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Updates 2011

2011-12-13 - HALVEP060 - out now
New release out now! This time we do release the long awaited third part of the More world, less bank series. Started by Blindead Productions and us back in 2003, the follow-up was released back in 2005. Now, six years has passed and it is time to unleash a third part upon the world!
More than the half of the pressing is gone already, so act fast if you want this.

There will be a limited version of the Future Ruins, just as the Anatomi-71 and Passiv dödshjälp albums! Release is suppose to happen early 2012.

The place where we keep our audiofiles will be closing down their server at new years eve. This means some redoing has to be made. Expect a few bumps on the audiofiles this week.

2011-11-28 - Gig, Uppsala
On December 9, Passiv dödshjälp will support Skitsystem at their Uppsala gig at Karlssons kök (Bergsbrunnagatan 6). Presale on tickets available at 4sound (Kungsängsgatan 20, Uppsala). More info at

2011-11-19 - Preorders are being accepted on HALVEP060
Yes, the moment we all been waiting for is here. Preorders for the More world, less bank part 3 compilation are being accepted from now until the date of release. As of today there are not more than about half the pressing left, meaning if you want this you should not wait. Order it from In the works section on this further down this very page or go to the Upcoming page. The record can also been found if you search for it within the online store section.

As usual, the items are being dispacthed on the releasedate. If you want, write a note while placing your order if you want all or two parcels if you order anything else as well. Even the preorder has to be paid in full to be valid.

There are a few limited Anatomi-71 and Passiv dödshjälp albums left. Why don't you place an order on all three at the same time? We all know that releases from Halvfabrikat are mandatory... Right?

2011-11-12 - HALVLP058 out now
The long awaited LINK - Chapter II: Düster, LP, is out now. Limited to 300 copies, printed as a beautiful gatefolded sleeve on solid white vax, this is a must have in every collection. Musicwise it can be descried as Dark and epic crust. For fans of His hero is gone, Tragedy and From ashes rise!

There are still a very few limited Anatomi-71 and Passiv dödshjälp albums on coloured vinyl left. Get them today or weap tomorrow.

2011-11-01 - HALVCD061/HALVLP061+HALVCD063/HALVLP063 out now
Yes, so today we release the Anatomi-71 - Från primat till reptil CD and LP, as well as the Passiv dödshjälp - Fasader CD and LP. Both are available as digipack CD, both are available as die hard LP releases (limited colour vinyl) as well as regular edition LP. The Anatomi-71 album has been made as a gatefolded LP and 180 gram vinyl. Grab them while supply last!

Update on blogpost
Now it's possible to pre-order the new Link - Chapter II: Düster. This will be out Nov 12. When placing this in an order, please state if you want you parcel to be shipped in two, or if you want all at the same time. If choosing the later, you will have the order on the releasedate or pretty darn close.

I forgot to mention, Anatomi-71 will hold a releaseparty for the new album this friday (Nov 4). Supporting acts will be Burning Kitchen and Insidious Process. The venue is Truckstop Alaska, Hisingen, Gothenburg, Sweden.

2011-10-18 - News on Link - Chapter II LP (HALVLP058)
So, the long awaited Link - Chapter II, has reached the Link HQ today. They looking fucking awesome.

The really cool news in this very delayed production is that 1) it is a fat gatefolded LP sleeve, 2) it is pressed on solid white vinyl, 3) this LP contains a huge poster. Can't wait to get my dirty hands on this one! Hopefully we are able to release this pretty soon.

If you wanna see the record, check the LINK homepage.

2011-10-17 - Almost fully back from the tour
I am almost completely up to date with HFR since the somewhat short tour in europe with Protestera. This means the webshop is fully updated with the actual stock and new records picked up on the tour. Thank you, everyone who organized the gigs, gave us food and you who went to the shows.

2011-10-01 - Preorder new Anatomi-71 and Passiv dödshjälp albums + oct tours
Now you can place a preorder of the upcoming Anatomi-71 - Från primat till reptil and the Passiv dödshjälp - Fasader albums. Preorder can be made on the limited versions as well as the regular LP and CD. Place your order NOW to reserve your copy! You can put everything in your order, non-preorder as well as preorder. The preorder will be shipped at November 1, your items in stock will be shipped immediatly.

All orders, regular and preorders, are to be paid directly to be valid. Oh, thats right. I sent the More world, less bank part 3 to the pressingplant yesterday. When the testpress are approved, I am sure that this EP will be listed at pre-order... As of now, almost half of the initial pressing are gone... Do not sleep on this one!

Protestera on tour during october
So, on friday I am heading off with Protestera on their upcoming european october 2011 tour. This are the venues and cities we will visit this time:
Oct 07. Infinium - Gdansk, PL
Oct 08. Prefabet - Kraków, PL (w/ La Fraction, etc)
Oct 09. Berza - Ruda Śląska, PL
Oct 10. Discentrum - Prague, CZ
Oct 11. TBA - Chemnitz, DE
Oct 12. TBA
Oct 13. Köpi - Berlin, DE (w/ Future Ruins)

If you're going to any of those shows, bring cash as we will bring quite a large distro from Halvfabrikat. See you on the road! Come by and see the shows, and do not leave until you had the chance to check out the distro! I am pretty positive you can do some really good bargains in those crates... We will bring LPs, EPs, CDs, t-shirts, pins and patches.

Future Ruins on tour during october
At the same time, Future Ruins will do a european tour as well. These are the venues and cities:
Oct 07. U-Shop in Bremen, Germany
Oct 08. Rocas in Luxemburg, Luxemburg
Oct 09. NEED HELP!
Oct 10. Sub071 in Leiden, Netherlands
Oct 11. AZ in Köln, Germany
Oct 12. Gerber 3 in Weimar, Germany
Oct 13. Köpi in Berlin, Germany
Oct 14. NEED HELP!
Oct 15. Liwi in Leipzig, Germany
Oct 16. Senffabrik in Flensburg, Germany

2011-09-29 - HALVEP062 out now
Age of woe - S/T 7" EP are being unleashed today. The EP contains of two songs. The band contains of Future ruins, Terrorstat, End of all and Fredagen den 13:e members. Fuck, this shit is massive! Get it while supply last...

Preorder starts October 1
On october 1, preorders will be accepted for the upcoming albums by Anatomi-71 and Passiv dödshjälp. All versions, all formats! This means you will be able to place your order here on this very site. A convinient way to reserve your copy. We expect the limited version of both to go quickly, maybe will all LPs be gone on the actual releasedate? Be sure to check the mailorder section!

2011-09-21 - Eskatologi​a söker vokalist
Eskatologia har sedan slutet av 2007 vevat melodiskt d-takts crust, och söker nu en ersättare för vår trotjänare Anders som valt att lämna oss.

Vi har två skivsläpp i ryggsäcken (7" - Början På Slutet, 10"/CD - Split w/ Distress), och under vintern ska vi in i studion för att spela in ytterligare två skivor för vilka vi redan har labels klara. Du som ny vokalist kommer vara med på en av dessa plattor.

Vi har spelat live sedan 2009 och har hunnit avverka gig i Mexico, Belgien, Holland, Tyskland Danmark och Sverige.

Vi försöker göra mellan 15 och 20 spelningar per år och tänker fortsätta ungefär på den nivån.

Om du är intresserad av att testa att skrika med oss, - släng iväg ett mail med info om vem du är, vad du gjort tidigare och gärna hänvisning till någon mp3:a där du vrålar.

Nedan kan du kolla in vad Eskatologia handlar om:
Kontakt: eskatologia(A)

2011-09-11 - HALVCD045 out now + announcement of new release
Today we release the Eskatologia/Distress - Split as digipack CD. The vinyl version sold out pretty fast, so here is your chance of getting the record once again! The vinyl version is long gone, please don't ask for it, m'kay?

The Age of woe - S/T 7" will be out September 29. This contains two songs. The band contains members of Future Ruins, Fredag den 13:e and End of all to name but a few.

In the works
In the works is the compilation More world, less bank part 3. The first got released in 2003, the second in 2005. The third is scheduled for fall of 2011. It'll contains unreleased songs only from eight acts and as usual, on a seven inch. We dare to say we'll top the first two with this one! In other words, you will not find those songs anywhere else. Click on the image to the right for more information!

End of All
Moderat Likvidation
Passiv Dödshjälp
Insidious Process

More world, less bank part 3: No borders, no banks. Limited to 500 copies!

2011-09-07 - Upcoming release
So, exactly one year after the release of Eskatolgia/Distress - Split 10" EP, it's time to unleash the CD version. The vinyl is long gone, and now we have teamed up with a few russian labels to release this as a digipack CD. Release September 11.

Technical site info
We are currently working on a system for handling preorders. In the future, you as customer will be allowed to do preorders on upcoming records, just as they would have been in stock! We will try to have all new stuff up as preorder items at least one month prior to the actual release. Also, some releases might not be able to preorder. So, if you really want any of the titles we do list as upcoming; be sure to use the preorder system. We will produce die hard versions of many upcoming releases!

2011-08-20 - HALVLP059 out now
Today Boredom will do their last gig of their scandinavian tour. This will happen in Erlangen in Germany at a venue called Juz. So if you live close, live far away or just want to go to a amazing gig, go there.

We do release their new LP today, called World bores to death, which is also their fullength debut. We have got a very limited amount of vinyls, so you better act if you want it.

Also, I wanna take the last few lines of this blogpost to thank Boredom and Sand creek massacre for a really good evening in Gothenburg at Härden. Thank you guys!

2011-08-07 - Back from Småland
We are back from the Svartmyra festival. We have updated the webshop so everything you can see are infact in stock. Also, we have added a few items during today; now we are selling almost the complete series of Hoten från underjorden comp tape. We have also restocked the Insidious process/Avfart 33 - Split LP. Buy before it's too late.

We are again almost out on The Gatheration EP.

I would like to take the opportunity of thanking a few persons which made the weekend awesome. Richard/Insidious process (thank you for the kind gesture of fixing some more copies of the split). Christina and Pontus/Agrimonia (for being just amazing!). The guys of Eskatologia (for the birthday gift). The guys from the Distress collective (for always being so generous and amazing as persons). Pjär/Misär and Hannah/Ex Animo (for being who you are). Jocke/Wolfbrigade. Janne, Mange, Jossan/The Svartmyra crew for making this even happen. Fucking amazing work!
Its persons like you who are building the scene with friendship, solidarity and warmth!

2011-07-16 - A note from Undissled
The crustpunk label Undissled has decided to throw in the towel, or at least, a long hiatus. We got a note last night along with alot of EPs from the label. This means we have put up alot of new stuff in the mailorder as of now, including restocks of sold out stuff.

So thank you Yann, for the co-releases we've done so far and the friendship during the years passed. Up the punx!

2011-06-26 - Back from Punk illegal
The stock is now fully up to date from the Punk illegal festival. Thanks to all of you who bought something from the distro. Special thanks goes to Anna/Insidious process and Domarn/Eskatologia for helping out whenever help needed. Also special thanks to Simon/M:40 for sleeping space.

There will be titles added to the webshop in the next few days. In the meantime, remember that the Misantropic - Insomnia CD (HALVCD047) and the Konfrontation LP (HALVLP019) has been restocked. We have also gotten a third load of The Gatheration EPs at the festival, those are almost sold out.

2011-06-23 - Weekend at Punk illegal
Tonight we are off to Munkedal to this years annual Punk illegal festival. We will act as distro during the whole festival. For those of you who are going; bring the big wallet as we have loaded the car with alot of punk records.

The festival gives us the chance to restock some items from our own back catalogue as well; Misantropic - Insomnia, Konfrontation - Nedbrytningsprocessen LP to name but a few. And yes, the Insidious process/Avfart 33 - Split LP are now sold out from us.

2011-06-14 - HALVLP061/HALVCD061
So the rumours that quickly fills the void in our lives is true. We will do the new Anatomi-71. The new recording consists of ten songs and it is called Från primat till reptil. This will be made as a gatefold LP as well as a digipack CD. Artwork as well as two songs are to be found in the Upcoming section.

We have got another batch of The Gatheration - S/T. If you want it I suggest you act fast as this is going fast. However, not all this time around so there will be more of this in a week or two.

We are now officially sold out of the Halvfabrikat fick oss att göra det 1999-2009 EPs. This will never be repressed so do not even bother to ask. Also, we have sold out the Years of decay/Sand creek massacre split LP. We have restocked the M:40 - Historiens svarta vingslag LP.

We have gotten quite a few titles from Hobo Records (among others the new grace.will.fall - Punkjävlar CD/LP) as well as the newer titles of Alerta antifascista (Counterblast 10", the new CD and Monachus CD/LP).

2011-06-03 - HALVEP056 sold out... for now
The first shipment of The Gatheration - S/T EP has been sold out. We expect more to come within two weeks time. This can still be ordered, but please mark in the additional notes field if you want your order to be sent out complete or without this record. If you write you want it complete you have to wait til this EP is back in stock. If no mark is done, the order will be splitted into two. You do not pay any extra shipment for the EP.

2011-05-25 - New release out (HALVEP056)
The Gatheration EP has been unleashed today. Straight forward punk in the vein of Burning Kitchen. This is what BK would have sounded like if they would have stayed together...! [Yes, I know they will do a reunion gig at Punk illegal this summer]

However, we have just got a few of The Gatheration EPs right now. More records will come maybe next week, but if you want a copy right now you really should place the order now.

2011-05-17 - Link - Chapter II sent to pressingplant (HALVLP058)
The second installment of LINK, called Chapter II (HALVLP058), has been sent to the pressingplant. Release is set to June 14.

If you want to hear two of the ne songs, I urge you to visit Soundcloud. They will go on a european tour right after the release of the album. If you are intrested in catching them on tour, you should go see the homepage of Link for the dates and venues.

2011-05-16 - Records sold out
We are now totally sold out on the Boredom/Rivers run dry - Split LP. Also, we are nearly sold out on the Insidious process/Avfart 33 - Split LP. This goes for the limited and the regular version. So if you want it I suggest you do not sleep on this.

However, both records are as of now available at Spotify. Basicly, this goes for many of our releases. You will find Protestera, Misantropic, Aktiv dödshjälp, Anatomi-71, Personkrets 3:1, M:40, Apologia, End of all, up and running.

Next release will most definitly be the awaited The Gatheration. Many have asked for this and the truth is that we havent yet received the records.

We will sell records at this years Punk illegal festival, so if you want to save the postage, mail your order and we take it along to the fest. Later you can come by the distrotent to pick it up. You can even pay it when you get it!

2011-05-14 - New record out today
Link - Chapter I CD are released today by us. Also, we will take part of the Chapter II release, which will be done as vinyl only.

2011-05-13 - Eskatologia destroying Mexico
Yes, Eskatologia will do a tour in Mexico. This is the dates and venues;

May 15 - Mexico city, Distrito Federal @ La Vieja Escuela
May 18 - Querétaro, Querétaro Arteaga (alt. Querétaro) @ Black Dog
May 19 - San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí @ Steel Metal Bar
May 20 - Saltillo, Coahuila @ La Casa Del Cien Pies
May 21 - Monterrey, Nuevo León @ Backyard
May 26 - Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes @ Bar De La Estacion
May 27 - Guadalajara, Jalisco @ Bar Bombay
May 28 - Toluca, Mexiko @ Warehouse
May 29 - México City, Distrito Federal @ Casa del Fondo

2011-05-06 - Spring sale
We have decided to go ahead with a Spring sale. Fuck summer sales, crustmas sales, after crustmas sale, yada yada.

We have been selecting some of our best records to go on this sale. Why, you might ask. Well, we do this so that even more people can afford it!

CDs are going for 50 SEK, 7" EPs are going for 25 SEK and LPs are going for 60 SEK.

The selected records are;
- Anatomi-71 - Mot nya höjder CD
- Aktiv dödshjälp - 4:48 CD
- Aktiv dödshjälp - Men allting har ett slut CD
- Passiv dödshjälp - Häng dom! CD
- Personkrets 3:1 - Blodigt krig 2003-2007 CD
- Personkrets 3:1 - The glorious dead CD
- Protestera - Rock n riot CD
- Protestera - 01.05.1886 digipack CD
- M:40 - Historiens svarta vingslag CD
- Operation - Så länge du inte gör motstånd... CD

- End of all - Places EP
- Eskatologia - Början på slutet EP
- M:40 - Indstrilandskap EP
- Protestera - Gränslösa land EP
- Boredom/Sand creek massacre - Split EP

- Personkrets 3:1 - The glorious dead LP
- Anatomi-71 - På giftets vingar MLP

2011-04-30 - New releases out (HALVEP049+HALVLP054)
So, today we do release the long awaited records Aktiv dödshjälp/Passiv dödshjälp - Split 7" EP and Insidious Process/Avfart 33 - Split 12" LP.

The Aktiv dödshjälp/Passiv dödshjälp - Split 7" EP are all pressed on red wax. This has been done in 500 copies, and by now we have half of the pressing left. Be sure to pick one of those up while they last!

The Insidious Process/Avfart 33 - Split 12" LP is pressed as a regular edition on black wax, as well as a limited pressing of black/red splatter wax. Those are not many left as of today.

Also, we hope you haven´t missed the Boredom/Rivers run dry - Split 12" LP (HALVLP053), which was released at the beginning of this very month. Those are nearly sold out already, so be sure to pick it up as well.

Upcoming May 14th
The Gatheration - S/T 7" EP
Link - Chapter I CD

Promotional video from Aktiv dödshjälp
Aktiv dödshjälp has already made their first video for one of the songs from the split (HALVEP049). Check it, if you dare.

2011-04-12 - New releases confirmed
A few new releases has been confirmed. We will do the upcoming THE GATHERATION 7" together with Hobo. The group consists of members from M:40 and grace.will.fall, but are in fact a group consisting of all brothers. This will be out during April as they have been busy setting up a tour in europe.

19/04/2011 @ Plaque, Leipzig, DE
22/04/2011 @ Gerberstrasse 3, Weimar, DE
23/04/2011 @ AJZ, Neubrandenburg, DE

A video of one of the songs has already been made. Check it!

Also, PROTESTERA will go out on a smaller tour around sweden next week. HFR will go with them to handle the merch.

21/04/2011 @ TBA - NEED HELP!
22/04/2011 @ Intakto, Gävle (w/ Avfart 33)
23/04/2011 @ Växhuset, Västerås

Status of new releases
The Aktiv dödshjälp/Passiv dödshjälp split 7" are being printed as we speak. The testpress sounds great! The Insidious Process/Avfart 33 split LP are also in print. Future Ruin are just done recording their first fullength. Those new songs are really good!

2011-04-01 - New release
Today, the Boredom/Rivers run dry split 12" LP are out. Previously, Boredom has done a split 7" with Sand creek massacre (HALVEP048). Rivers run dry will be supporting Tragedy on their gig in Hungary may 2011.

2011-03-01 - Protestera weekend tour this very week
Protestera will do a weekend tour this very week.

March 04 - Eskilstuna, SE @ TBA (w/ M:40 and Systemskifte)
March 05 - Stockholm, SE @ Grundbulten (w/ TBA)

Be sure not to miss it if they are playing nearby!

2011-02-19 - Eskatologia heading overseas
Eskatologia will be heading overseas this spring/summer. They will be playing in Mexico between May 14 to June 2. The tourschedule are being put together as we speak and the complete tourplan will most likely be presented here in mid-April.

2011-02-02 - Not Enough Records - free stuff
As a courtesy from Not Enough Records, the next few orders will contain free Avfart 33 and Ursut stuff. We have gotten the promo version of the Ursut demo, also some cloth patches and badges. The luck decides who gets what.

The Aktiv dödshjälp/Passiv dödshjälp - Split seven inch (HALVEP049) are ready to be sent to the printers!

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