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Updates 2008

2008-12-15 - HALVEP033 and HALVEP035 sent off to the printers
The M:40/Sand creek massacre - Split 7" EP (HALVEP033) and the Passiv dödshjälp - Split 7" EP (HALVEP035). Slightly delayed meaning they will not be released at New Years Eve as said before. We will have them out by the time the M:40 Finland/Russia tour Jan 20, 2009.

M:40/SCM are to be printed with an inlay and as a glued cover on solid white vinyl. This will be made in 1000 copies. The Passiv dödshjälp/Livstid are to be made as a foldout sleeve, on plain black vinyl as 500 copies.

The Promo 2008: Sista vilan are beginning to take shape. The acts for this year are Passiv dödshjälp (with an alternative/exclusive song from the demo), Operation, M:40, Dodeskaden and End of all.

2008-11-05 - New records in stock
During the last few days we have quite many new records in. We had a shipment from Insane Society Records as well as a shipment containing records from Prank Records and Feral ward. Please support us and buy from us!

2008-09-23 - HALVLP034+HALVEP035 next release
Yes, the romours has leaked and infact, it's true. We will unleash new material by Anatomi-71. Seven new songs recorded august 2008. It will be released as a 12" LP and it will be called... nothing.

As of now, in the works are also Passiv dödshjälp/Livstid which will be released as a split 7" EP in a not-to distant future. At the same time we aim to have the M:40/Sand creek massacre split 7" EP out.

The Protestera CD will be titled "01.05.1896". The artwork are being done as we speak.

2008-09-03 - M:40 on Swedish Radio P3 - 080904
The song "Där helvetet alltid är nära" from the new EP "Industrilandskap" will be played in the swedish radio P3 this thursday 4th September.

The show is called P3 Lab and starts 22.03.

If you can't listen to it at that time, it's also possible to listen to the show on their website afterwards:

2008-08-31 - New shit in stock
This update seems to be all about Warvictims. We have gotten a few releases in by them. Be sure to check the webshop.

We might be able to give you the next release in line this week. Be sure to check back if you wanna know what the hell this is about.

2008-08-18 - M:40/ Exhale/ grace.will.fall tourblog!
Aug 15. M:40 @ Sicket Attans Röjj (Tour w/ grace.will.fall and Exhale), Karlstad.
Aug 16. M:40 @ Intakto (Tour w/ grace.will.fall and Exhale), Gävle.
Aug 17. M:40 @ Kulturhuset (Tour w/ grace.will.fall and Exhale), Örebro - CANCELLED.
Aug 18. M:40 @ Kafé 44 (Tour w/ grace.will.fall and Splitter), Stockholm.
Aug 19. Day off
Aug 20. M:40 @ L’Orient (Tour w/ grace.will.fall and TBA), Linköping.
Aug 21. M:40 @ 1200 kvadrat (Tour w/ grace.will.fall and Exhale), Västra frölunda, Göteborg.
Aug 22. M:40 @ Utkanten (Tour w/ grace.will.fall and Exhale), Malmö.
Aug 23. M:40 @ China (Tour w/ grace.will.fall and Exhale), Jönköping.

Be sure to catch the bands live tomorrow at Kafé 44, Stockholm. If you're not around, catch the tourblog at!

2008-08-14 - M:40 august tour and much more
Last weekend Linda and myself got married. Thanks to all who where there. Special thanks goes to M:40 and End of all who played the night before @ Knock out, Lidköping. We all had a blast! Pictures might be up...

Tomorrow the M:40 - Historiens svarta vingslag LP will be out. Mat sleeve but with glossy bloodstains makes this 12" LP one of the coolest shit ever made!

Speaking about tomorrow, the M:40 swedentour (w/ grace.will.fall and Exhale) will start. Be sure to catch the acts when they play in a town near you! These are the dates and cities where to be the following week:

Aug 15. M:40 @ Sicket Attans Röjj (Tour w/ grace.will.fall and Exhale).
Aug 16. M:40 @ Intakto (Tour w/ grace.will.fall and Exhale).
Aug 17. M:40 @ Kulturhuset (Tour w/ grace.will.fall and Exhale).
Aug 18. M:40 @ Kafé 44 (Tour w/ grace.will.fall and Splitter).
Aug 19. M:40 @ Day off
Aug 20. M:40 @ L’Orient (Tour w/ grace.will.fall and TBA).
Aug 21. M:40 @ 1200 kvadrat (Tour w/ grace.will.fall and Exhale).
Aug 22. M:40 @ Utkanten (Tour w/ grace.will.fall and Exhale).
Aug 23. M:40 @ China (Tour w/ grace.will.fall and Exhale).

The Operation CD will be released on distribution on behalf of Sound Pollution on August 29. This means you are able to get the CD from and such from this date. The CD are already released by us on August 1.

2008-08-01 - HALVCD028 and HALVEP031 out now
The Operation - Så länge du inte gör motstånd stöder du systemet 1996-1999 CD and the M:40 - Industrilandskap 7" EP are out now!

If you are nearby Lidköping, don't miss the releaseparty at Boxarkällaren, Folkets Hus tonight. The doors will be opened at 22, and the first act will be on stage at 23. The event will cost SEK 50 and if you attend you will get the EP for free.

Last but not least, there are about 20 new designs for 1" badges and almost as much new designs for patches to be put up for sale soon. By sure not to miss that.

2008-07-06 - New tradera auction put on sale
We have put up some nice records for sale at Check them out, here! We do sale amongst others, the Mob 47 double LP for only SEK50!!!

We have gotten the testpresses for the M:40 - Industrilandskap EP and the M:40 - Historiens svarta vingslag LP and both have been approved.
If you can´t wait to the release August 1, 2008, for the Industrilandskap EP there are a testpress up for sale... Here.

End of all are back on track, with a ton of ideas for new songs. They have gotten a new kid on guitar in the band, called Häll.

2008-06-25 - Pre-order available
Now you have a chance of pre-order our new releases! Mail our mailorder department on order@halvfabrikat (dot) net to find out how! Pre-ordering are not available through the webshop, but a major discount are available while pre-order.

If you are a retailer then you can also pre-order as of now. Login to your account a just hit pre-order. A major discount are available!

Those who pre-order will get the records as soon as we get them in. Please state if you want to wait with you whole order if you order more at the same time.

All three - the Operation CD, the M:40 - Industrilandskap 7" EP and the M:40 - Historiens svarta vingslag 12" LP - are schedule to be released August 1, 2008.

The End of all LP are almost sold out from us. So are many other releases. We did find a box of old records at our warehouse, amongst other Besk - What went wrong EP. Those have been placed in the webshop as of now. A few other Halvkass Produktion tapes will be put in stock in the next few days...

2008-06-01 - Profane existence delivery
We have gotten a box filled to the brim with crust from Profane existence. Today we have managed to put it in the webshop. There are several releases by Extinction of mankind, the new Imperial leather CD, the new split with Massmord/Shades of grey (on CD) as well as Warcollapse - Defy! CD and LP.
We also got the limited edition intended for the Vinyl Retentive Series. This LP is on 180 gram black vinyl. Limited to 400 copies! This might be the only chance of getting this one!

2008-05-20 - M:40 - Historiens svarta vingslag as LP
Yes, the rumours are true. We will release the M:40 - Historiens svarta vingslag as 12" LP (HALVLP026). This will be unleashed at the same time as the M:40 7" EP (HALVEP031). No title are set yet for this.

The offer for discount are still valid, so make your order today!

2008-05-12 - End of all pressrelease
Here are a short pressrelease from END OF ALL:

Hey everybody!

As some of you might know, we decided to take a break after our tour in Germany a few weeks ago, due to personal reasons and to talk about whether we wanted to continue as a band or not. As for now, we have decided to continue with the band, but without Björn on guitar..(also this due to personal reasons..)

So, me, Martin and Frank will continue with End of All, and we are currently searching for a replacer for Björn. This might take a while, but be patient, we're on our way back to crush your local scene!!! ;)

Cheers everybody!

To celebrate this, we will lower the price even more! In precent, there will be a deduction when ordering. The offer is only valid through our webshop and only during may.

2008-05-10 - KASSCD34 and KASSCD35 out now
Both Dodeskdane - Demo 2008 and the Passiv dödshjälp - S/T are out.
br> During may will give discounts on orders!

2008-04-27 - Re-stocking
Today we have made a huge update in the mailorder. We have made a huge re-stock, so there are several releases who have been sold out and once again refilled in the stock.

As you have guessed, the M:40/End of all - Split 7" EP will not happen. We are currently discussin how to solve this matter.

2008-04-25 - Tradera aucton ending tonight
Yes, we have a couple of auctions ending tonight. Take a peek, there are some rare stuff on sale here!

2008-04-19 - HALVLP030 out now
As of today, End of all - The art of decadence 12" LP are out! Twelve new songs of pain and deceit. Think of a heavier Massmord. Great sleeve design! We do release the european version.

Both the Dodeskaden - Demo 2008 and the Passiv dödshjälp - S/T has been sent to the pressingplant. Both are due to be out 30.04.08.

2008-04-17 - End of all are taking a break
The following are a short message from END OF ALL. Despite this, we will go ahead and release their 12" LP on saturday, 19.04.2008. If you are a retailer, now is you chance of getting this at a very good price. The offer is only valid until midnight on the 18th...

END OF ALL is taking a break!!
Hey everyone. First of all, thanks to all of you who supported us during our tour in germany last week, it was great and you are all wonderful people. Unfortunately, we have some bad news aswell.

Due to personal reasons we have decided to call it quits for now, because we really need a break to think things through and decide whether we wan't to continue to do this or not. We really appreciate all the help and support all of you have showed us, but right now we have to pull the breaks. This means that all plans for gigs and recordings are cancelled at the moment.

Once again, thanks to all of you who have helped us in any way, we really appreciate it!


2008-04-02 - Regarding the new releases
HALVCD028. The master for Operation - Så länge du inte gör motstånd stöder du systemet 1996-1999 has been sent to the pressingplant today. Hopefully we will have this out by the end of april, but it cannot be stressed hard enough...

HALVLP030. The End of all LP, The art of decadence, has got an approval of the testpresses. This means the LP are being pressed as we speak.

HALVEP031. The M:40 tracks are done and whilst listening to a unmastered copy I can only say they made it again! The new tracks fucking rips! The sleeve for the EP seems to be almost done as well.

2008-03-24 - Alot of news
HALVCD028. The tracks for the Operation - Så länge du inte gör motstånd stöder du systemet 1996-1999 are finally done. We will make the final changes to the cover artwork today, and then we will be able to send this to the pressingplant.

HALVLP030. The End of all LP, The art of decadence, has been sent to the pressingplant a while back. Hopefully we will have it out in the beginning of april.

HALVEP031. This very weekend, M:40 has been at the Hobo Studio to record their side of the upcoming M:40/End of all split 7" EP. By April, End of all will record their side.

Lately we have had many pre-orders who has not been paid for. Those records was put aside, but not paid within the timespan in which they should, so those have been put on sale at Take your chance of getting a few rare records really cheap! Visit our page here!

2008-03-23 - Slight increasement of prices for EPs
We are hereby forced to increase the prices of 7" EPs. There are not really defendable no more to go with the 1976 years pricing of those. Anyway, we still feel we have the lowest prices in Europe on our records; on our own releases as well as in the distro.

We have created a campaign section in the webshop. This is just as the title have stated. Even lower pricing on those.

2008-03-09 - Profane Existence #56, Apr/Jun 2008 issue
Profane Existence #56 has been presented at the PE page. The magazine itself is 80-page monster issue with tons of great reading. Feature-length interviews include MURDER DISCO EXPERIENCE, PROTESTANT, HEVN, BLACKOUT and ATOMGEVITTER plus updates from WOLFBRIGADE, MEANWHILE, AVSKUM and Slug & Lettuce editor Chris Boarts-Larson. Furthermore, the CD this time will include the ones listed below. Take a look at track number 20.

1. AFTER THE BOMBS Warmonger
2. ATOMGEVITTER Banned in G.C.
4. BLACKOUT Secrets
5. BOMBED OUT Human Disease
6. BROKEN At the Border
7. THE COOTERS Society Sets the Stereotype
8. DISGUSTING LIES Sumienie Tego Swiata
9. DIS(10)PUTES La Brigade du Poulet
10. HEVN All the Same
11. HIP COPS Responsibility
13. IMPERIAL LEATHER The Power of Blame
14. IN DEFENSE Making Mock Duck a Threat Again!
15. KILL THE EGO I Scooter Libby
17. MIDDLE CLASS TRASH Stand for Something
18. MURDER DISCO EXPERIENCE Torture Incorporated
19. PARASYTIC Animal Sacrifice
20. PERSONKRETS 3.1 Krigssång
21. POPULATION REDUCTION Black Metal Beach Party
22. PROTESTANT Obituary
23. RAGING FUGITIVES We Don’t Need You
24. SKARPRETTER Ammunition
28. SUSPECTED TERRORISTS Suspected Terrorists
29. VICTIMS We’re Fucked
30. VICTIMS OF CORRUPTION Headless Human Herd
31. XBRAINIAX Yamazaki

2008-02-21 - HALVEP031 next release
In march, M:40 will enter HoboRec studio to record some new songs. They will be released on a split 7" with swedish End Of All by us. M:40 will also do a mini tour in Sweden together with End Of All later this spring. Dates and more info about that soon.
End of All will record their side of the split in April/May. The 7" EP will probably not be ready for the tour.
Whilst in the studio, M:40 will also record songs for an upcoming split 7" with Sand Creek Massacre from Netherlands. This will also be released by us. Due out in summer 2008.

Pissed Off Records from Malaysia, will together with two more labels release the album "Historiens svarta vingslag" on cassette. The album is also on it's way to be released on 12" LP, info will be available soon.

The End of all - The art of decadence 12" LP has been sent off to the pressingplant according to Tofu Guerilla. This will be made in 500 copies. The US version will be made in 500 copies as well. The pressings will differ from each other. The US pressing will contain of a poster, the european pressing contains of a printed inlay.

2008-02-18 - HALVLP030 next release
Next release will be End of all - The art of decadence LP. This will be a labelsplit with Be-part and Tofu Guerilla. The LP are the european version, as there will be an US version released as well. Overseas customers might want to wait to order until this version is out to avoid high shipping costs. The european version is due to be out March 21, 2008.

2008-01-26 - Worldwide distribution
As for the distribution, we do have almost worldwide from the following distributors/distros:

Within Scandinavia - Sound Pollution distribution
Within Germany/S europe - Ruin Nation Records
Within United Kingdom/NW europe - Active Rebellion
Within Turkey/NE Asia - Anticapital Distro
Within USA/Canada - Stickfigure Distribution
Within Mexico/S America - Dogma Destroyer

We are still looking for a distributor in Japan/SE Asia. If you are intrested, please mail us!

2008-01-24 - Gig of the year
The gig of the year? Hell yeah, don't miss out on:

Raging Speedhorn (UK)

February 8, 2008 @ Kulturhuset Underjorden, Gothenburg. More info here.

Don't miss out on our auctions ending tonight! It's you chance to get our records cheap.

2008-01-21 - Restocks available
As of today, we have some sold out records back in stock. They have been asked for so we expect them to go fast.

 1586   Los Dolares/Dislexia - Split
 1524   Rakkaus - Kuolevan maiilman hiljainen kirous
 1352   Rakkaus - Työ Vapauttaa (2nd press on clear vinyl)

2008-01-20 - New items on sale at
We have put up new auctions at Take your chance of getting our stuff really cheap! Also there are a limited Coldworker - The contaminated void LP up on sale. Visit the site and name your price now so you don´t miss it! halvfabrikat @

2008-01-17 - New reviews
The Personkrets 3:1 - Ruiner EP has gotten a few very good reviews! As it seems, the classic zine Skrutt (nowadays as webzine) has given it an 8 out of 10 and the second biggest magazine Slavestate has given it 4 out of 5.

The anthology Så länge du inte gör mostånd stöder du systemet 196-1999 by Operation seem to be highly anticipated. Many are asking about this on a daily basis.

The songs are currently being re-mastered to meet the standard of putting it on CD. As of november 2007 approximatly one third of the songs where done. Hopefully this will be out in february! It will contain of a regular jewelcase as well as a slipcase. The disc will be cellophanewrapped just as our other CD releases.

2008-01-11 - Vote for aktiv dödshjälp
Aktiv dödshjälp and their album 4:48 are nominated in the swedish metal awards! Vote for the album 4:48 under the punk/hardcore Category here.

Please take you chance to interduce crustpunk till the average person!

2008-01-04 - Halvfabrikat on
We have put up some records for sale at Check out this page for the auctions.

This is a little bit of test to see if they do sell up there. If they do we will be putting up more.

2008-01-01 - Halvfabrikat as registred company
As of today, Halvfabrikat Records is a registred company. The decision was made due to the fact that we want to go further with the idea.

The swedish postal office has yet once again increased the prices to new unresonable heights. This will be noticable for orders outside of sweden, overseas and orders with sweden where the weight are over 2 kg.

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