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Updates 2010

2010-12-24 - HFR promo 2010
Yes, there will be a promo even this year. The now annual Halvfabrikat Records Promo will be titled Gruset i deras maskin [eng: The gravel in their machinery]. These are the songs;

01. Eskatologia - Efterkrigstider
02. Misantropic - Holocaust
03. Protestera - Därför regnar bomber i huvudet på små barn
04. Aktiv dödshjälp - Situation utanförskap
05. Years of decay - Domination
06. Sand creek massacre - Beneath the waves
07. Human error - Police bastard (Doom)
08. Livstid - Feil fokus
09. Passiv dödshjälp - Döden säljer
10. Eskatologia - Cold
11. Distress - Shadows in uniforms
12. Boredom - Caught in the headlights
13. Sand creek massacre - Mirror of false reflections

To be out December 31!

2010-12-12 - HALVLP055
Like the rumours says, it's true. We will do the vinyl version of Totalt jävla mörker - Söndra och härska. This 12" LP will be a collaboration between us and Power it up. The LP (HALVLP055) will be out on Jan 28, 2011.

For the retailers, you may pre-order this as of now. Login to your accounts!

As for some technical information, the record will be made in 1.000 copies as an initial printing run; and 100 of this will be made as diehard version for PIU, and 100 will be made as diehard version for HFR. Yes, we will divided those upon ourselves so that we get 50/50 of this limited vinyl versions.

Regular customers cannot pre-order this, in the webshop, but mail us your address, to be placed on the pre-order list. Also, write which version you want; if you want the HFR version (100 copies), the PIU version (100 copies) or the regular version (800 copies on black vinyl). Please note that there probably will not be any changes on the price, regardless of which version you choose.

2010-10-24 - 039+048 out now
The Passiv dödshjälp - Häng dom CD version and the Boredom/Sand creek massacre - Split 7" EP are out today. Both are quite limited in stock, so you better get them before they are sold out.

To celebrate this, every person who place and order where the value of the items are SEK700 or more, will get the compilation Obscene extreme 2010, for free!!! It will be delivered in a plastic CD bag. The CD contains 45 songs with bands like Passiv dödshjälp, Doom, Cripple bastards, Victims, Martyrdöd, Tinner, The arson project and Malignant tumour! This is a timelimited offer. But if this news still are up, the offer are still valid.
The same record can obviously be bought, and if so it will be delivered in a jewelcase.

2010-10-02 - Statement regarding new prices
In the times where even d.i.y. labels seems to become capitalistic, i.e. raising prices in order to gain more profit, we have decided to do the exact opposit. Yes, this is todays truth: the capitalistic system is gaining it’s followers, even in the d.i.y. scene. A shame indeed, but not very hard to imagine. We do live in a world of capitalism and money and gaining it is a big thing for us humans.

That aside, we mainly do this for two reasons:
1. We need punkrock more than ever. The Swedish election, I’ll let it talk for itself…

2. We do not really make records to make profit, but the spread revolutionary ideas. More info on this can be found at the About us section.

We have decided to lower the prices so much we dare to say we are the cheapest mailorder/distro in europe right now, maybe even the world. We are currently working on solutions to lower the shippingcosts as well, due to the fact that the shipment is a substantially cost of the total order value.

The prices are adjusted so that no product cost more than an equal product. Price examples as stated;
- 12” LP, new price: 80 SEK, old price 90 SEK.
- MCD, new price: 35 SEK, old price 60 SEK.
- Tape, new price: 15 SEK, old price 40 SEK.
- Shirts, new price: 75 SEK, old price 100 SEK.
- Patches, new price: 10 SEK, old price 20 SEK.
- Badges, new price: 5 SEK, old price 10 SEK.
etc, etc.
[All sections are subject of change, some sections have been or will be cut in prices by up to 50%.]

There are some sections that are being updated still, please give us this weekend to complete the work of adjusting the prices. But still, have a go and browse the online store as almost everything is done!

Sold out items/Soon to sell out
The Eskatologia/Distress - Split are sold out: do not ask for it. The following are on it's way to sell out: M:40 - Historiens svarta vingslag LP, Passiv dödshjälp - Häng dom LP, Years of decay/Sand creek massacre - Split LP, Misantropic - Insomnia CD, M:40/Sand creek massacre - Split EP, Human error/Livstid - Split EP and the Misantropic/Deathrace - Split EP.

2010-09-10 - Releaseparty HALVEP050, Sept 11
Releaseparty: Eskatologia - Början på slutet 7" EP

September 11th, at Majgården, Chapmans torg 1, in Gothenburg. Doors open at 19.00, 50 sek. Note that you must pre-announcement is mandatory to gain access. Mail your name and social secure number (the first six is enough), to eskatologia(a)

Downfall of gaia (DE)
End of all
Insidious Process

2010-08-21 - Punkkarneval Sthlm
I guess no one has missed that Punkkarnevalen starts today in Ölsta folkets park, Ekerö; just outside of Stockholm. Be sure not to miss Misantropic or Future Ruins folks...

You want the Men allting har ett slut for free?!
Head over to Turist i tillvaron, Sörling has an ongoing contest at the moment where you can get it.

You want the Men allting har ett slut and 4:48 cheaper?!
Yes, starting today we are testing if there are any demands for package deals; meaning both the two records much cheaper that the initial price. See the offer to the left! The offers are time limited. If many do place orders on those package deals, there will be more...

2010-08-16 - Turist i tillvaron
Sörling/Turist i tillvaron (, has rated the Aktiv Dödshjälp "Men allting har ett slut" CD, as Best right now. So now there are really no excuses for not getting the album!

2010-08-10 - HALVEP044 out now
Yes, the Human error/Livstid split 7" EP are out today! The whole pressing is just 440 copies and our share is substatially smaller... Get this while you can!

All orders that has been made during the first days of August will be sent out ASAP. Due to vacation we have not done that so far. All of you who has placed orders will receive a confirmation of shipment when the actual parcel has been sent.

The Eskatologia - Början på slutet 7" EP (HALVEP050) has been sent off to the printers. If nothing unexpected arises; expect this to be out til the releaseparty for the Split 10" with Distress on September 11. The releaseparty will be held in Gothenburg.

2010-08-01 - On vacation
Later today I am gone on a little vacation. No mails will be answered and no orders will be taken care of til I get back. When I do, all things will be taken care of in the order which they have arrived. If you place an order, please list some alternatives in the field for Notes.

Yes, our releases has started to appear on Spotify. Amongst others you are now able to find M:40, Protestera and Aktiv dödshjälp there. Unfortunatly, you cannot search Halvfabrikat as a label. If you do you will find another artist who has nothing to do with us. If you like what you hear, buy the actual release from us!

2010-07-26 - At the office again
I am officially at the office again from the Protestera tour. All orders will be packed and posted during this week. This means all orders will be taken care of until the end of July. A confirmation will be sent when your parcel has been sent.

Also the Aktiv dödshjälp CD has arrived as well, for those who wonder about this one. All orders of this will also be taken care of this week.

I like to take the opportunity of thanking all involved in the Protestera tour; organisers as well as audience. 16 gigs in 17 days are massive! We had a great time in europe on the European Streaking Tour 2010. On a personal note I want to thank Protestera for having me onboard a second time. You guys are amazing ["9,5 HFR loggor!"].

2010-07-07 - Off on tour
So now I am off on the Protestera european tour. All orders that will be in during this period (from now until the 25th), will be sent out at the end of July.

2010-07-01 - HALVCD032+HALVCD043+HALVEP045 out now
So, July 1 and we put out 3 new raw releases out there.

Today we do release the long awaited PROTESTERA follow up to the 2005 release Rock n riot (HALVCD018). Expect 11 songs for your everyday civil insubordination needs. The booklet is massive; 44 pages in length forcing us to do this as a digipack. Killer!

The Aktiv dödshjälp CD are also long waited to say the least. The 4:48 album (HALVCD027) delt with issues regarding suicide but this deal with the issues in life, or rather the issues in the non-existant life. The album is very diverse as three of the eleven songs are monologes rather that songs. This keeps the album intresting at all times.
Many bumps later this CD is now out. We still have some problems with the shipment of the actual records though, but still we do this release today. Orders of this will be shipped ASAP when they do get here. We expect this release to go fast!

Also, we do release the Eskatologia/Distress - Split 10" EP today. The songs are all killers - expect no fillers on this. Raw as hell. We are really proud of doing this release!

2010-06-18 - New orders prior to the Punk illegal fest
We have gotten quite a few orders after our return from the Punk illegal fest. All orders that has not yet gotten a confirmation of shipment are to be sent June 6. We are unable to do this before this date. When they have been shipped you will get a confirmation.

Aktiv dödshjälp has made their first video of one of the songs from the new album "Men allting har ett slut" (HALVCD043).

Aktiv dödshjälp - Honmonstret (kvinnan som vägrade dö).

Eskatologia has made a video for their upcoming 7" on Halvfabrikat called "Början på slutet".

Eskatologia - Efterkrigstider..

2010-06-12 - HFR hearts Punk illegal fest
Yesterday, we had a blast @ the Punk illegal fest. Thanks to Svindel Records, Sonny /Future Ruins, Jalle /Warcollapse, Matte & Gerda /Misantropic, Kalle and the rest of Insidious Process, Johan /Protestera, Simon /M:40, Uffe /Hobo (for the "Halvfabrikat-sound"!), Pjär /Misär, Masken & Frans and of course all the others who came to the distrotent and bought something or just came and say hi.

The stock is updated after the festival, so everything you see in the webshop should be available to obtain.

We are now looking forward to the next big releasedate which will be July 1. Releases to be out on this date are Protestera - 01.05.1886 Digipack CD, Eskatologia/Distress - Split 10" EP and Aktiv dödshjälp - Men allting har ett slut CD.

2010-06-11 - HALVCD042+HALVCD047 out now
The Personkrets 3:1 - Blodigt krig 2003-2007 CD and the Misantropic - Insomnia CD are out now! Get them both.

2010-05-30 - HFR loves Punk illegal
We will act as a distro on the upcoming Punk illegal fest in Munkedal, June 11-12. So, if you like to save some money here is the deal:

* Place an order. Write "Bring to the Punk illegal fest" in the Additional notes field at the Checkout.
* We will bring your order to the festival, you will pay upfront and get it there. The postage will be deducted on your price.
* The deadline is set for 20:00 on June 10. Orders that are placed later than this will be handled as regular orders.

I will go with Protestera on their July tour. This means no orders will be taken care during this time. When I am back at the office; the orders that has come in will be delt with in the order they arrive. Please list alternatives as I guess some items will be sold out.

2010-05-23 - HALVCD047
Have Halvfabrikat gone metal? Yes, some of you might think we have. We are proud to announce we will do the Umeå based Misantropic´s fullength debut. This will be called "Insomnia", and will be released on June 11. Be sure to catch Misantropic in Sthlm 10/6 or Munkedal 11/6.

Also up for June 11 are Personkrets 3:1 - Blodigt krig 2003-2007, discography CD as well as Aktiv dödshjälp - Men allting har ett slut CD. We also do have high hopes for the Human error/Livstid - Split 7" to reach us soon; if so, this will also be out on this very date.

If all goes well we will also have the Protestera - 01.05.1886 CD out by then... This will be done as a special digipack to fit the booklet; which are of 44 pages length.

2010-05-10 - Repress of HALVCD026
The Eskatologia/Distress - Split 10" EP (HALVEP045) has finally been sent off to the pressingplant. Expect this to arrive and be released in June.

We have decided on repressing the sold out M:40 - Historiens svarta vingslag CD. Today we got it delivered to the office. So, everyone who has been begging us to get in back in stock - now its time to claim it. We expect this to go really fast!

2010-05-01 - HALVLP039 out now
Yes, the Passiv dödshjälp - Häng dom LP are out now. Get it while you can! A CD version will be available later.

2010-04-27 - HALVLP039
The Passiv dödshjälp - Häng dom LP will be out during 01.05.2010 as stated earlier. Also, yesterday I ordered yet another repress of the M:40 - Historiens svarta vingslag on CD, so that will follow some days after.

And yes, we have finally started working on the Personkrets 3:1 discography, which will be titled "Blodigt krig 2003-2007". Also, the new Aktiv dödshjälp CD are almost completely done and if you ask me, it sounds sick. So if you are into metalcrust, this is most likely to be the top album of 2010 (it is really that good).

The Human error/Livstid - Split 7" EP are rumoured to have been printed, but in a smaller quantity than we have intended, which is a shame - to say the least.

On the negative side we have the Protestera CD, which will be delayed a month or so.

2010-04-01 - Aktiv/Passiv dödshjälp
Yes, the discussion has been around for ages, but is it true or is this a april fools joke? Will Aktiv dödshjälp team up with Passiv dödshjälp to do a split of some kind?!

It is in fact, not a joke. We hereby anounce that we will do a split between the two. Currently PD has recorded their songs and AD will do this as soon as they are done with the recording of their new fullenght (HALVCD043). Even the first draft of the artwork are completed as we speak! The Aktiv dödshjälp/Passiv dödshjälp split will be a seven inch and released as HALVEP049.

2010-03-20 - Up for sale: everything that we know
One thing I realized when we moved the HQ the last time was the following: I have a too large personal records colection. Now I have to do something about it. During today I will put some of it out here on sale. This will mean some restocks, but also there willl be some completely new shit up.

I have also found some items that have been out of stock for quite some time...

2010-02-28 - Halvfabrikat on the move
Tomorrow, Halvfabrikat Records will move again. New address from 01/03/2010 will be;

Halvfabrikat Records
Ringvägen 18 B
S-532 72 Axvall

Please allow some delays next week; as the distrostock and our own releases will be moved to the new location. Hopefull we are all set up next sunday.

2010-02-26 - HALVLP041 out now
As you probably know already, the Years of decay/Sand creek massacre - Split LP are out today. Place your order now!

2010-02-19 - HALVLP041
The Passiv dödshjälp - Häng dom LP and Eskatologia - Split 10" EP has been postponed til April 1. However, the Years of deacay/Sand creek massacre - Split LP will be released on Febuary 26. Finally this long awaited LP will be out to the public. As this is a labelsplit, we have gotten a very limited copies.

After those releases we are aiming on doing some CDs... The long awaited Protestera 01.05.1886 are going to be completed. This will be a very special release so we are actually thrilled about it! We also have to complete the Personkrets 3:1 discography, which, I suppose, will look quite like the Operation discography.

And also, Aktiv dödshjälp are in the process of recording songs for the follow-up to 4:48, which will deal with issues in life rather than death itself. The songs so far sounds great. This will be a very diverse album indeed!

2010-02-01 - Records for free
Yes, during february we are giving away records! If you order records where the value of the items are as the steps below, you will get free records.

500 SEK - Protestera - Rock n riot CD
1000 SEK - Anatomi-71 - På giftets vingar MLP
1300 SEK - both the above!

So, if you order for 500-999 you will get the Protestera CD, if you order for 1000-1299 you will get the Anatomi MLP, and so on. The offer are only valid during february and the offer does not include shipping, its the value of the items you have ordered that counts.

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