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Updates 2009

2009-12-31 - HALVEP040 out now
Yes, the long awaited EP is finally out. Check it out now. Dont wait to long ordering it though, there are about 2/3 left of the pressing and it will never be repressed.

2009-12-24 - HALVEP040
To celebrate Halvfabrikat Records 10 years anniversary we will release a very special compilation EP on December 31, 2009.

Halvfabrikat fick oss att göra det 1999-2009 (eng: Halvfabrikat made us do it 1999-2009) includes ONLY exclusive songs, and here comes the fun part: all bands on this have made their own tribute to Halvfabrikat Records by doing covers of songs released on the label 1999-2009.

Limited to 300 copies! Be sure to place your order as this baby will sell out fast!

Halvfabrikat fick oss att göra det 1999-2009
Side A
1. End of all - Hytta med näven, digga med foten [Anatomi-71; HALVCD024]
2. M:40 - Levande produkter [Operation; HALVCD028]
3. grace.will.fall - Anhalt: anstalt [Passiv dödshjälp; HALVEP035]

Side B
1. Aktiv dödshjälp - Historiens svarta vingslag [M:40; HALVCD026/HALVLP026]
2. Protestera - Brott utan straff [Totalt jävla mörker; HALVEP004]
3. Passiv dödshjälp - Tysta vittnen [Aktiv dödshjälp; HALVCD027]
4. Livstid - Siste kvilen [End of all - Sista vilan; HALVLP030]

2009-12-21 - Todays question
What does End of all, M:40, Aktiv dödshjälp, Passiv dödshjälp, grace.will.fall, Protestera and Livstid in common?

Be sure to check out our website the next couple of days to get the answer...

2009-11-29 - Misantropic confirmed to Punk illegal 2010
Yes, the next annual Punk illegal will be held June 11-12, 2010, in Munkedal as usual.

Confirmed bands as of today:

From ashes rise (US)
Extintion of Mankind (UK)
Riistetyt (FI)
Rakkaus (FI)
Wrathcobra (US)

For further info, check

2009-11-09 - New info on the HALVLP041
Today we have added some info on the upcoming Years of decay/Sand creek massacre - Split LP. Now you can watch the complete tracklist as well as the artwork for this.

2009-10-04 - Regarding the new releases
The Protestera - 01.05.1886 (HALVCD032) cover has been totally redone, and are at its final steps. Hopefully we are able to send this to press this week to come.

The Passiv dödshjälp - Häng dom MLP (HALVLP039) has evolved into a fullength LP since there will be at least 13 songs on it. The recording starts at the beginning of november.

The Years of decay/Sand creek massacre - Split LP (HALVLP041) are delayed due to the inlay, which is actually so big one need to find a bigger scanner for it.

Aktiv dödshjälp are working fast on their new material for the upcoming CD (HALVCD043). As of now there are four or five songs done, and I dare to say this will be even better than the last, 4:48 CD (HALVCD027). This too will be a theme album as the last, but this will deal with life itself rather than death.

2009-09-06 - New categories in the webshop
We have made a few new categories in the webshop.

DAMAGED - Some products has been damaged in the move, so they have been quite discounted.
CAMPAIGN - We have decided on put some items under heavy discounts under a limited time. First up is: Protestera - Rock n riot CD, Operation - Så länge du inte gör motstånd.. CD and M:40 - Industrilandskap EP.
Hurry, the offer might be gone tomorrow...

2009-08-22 - New address
We have moved. The new address are:

Halvfabrikat Records
Skaravägen 7
S-532 72 Axvall

Those who want to come and pick up the order at our office (to save money on postage) are welcome to do so. Please mail first, we might be out.

2009-07-31 - HALVEP036, HALVEP037 and HALVEP038 out now
Three seven inches are out today: Misantropic/Deathrace - Split, End of all - Places (europress) and the Raised by drunks/Link - Split.

Misantropic/Deathrace - Split
- Have been made with silver foil on the sleeve itself. Looking great if you ask me.

End of all - Places
- EOA are back after their fullength The art of decadence. And what a excellent recording! Three new songs recorded at Hobo/Jkpg. This is the europress, an alternative sleeve are to be found at Halo of flies Records as they has made the US version.

Raised by drunks/Link - Split
- Delayed forever! Now we have it out. Unfortunatly in very a small quantity. If you order this from us you will get a professionally printed inlay!

2009-07-15 - HALVEP036 and HALVEP037 testpresses
Testpresses for Misantropic/Deathrace - Split 7" (HALVEP036) and End of all - Places 7" (HALVEP037) has arrived a few days back and are as of today approved. The production will hopefully start immediatly.

Still trying to work things out with the insert for Raised by drunks/Link (HALVEP038) and hopefully we have a solution to this asap as well.

Releasedate are set to for all three to July 31st.

2009-06-15 - HALVEP036 and HALVEP037 sent off to the printers
The Misantropic/Deathrace - Split 7" EP (HALVEP036) and the End of all - Places 7" EP (HALVEP037) has been sent off to the printers this past weekend. The HALVEP036 will be printed in a very special way (all white on the sleeve will be in silver) and the HALVEP037 sleeve will be printed in four color. Both with a lyricsheet.

The Raised by drunks/Link - Split 7" EP (HALVEP038) has actually already arrived here but it still misses the lyric sheet.

All three are schedule be released July 7, 2009.

2009-06-11 - Festival weekend
If you live in germany I urge you to check out this years Be-part festival. This one starts off today at JUHA Fasanenhof in Stuttgart. With bands such as M:40, Sand creek massacre and Martyrdöd. This will probably be a blast!

The same goes for sweden. On friday the annual Punk illegal fest will be held at Folkets park in Munkedal. With acts such as Counterblast and Warcollapse. Be sure to find Limpan or any other of the members of Anatomi-71 to get a copy of the new På giftets vingar MLP!

The plan for HFR right now are to leave the End of all - Places EP and the Misantropic/Deathrace - Split EP to the pressingplant. I am aiming to have it in by this very weekend. Release of those are set to July 7, 2009.

2009-06-06 - HALVLP034 out now
Anatomi-71 - På giftets vingar MLP is out now! Grab you copy today.

2009-06-02 - Preorders HALVLP034
As of tonight, all preorders for the Anatomi-71 MLP has been sent out. There are a few left... If you want one then you better act - the release are getting closer as we speak; June 6, 2009.

2009-05-21 - Webshop up-to-date
The webshop is now up-to-date. All you can see there are in stock. You should ALWAYS, however, list alternatives.

The testpresses for Anatomi-71 - På giftets vingar (HALVLP034) has arrived and sounds awesome.

2009-05-18 - Back from the Metalheart-tour
Home again from the Protestera european tour. First of all I like to thank the guys from Protestera. The tour was a blast! Thank you; you all get five Halvfabrikat-logos from me [pling].

Second I like to thank all organisers for doing a great job! Also, thank you: Tim @ Filth-ear, Years of decay, Greg @ Ravachol, Steph @ Deviance and Symphony of destruction. Last but not least, Kleister @ Skuld releases.

It has all been a great tour (even without a GPS!) and hopefully I can share yet another beer with all of you soon enough.

Now, give me a few days to update the stock. I have some re-stocks to update as well...

2009-05-05 - On tour with Protestera
Tomorrow Protestera+HFR are off on tour. As usual, please list alternatives when ordering!

06 maj 2009
Protestera @ Juz (w/ TBA) Verden, DE

07 maj 2009
Protestera @ FrAZ (w/ TBA) Osnabrück, DE

08 maj 2009
Protestera @ Hcz squat (w/ TBA) Eindhoven, NL

09 maj 2009
Protestera @ Anarchist Black Cross festival, La Zone (w/ Hysteria, Lost Cherrees and Retcher) Liege, BE

10 maj 2009
Protestera @ Festival (w/ TBA) Paris, FR

11 maj 2009
Protestera @ The Soap Box Club (w/ Atomic Tango and Death Reign) Nancy, FR

12 maj 2009
Protestera @ AK44 (w/ TBA) Giessen, DE

13 maj 2009
Protestera @ TBA (w/ TBA) Stuttgart, DE

14 maj 2009
Protestera @ Kunstverein (w/ Altercado and Tunguska) Nurnberg, DE

15 maj 2009
Protestera @ Köpi (w/ TBA) Berlin, DE

16 maj 2009
Protestera @ 1000 fryd (w/ War of destruction and Cola freaks) Aalborg, DK

Please stop by and buy some merch!

2009-04-14 - Webshop up to date
We are back home from the tour. It was a blast! We have gotten some new merch whilst being away. Both fullength CDs from the amazing End of all are to be re-stocked in the webshop. This will be added in as soon as there are time for it.

Furthermore the webshop has been updated from the sales of the tour as well. So please, go ahead and places your orders. This will help us put more releases out there!

During next week we will probably get some merch from M:40 which was made exclusivly for the tour. What is a secret... Check back often!

2009-04-06 - End of all + M:40 + Halvfabrikat on tour april 2009
End of All and M:40 german tour April 2009 The following are the dates and places. Included in this tour are distro by Halvfabrikat. See you on the tour!

08/04/09. Berlin @ Köpi, w/ Cross Stitched Eyes
09/04/09. Leipzig @ Zoro, w/ Cross Stitched Eyes and Gusto mastivo
10/04/09. Weimar @ Gerberstrasse, w/ Dean dirg, Eiltank and KSM40
11/04/09. Neubrandenburg @ AJZ, w/ TBA

As I will bring some of the distro on the tour there is of great importance that you list alternatives. List first choice first and such when you do place your order. Some items might get sold out on the tour.

By this message we will stop taking pre-orders of the Anatomi-71 MLP. Thank you all those who did, shame on you who didn´t... You can always wait on the 2nd pressing...

2009-03-17 - Preorder Anatomi-71 - På giftets vingar 12" LP now
Now it's you chance to preorder the most anticipated mini album of 2009, the Anatomi-71 - På giftets vingar 12" MLP! This is how it's done:

Send a snailmail letter containing your adress and a short note that you want to do a preorder of this album. It's up to you if you want to send it by registred mail. Hide 100 SEK/€15/$20 well. This is for the postage, as well as for the record itself. Wait for the record to arrive to us and we'll send it out as soon as we have it in our hands. This means you will have it sooner than the actual releasedate!

The letter should be sent to:

Halvfabrikat Records
c/o D. Lönnqvist
Mankärrstigen 12
S-387 37 Borgholm

Now to the best of all: if you want to place an additional order, this is ok. If so we will send out this order right away, and you will not have to pay any postage for it! The offer are only valid if you send us cash in a letter and with this preorder. You simply put the money for the preorder and add the cost of the items upon this. No additional charges will be made.

Oh yes, you may contact us at info (AT) to place your pre-order also! That way you will get a bankaccount number in order to make your prepayment.

2009-03-08 - HALVEP033 and HALVEP035 out now
Today we have two new seven inch splits out. The M:40/Sand creek massacre and the Passiv dödshjälp/Livstid. Both splits, both seven inches, both on black vinyl.

All pre-orders has been sent out, and frankly, there are not many left of any of them. Act fast!

2009-02-27 - Thank you
Thank you all for all kind words regarding our break. I had no idea there would be such a big thing. I will not upload any of the messages received. However, I can tell you there are true warmth in the scene unlike anyone would say. This has really made us put this into perspective and we have decided upon keeping this motor running, after all. So from now on we are ready to go again.

The first release in the pipeline are the Anatomi-71 MLP.

We are ready to take pre-orders on the m:40/Sand creek massacre split and the Passiv dödshjälp/Livstid split. Just mail us and we´ll take care of this!

2009-02-16 - Statement
Eventually people grew tired of things. Eventually even I do. That is what happened today. From going from being completely in symbiose with everything even though it was monday everything just fell apart. What really happen are just a matter for the involved parties. But I can say this was a big thing for us. Without a doubt probably the biggest project ever undertaken on by Halvfabrikat.

Anyway, because of this huge disappointment, I will take a break. Maybe even a forever break. As it seems now that seems like the best idea… Needless to say I will halt all label activity during this hiatus. This will hopefully not affect the mailorder, i.e. you can still place orders and they will be shipped out as before.

2009-02-09 - HALVEP037 next release
Today we can confirm that we will indeed release the europress of the new END OF ALL material. This will be a seven inch entitled "Places". The us version will be done by Halo of Flies Records. The recording will nevertheless be made in may 2009. Expect this to be a summer release.

The M:40/Sand creek massacre and Passiv dödshjälp/Livstid split seven inches will both be out March 8. Sand creek massacre will do a releaseparty when they do play with Wolfbrigade this very day.

2009-01-01 - Happy new 2009
Today, January 1, Halvfabrikat Records are 10 years old. I´ve been doing this for ten fucking years. i guess the time flies when you are enjoying yourself... Anyway, we have several ideas for 2009 and how to celebrate this.

There are an interview published online at Punk-as-fuck. Not really about the anniversary but anything else.

M:40/Sand creek massacre and the Passiv dödshjälp/Livstid are schedule to be released on Jan 20, 2009. M:40 will start their Finland/Russia tour this very day.

Next up will be the Anatomi-71 MLP. It will not be called "S/T", but "På giftets vingar". The artwork has been somewhat updated.

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