HALVCD027) are out. This is by far the best material by the act up to date, a huge step forward for the group.

We have also arranged for a re-release of the first Aktiv dödshjälp demo, Allt hopp e ute (KASSCD21), and a re-issue of the second, En tid av smärta och förnedring (KASSCD32).

Both have been remixed for this release, as well as both of them has new sleeves, which makes now makes them sort of like a twin release. Also, both have totally new intros.

2007-05-06 - Personkrets 3:1 is dead
The news of Personkrets 3:1 took us by surprise. This statement are to be found at

Today we took the sad decision to break up Personkrets 3:1. There are various reasons behind the breakup, but we would like to make clear that the decision was taken on the best of terms.

Consequently, the european tour we had planned for mid july is cancelled. We are obviously really sad about having to cancel the tour, and we apologize for any inconvenience we might have caused due to this. We would like to give our deepest thanks to all the organizers and collectives who have booked us, or helped us out in other ways! Hope we haven’t fucked things up too much…

In a few days we where supposed to enter the studio to record a new EP: ‚ÄúRuiner‚ÄĚ. This recording will still take place and ‚ÄúRuiner‚ÄĚ will be our last release. We have also decided to have a last show here in Ume√•, probably in June or July. Keep your ears and eyes open for more info about that...

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who have helped us out during the years + everyone who have been a part of the band in one way or the other. Tack som fan!


/Matte, Räkan, Wibe, Martin, Rille.

Personkrets will do one last show, July 7 @ Verket, Umeå. Halvfabrikat will still do the 7" EP.

2007-05-02 - Phobia Records added to the shop
Today we have put up several Phobia Records releases, as well as some restocks. We have gotten a few of the first Knugen Faller 7"es, as well as Warcollapse - Live intoxication 10".

2007-05-01 - Skuld releases added to the shop
We have added more records to the webshop as of today. Many of those are Skuld related items such as Oi Polloi and Extintion of mankind LPs. We have also been able to restock the From ashes rise S/T LP.

The Aktiv dödshjälp - 4:48 CD are being shipped from the pressingplant tomorrow meaning we will start sending out this for review purposes asap.

Personkrets 3:1 will enter the studio to record their new 7" who will be titled Runier, on May 12.

2007-04-22 - HALVCD028/HALVEP029
Today we are happy to announce some new releases; which will take place after the M:40 CD. We will release a discography CD with Operation, the act from Kalmar who existed during 1996-1999. The title will probably be "S√• l√§nge du inte g√∂r motst√•nd st√∂der du systemet 1996-1999" (As long as you don¬īt resist you¬īre supporting the system 1996-1999).

Also, we will release a new 7" EP with Personkrets 3:1 which will be titled Ruiner (Ruins). This will be ready and out for their european tour in july.

As for the discounts this month, we will put an early end to it. We will close this down at the 25/4. So if you would like some discounts in our webshop - shop now!

2007-04-17 - HALVCD026
More news from the M:40 camp. As of today, everything has been recorded for their upcoming fullength. Now the material are to be mixed and mastered to be unleashed. The artwork are also in the works.

The title of the album will be "Historiens svarta vingslag". The act also have a few gigs coming up.

We will update the page of upcoming releases in a few days time, be sure to check back! We will also put up some rare records in the webshop...

2007-04-10 - New releases at our doorstep
First some news from the M:40 camp. They have recorded all the instruments for all their new tracks for their, yet untitled, fullength album (HALVCD026). Also, they have done the vocals for three of them. This in just a madder of three days. Hopefully they will record the last vocals on April 14.

Second. As of today, we have paid for the upcoming Aktiv dödshjälp - 4:48 CD (HALVCD027), which means the production will start any day now.

Third. We have also paid for our part of the new Mässmörd - Unleashed LP (HALVLP025) a few days back. The artwork is getting closer as we speak.

Fourth. Romours has start to spread about some new releases here at Halvfabrikat. Maybe we can confirm those in a few days time... Be sure to check back!

2007-04-01 - Discount during April
During April we have decided on more discounts. Non-regulars who buy anything for the site will get 10% off. Regulars - those with an actual account here will get 15% off!

The deduction will be made automatically when checkout. Valid through April only!

2007-03-22 - HALVCD026/HALVCD027
M:40 will enter the studio April 6-8 and probably also April 20-22 to record the material for their upcoming, but yet untitled, fullength on Halvfabrikat Records (HALVCD026). The recording will feature they newly recruited Johan F from the grindact Exhale on bass.

As of tonight, we have done the last few things in order to send the Aktiv dödshjälp - 4:48 CD (HALVCD027) to the pressingplant.

2007-03-21 - M:40 on Swedish radio
The song Masshysteri by M:40 will be aired in Swedish radio tomorrow, 22/03/2007. It will be aired on the program called P3 Lab which do start at 22:03.

The Aktiv dödshjälp - 4:48 (HALVCD027) are almost ready to be sent to the pressingplant just as we speak. There are just a few minor details left to do.

We are currently trying out a new spam filter for the guestbook.

2007-03-14 - Regarding the new releases
Massmord has returned from the studio and not very surprisingly the material kicks ass! With the tracks recorded and the artwork being worked on this release is definitely not that far away, more info and a date will come shortly.

Two new songs from the recordingsession can be found at They arem however, not mastered versions.

Also, the artwork has almost been done for the Aktiv dödshjälp - 4:48 CD (HALVCD027). The songs for this release are being mastered as we speak.

2007-03-13 - New guestbook and newsletterlist
We have gotten a new guestbook here at This has been made totally from scratch, meaning the old messages are deleted. Please sign it!

We have also implemented a completely new newsletterlist. The old one was very unreliable. We cannot even get a hold of the old list now, so if you want the newsletter, please sign up once again. If you register for an account and check the box next to newsletter, you will get the confirmation automatically.

2007-02-28 - KASSCD31 out now
February is over, this means no more discounts. However, if you do register to become a regular, you still get 10% off! The offer will probably stand during march, but you never know. The question are ofcourse: do you feel lucky, punk?

Today the Robert Bergeskans demo CD-R is out. We are currently looking at a spring of many new releases: the second fullength by Mässmörd, the 4:48 by Aktiv dödshjälp and the yet untitled fullength with M:40.

Also, we have planned on releasing both Aktiv dödshjälp demos once again. They will be out along with the fullength.

2007-02-07 - Discount during february
During february - all who order will get a 10% discount on their order. If you register for an account to become a regular; you get a 15% discount on your whole order. Remember, the offer are only valid during february. There are no limitations on number of orders made.

The deduction will be made at the checkout automatically. In order to get 15% off, you have to create an account, login and then heading for the webshop.

Retailer? Please create your account and mail us to become a retailer here. Only this account will be getting wholesale prices, i.e. special prices for 5 or more titles.

2007-02-06 - Halvfabrikat webshop 2.0 up and running
The new webshop are up und running from now on. There are some pretty cool features in the Webshop 2.0, amongst others a login function where you can register to speed up your shopping! We do have a new guestbook of our own now - meaning no more ads in there.

Currently we are discussing the new Mässmörd - Unleashed LP (HALVLP025) which, if all works out well, will be out in april 2007.

We will have the Robert Bergeskans - Stockholm '06 demo out during february 2007.

2007-01-07 - Time for a bigger update
As for the webshop, it will be getting upgraded soon enough. We are currently planning for this upgrade right now, so this will probably happen during late january.

Remember that the Anatomi-71 - Mot nya höjder are out now. Order it from while you go for the latest Idol album... If you make an order here and the value of the items are more than SEK 200, you will get the Promo 2006 for free.

The next release by us will be a new fullength LP with Mässmörd. This will be titled Unleashed and are scheduled for spring 2007.

2007-01-06 - New mp3 online
Alright. We have been working 24/7 to get the mp3s back online, and finally they are. 4 songs from the new Anatomi-71 album has been put online, as well as the complete Promo 2006. Enjoy!

2007-01-03 - Next release - HALVLP025
Discussions about the next record has begun. It¬īs a little early right now to tell you what it is, but we can say that we are currently discussion a fullength, and it will be out on 12" LP. It will be a labelsplit with four labels and yes; we have released material by the act before...

2007-01-01 - New year, filled with new releases
A new year and new releases will be out. We will not say what just yet... Keep your eyes open!

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