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Updates 2012

2012-12-15 - Trouble with HFR site
OK, so yesterday we had some major issues with the HFR site. Actually not very big issues as it seemed, but the whole site was down because of this. But now we are up and running again. Even the webshop is now operating as it was meant to. Due to this error we will lower the prices temporary, 20% on all items. This offer is valid until december 21. Please note that this will be virtually impossible to get in out before x-mas, but if you believe you (or someone you love!) will get shitty gifts you haven't asked for, this offer is for you.

Many have been asking if there will be any limited version of the M:40 - Diagnos LP, and yes, there will be. Out of 1000 copies, 200 of those will be transparent red. The rest will be plain black. Any day the testpresses will arrive for this. In january preorders can be done... Expect the limited to be gone in a week or so.

Currently we are working on the releaseplan for Q1 and Q2 of 2013. I can tell you that the schedule looks impressive... There a quite many titles that we have not yet made public. All I can say is that 2013 will be the year of the vinyl. There will be only a few CDs made from us during 2013, but despite that, all of the releases made by us will be ace.

2012-11-11 - Upcoming shit, Q1 2013
There might be one more release out from Halvfabrikat before we end 2012. If so, this will be avery special thing and we'll keep it a secret a little while longer... We will start 2013 with a bunch of new LPs. Basicly, there will be just vinyl releases of those by us.

Be sure to place your order to get extras. As it always has been, there will be free stuff added in every order. Depending on the order volume, we will add more... For instance, we have considering adding distro CDs or even distro LPs when placing larger orders. Don't you find anything worth buying? Check again. It should actually pay off by ordering from HFR. In order to get a large order in you can talk to a couple of friends and order together. This way you'll save in on postage as well.

Contorture - Who's in charge LP
All is done for this piece of plastic. Hopefully it will be sent to the pressingplant this week to come. We will most likely put pre-order on this one.

Distress - Life, death... rebirth LP
The mixing of this recording will be done in about 14 days from now, by Jack Control. So expect a really fucking ace record that will tear you a new one... The title has just been made public. The songlist are not done yet.

M:40 - Diagnos LP
Yes, there will be a LP version of the CD. Expect a massive artwork on top of a gatefolded sleeve! Discussions are also made to put in a bonus into this LP as well... More info soon.

Fredag den 13:e - Tjugohundratretton LP
The amazing act Fredag den 13:e is back with their secong fullength and we are super excited to be a part of the album. Thirteen new songs! To support the album, they will do a tour in Northern Europe between the 26th of April and 4th of May.

2012-11-01 - Sale is over
The HFR discount is over. November has come will full force and we decided to end the sale.

2012-10-27 - The final goodbye?
Eskatologia has something to announce. The band is, for all known future, going on ice. Some of us are quitting the band and/or leaving town for different reasons. We have discussed the situation and thought of a few plausible solutions, but in the end; we've had too many losses in a very short time. This situation has taken it's toll on the band. So for the moment Eskatologia will cease to exist .

We end these 5 great years with the tour that we did earlier this year in Southeast Asia, and the release of our album "Stormens √Ėga" & also the upcoming 10". We are still going to record the last songs for "Skam. Skuld. Svek" with Jonna at the microphone in Evil Grill Studios december 2012 and after mixing it will be released.

We'd like to take this oppertunity to thank everyone who has helped Eskatologia during the years. Danne of Halvfabrikat records for releasing everything we ever did. Christer at Evil Grill Studio for having our little circus in his home for so many days. Cher at 7x0x7 booking and everyone involved with our tour through Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo and Indonesia. Caesar, Diego at Dogma Destroyer for setting up our tour in Mexico and all the nice people we met on those two trips; You know who you are. All the nice people who helped us tour through Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Netherlands and Belgium - there are too many of you to mention by name. Special mentions however to Bäppi, for being the cuddliest punk in the scene and for allways helping out. Also to all people involved in all the independent house projects we have played at during the years.

We will miss you.

2012-10-08 - Gignews: 40 years of DIY, punk & hc tour
So, M:40 will celebrate 10 year as a band, also grace.wil.fall will celebrate 10 year as a band. If this wasn't enough, Counterblast will celebrate 20 year as band this fall. To celebrate this, they will go on a joint tour across Sweden. In total there will be six gigs. If you are as equally dedicated to crust/sludge/hc, you should at least go on one of the gigs. Note the dates - there are two individual weekends.

26/10 Lidköping, Strand (18+/80 SEK)
27/10 Jönköping, Offside
28/10 Karlskrona, Porslinan
30/11 Göteborg, Härden
01/12 √Ėrebro, TBA
02/12 Norrköping, Kulturhuset

There is a contest going on at the M:40 facebook page. The price is free entrance to the first gig in Lidköping on oct 26. The contest is open until oct 25. For rules and how to compete in it, check the M:40 facebook page.

Passiv dödshjälp, also to play live
20/10 Söderhamn, Traversen/Söderhamns Skatehall
   (w/ Cedron, Keep rising och Domarringen).

Clearance sale
If the clearance sale is still on? Hell yeah. We have even increased the discount offer! Now you get 15% off. Do you dare to wait any longer? The sale could be closed tomorrow!

2012-09-09 - Clearance sale at Halvfabrikat
So, today we have started a clearance sale at Halvfabrikat. The offer are for all products in the webshop, not just our own releases and what-not. All customers that order from today on will get a 10% discount, which will be calculated in the shoppingcart at the finalization of your order.

All retailers will also have a massive discount when placing orders at HFR.

Note: There are several persons who has ordered stuff at the sale and not yet paid for it. Please pay for your ordered stuff! The orders are usually made ready, i.e. packed asap, so there are not just only our time that goes to waste, it's also the packaging that may not be able to be re-used again.

We do not yet know how long this sale will persist, it can be ended tomorrow, in a week or in a month. So order today so you don't miss out on it. Tell your friends to do orders together with them, so you can keep the postage down for all.

Aired Halvfabrikat related stuff
Invisible Guy has done yet another great podcast. Aired this time is Passiv dödshjälp and Anatomi-71. Moreover, there are also an interview with Limpan (Anatomi-71) included. Check it here.

Apart from that, Melissa Horn has covered Totalt jävla mörker, live on P3. Check it, here. The song is "Krossa flaskan i mitt ansikte", from the Det ofrivilliga lidandets maskineri (HALVLP010). Note: the whole recording is a joke. This is infact, not really Melissa Horn.

2012-09-03 - New batch of M:40 CDs to be released
Tomorrow, there will be a new batch of M:40 records to be released to the public. The first batch of 500 sold out very fast, so here are yet another. Be sure to buy it!

Also, new records are in. A big box from Power it up came today. So there are a few restocks (for example the Future Ruins CD) and also completely new one to our distro. Amongst others, Lock up LPs and Deathbound LPs.

2012-09-01 - M:40 on Swedish national radio tonight
Tonight one M:40 song will be air on the radioshow P3 Rock, on swedish national radio on the channel P3. The program is aired from 10.05 PM to midnight.

For non-swedes I believe you can hear the show afterwards on Search for P3, then P3 rock, and you should be able to stream it.

The second pressing of the Diagnos album is sent from the pressingplant meaning they should show up here at the HQ in the week to come. We will change the releasedate so they will once again be able to be bought in the webshop as other records, when they appear here.

2012-08-17 - Repress of the M:40 CD
Many has mailed us during the last few days on the matter of the repress of the M:40 CD. A new order has been placed, so there will be new ones coming our way shortly.

From today on to the new ones arrive, you can reserve. For the reserve to be valid, it has to be prepaid. Note that the 2nd pressing will be 100% identical to the first. We have put the date for this to be shipped out September 13, but it may be delivered faster than this (it can also be postponed a few days). Check this page for updates.

Be sure to grab your copy before it's to late! Right now there are about 420 copies left of the second pressing - and this is still in the pre-order state.

2012-08-12 - Stock news
So, the M:40 CD - Diagnos are officially sold out. HFR will order another pressing of this the week to come. Thank you for ordering this one. For the collector: the 2nd pressing will be 100% identical to the first.

Also, we are planning to repress the Krigskontrast - S/T EP in a smaller quantity. This will have another colour on the vinyl. The first pressing where all black.

Many has asked us about doing another pressing of the Halvfabrikat fick oss att göra det EP; and yes, this has also been considered. If so, this will also be done in a small quantity, and it will also be done in another colour of the vinyl. The first pressing was only made in 316 copies on black vinyl.

2012-07-25 - Tours
Passiv dödshjälp DE/CZ tour
Passiv Dödshjälp will do a minitour which starts tomorrow.

July 26. Hannover (DE) @ Venue TBA
July 28. Hradec Králové (CZ) @ Play Fast Or Don't Festival

Krigskontrast SE/DK tour
gävle 7/8 @ 026HC w/ bluesbreakers (ukr) + sike (ukr)
malmö 9/8 @ tba w/ jealous cowards + avfart33
roskilde, dk 10/8 @ paramount d.i.y w/ avfart33 + sepsis
köpenhamn, dk 11/8 @ ungdomshuset (projekt antifa birthdayparty 3!) w/ avfart33 + jealous cowards
göteborg 12/8 @ härden w/ lars adaktusson + tba

2012-07-21 - Brännmärkt - Ingen vinner released today
The Ingen vinner EP by Brännmärkt is released today. Don't miss the first gig ever by Brännmärkt today at Strand in Lidköping.

2012-07-13 - M:40 - Diagnos (HALVCD070), released today
The M:40 - Diagnos (HALVCD070) has been released today by HFR. This is the hardest, fastest, slowest and most brutal M:40 record ever.

If you missed the gig at Obscene extreme earlier today, you get a new chance on July 21. This gig will be held in Lidköping, Sweden, at Strand, and is the official releaseparty for the new record. Besides that, this gig will also be the debut gig of Brännmärkt. This will also be the releasedate for the Brännmärkt EP Ingen vinner. Both records; the CD and the EP, will be given away for free to the attendances. Support by Old Kerry McGee, the one man army of dark country - suitable for the evening.

2012-07-10 - Podcast/Preorders HALVCD070
The blogger Invisible Guy has made a pilot of his first Podcast, Svensk punk och hardcore. The Podcast contains songs by Eskatologia, M:40 and Brännmärkt. Stream it from here; Episode 0. If you just wanna hear the Halvfabrikat stuff, fast forward to 31:29 (the chapter is called Hårda bud).

The preorders for Diagnos has begun to be sent out. All contains some M:40 freebies, as a token of appreciation for the effort of doing the preorders. Do you too want some M:40 related goodies? Preorders can still be done. The preorder closes at July 13.

2012-07-02 - HALVCD068 out now
The Eskatologia - Stormens öga CD, is out as of yesterday. All preorders has been sent out, all promotional work has been completed. Today the band will have a day off, but tomorrow they will play in Jakarta, Indonesia.

General label news
The Krigskontrast EP is almost sold out from us, and the same goes for the Link - Chapter I CD. We have also opened a new part in the webshop - Damaged. Here you will find records which is damaged in some way. Hopefully we will be able to describe the damage good enough. However, there will not be any unplayable records up for sale, just damaged sleeves and such.

2012-06-28 - Eskatologia - The plague is spreading 2012 tour
So, tonight is the first night on the Eskatologia tour in Asia. The tour is called THE PLAGUE IS SPREADING 2012. Here are the dates for the complete tour:

28th June | Thurs - SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE
29th June | Fri - BATU PAHAT, MALAYSIA
01st July | Sun - KUNDASANG, BORNEO
03rd July | Tues - JAKARTA, INDONESIA
04th July | Wed - BANDUNG, INDONESIA
08th July | Sun - SOLO, INDONESIA
09th July | Mon - KEDIRI, INDONESIA
10th July | Tues - SURABAYA, INDONESIA
12th July | Thurs - SIDOARJO, INDONESIA
21st July | Sat - TAMPIN, MALAYSIA
22nd July | Sun - MUAR, MALAYSIA

At the Halvfabrikat HQ we are wishing them all the best on tour. See you guys when you get back! Eskatologia has created a tour blog, read it at

2012-06-13 - Three new M:40 songs online
It is time to reveal three of the twelve new songs from M:40 - Diagnos (to be out July 13). It is safe to say: the crustpunk unit from Lidköping are back.

You can listen to the three songs below, or if you want to save those to your local harddrive, check this page. It is possible to preorder both the new Eskatologia CD and the M:40 CD. To place a valid order, it has to be prepaid. Within Sweden, besides prepaid, it can also be bought as COD. You pay for the CDs upon collecting them at your local postal office, but they will be sent at no extra cost so you have them at the releasedate!

Promo copies of the records are ready to ship and will do so asap! If you do not receive any copies but think you should receive a free copy - mail us!

Upcoming M:40 gigs
JULY 13: OBSCENE EXTREME 2012 (with Nasum, Wolfbrigade, Splitter, Discharge + more).
Trutnov, Czech Republic

JULY 21: RELEASEFEST (with Brännmärkt and Old Kerry McKee). All attendances will get a free copy of the new CD! Note that the new Brännmärkt EP - Ingen vinner will be released July 21. It can be bought on this gig.
Strand, Fabriksgatan 4, Lidköping

M:40 - Diagnos by M:40

M:40 - Levande död by M:40

M:40 - Slut på allt by M:40

2012-06-01 - New Eskatologia fullength - Stormens öga - to be out July 1
We are extremly proud of being able to release Eskatologia - Stormens öga CD. This one will be out July 1. Check the page for this release under Upcoming, as we have added artwork, songtitles and even three new songs.

Just as the new M:40 CD, this one is able to preorder. To promote this new release, Eskatologia will tour Asia almost the complete month of July. Dates, venues etc are to be presented shortly.

2012-05-20 - New M:40 fullength - Diagnos - to be out July 1
Halvfabrikat Records will release the new M:40 album, which will be titled Diagnos (HALVCD070), on July 1. As of this date, it will be out on CD and as digital download.

Any gigs you might ask? Well, M:40 will play Obscene extreme 2012 (the festival is to be held July 11-14 in Trutnov, Czech Republic).

As to celebrate, from today we offer you to preorder your copy of the Diagnos CD. To place a valid order, the record has to be paid upfront, inspite of how much or how little your order will be. If you live inside of Sweden, and order more records and want to pay it as C.O.D., this is possible. Note that you pay for your complete order. Your copy of Diagnos will be sent so you have it July 1, or even prior this date - for no extra charge of postage. Awesome or what?

2012-05-15 - HALVEP067 ready to ship
The Passiv dödshjälp - Skit på repeat EP are now ready to ship. We got one of two parcels yesterday meaning the preorders will ship asap. Upon orders the record can now be dispatched and shipped immediately.

We are soon very darn close to reveal our next release. Keep your eyes open, as this one is a record pretty much everyone has been asking about...

2012-05-10 - HALVEP067 out... Sorta
Today the Passiv dödshjälp - Skit på repeat EP are released. The sad part is that the carrier has not kept their promises, because they have sent out packets to the wrong zip code, i.e. to another hellhole, approx 200 km from here. As the situation looks now, the records will be in stock at the earliest at the beginning of next week, but despite this, we release this today. If order, this will be shipped asap upon arrival. Thanks for all preorders and such, this EP seems to go quickly...

Digital downloads
Passiv dödshjälp - Skit på repeat will be up on Spotify, iTunes etc any day, if it is not already. The same goes for Future ruins and Krigskontrast.

The stock otherwise
The limited versions of Anatomi-71 - Från primat till reptil LP and Passiv dödshjälp - Fasader LP, are almost sold out. This goes for the regular version of the Age of woe EP. Also, we are down to the last few 100 copies of the Krigskontrast EP.

In case you missed out the news - we have gotten the last ever copies of Konfrontation - Nedbrytningsprocessen LP. Released in 2005, this is still a must-have in every crust/punk collection. Also, we have been able to restock M:40/Sand creek massacre - Split EP in a very limited quantity.

2012-05-03 - Preorder of HALVEP067 - Distress on tour in Apr/May
We have started to take preorders of the Passiv dödshjälp - Skit på repeat EP, which will be out May 10. Nothing more to say about it than... Buy it. I's totally worth the wait, worth the money etc etc.

Ok, so the russian d-beat warmachine known as Distress has hit the road once again. This time there will be 23 gigs made, in 14 different countries. Eskatologia will play some of the gigs with them, as for to night for example, where they will be playing Koma F in Berlin.

Distress - Warmageddon tour 2012
Apr 27. Riga, Latvia
Apr 28. Vilnius, Lithuania
Apr 29. Grodno, Belarus
Apr 30. Biala Podlaska, Poland
May 01. Radom, Poland
May 02. Gorszow, Poland
May 03. Berlin, Germany
May 04. M√ľnich, Germany
May 05. Bolognia, Italy
May 06. Ljubljana, Slovenija
May 07. Bratislava, Slovakia
May 08. Prague, Czech Republic
May 09. Liberec, Czech Republic
May 10. Passau, Germany
May 11. St. Gallien, Switzerland
May 12. Lucern, Switzerland
May 13. Nancy, France
May 14. Antwerpen, Belgium
May 15. D√ľsseldorf, Germany
May 16. Bremen, Germany
May 17. Hamburg, Germany
May 18. Aalborg, Denmark
May 19. Oslo, Norway

2012-04-25 - HALVLP051+HALVEP060 - out now
The Future Ruins - S/T LP and the Krigskontrast - S/T EP are out today. We still have some limited Future ruins left, but not many...

Also, today we have added tons of Eskatologia merch. T-shirts, canvas bags, patches, backpatches etc.

2012-04-21 - Eskatologia - Shadows over Europe 2012 tour
Tour news April
Eskatologia will go on tour in a few days time. This time around they will unleash hell in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Poland. A few of them will be with the eminent act Distress from Russia.

27 april (fri) - Sweden, Jönköping @ Insikten
w/ Hatet Från Helvetet, Sub Alert

28 april (sat) - Germany, Flensburg @ Senffabrik
w/ Planner

29 april (sun) - Denmark, Aalborg @ 1000Fryd
w/ Autonoma Paradise, Death Reign

30 april (mon) - Poland, Szczecin @ Karoseria
w/ TBA

01 may (tue) - Germany, Leipzig @ Liwi
w/ Doubt Everything

02 may (wed) - Poland, Gorzów Wielkopolski @ Mana Mana
w/ AnEmja, Distress, Zdrajcy Rzadowi

03 may (thu) Germany, Berlin @ KomaF
w/ Distress, Pyroclast

04 may (fri) Germany, Zwickau @ Lutherkeller
w/ Amokdrang, Verbrannte Erde

05 may (sat) Germany, Kiel @ Alte Meierei
w/ Rejected Youth

Release plans
So, finally we have revealed some of our releaseschedule for the nearest period in time. First off will be a new EP with Passiv dödshjälp which is called Skit på repeat (Shit on repeat). This EP has already gotten an approval from us on the testpressing so we expect this early May. Second are a new but very promising act Brännmärkt från Lidköping. The music can be descibed as the missing link between Wolfbrigade, Warcollapse, M:40 and Besk. This one will be limited to 300 copies only on a one time pressing as it seems. More info on those releases and as well as new releases are to be posted here when the right time arrives...

2012-04-05 - Preorder HALVLP051 and HALVEP065 + tours
Today you can preorder your copy of the Future Ruin LP and the Krigskontrast EP. I can tell you that there are not many copies left of the limited Future Ruins LP, so you want this you should not wait. For the order to be valid you have to pay right away (Plusgiro, bankgiro, IBAN or Paypal) or choose to get your parcel as Collect on Delivery (only valid inside of Sweden). If you place an order as C.O.D. the shipment will be done when the two new records are here.

We have restocked the Age of Woe EP in a very limited quantity from Hobo Records. This is not 100% like the HFR version, as this one has the Hobo Rec logotype. So, if you are a collector or just have been missing out on this, you know what to do.

Upcoming shows
April 7. Witch Cult, Beartrap, Porco Dio, Eskatologia @ Härden, Gothenburg
April 20. Ein Zwei Die, Instinct of survival, Anatomi-71 + more @ Rio Rio, Gothenburg
April 27. Protestera + more @ Härden, Gothenburg

Upcoming tours
Today Age of woe begin their european tour. Catch one of those gigs if possible, you will not regret it.

April 5. Paramount DIY, Roskilde (DK)
April 6. AJZ, Neubrandenburg (DE)
April 7. Pilon, Torun (PL)
April 8. Tektura, Lublin (PL)
April 9. Kawiania naukowa, Krakow (PL)
April 10. Liwi, Leipzig (DE)
April 11. DIY Eckladen, Dresden (DE)
April 12. Gerber 3, Weimar (DE)
April 13. Rote flora, Hamburg (DE)
April 14. 1000fryd, Aalborg (DK)

‎03.05.2012 THURSDAY / GERMANY l√ľbeck - veb
04.05.2012 FRIDAY / SWEDEN Karlstad - misplaced festival w/ ANATOMI-71 [SE]…
05.05.2012 SATURDAY / SWEDEN g√∂teborg ‚Äď h√§rden w/ PYROKLAST [USA] + AGE OF WOE [SE]
06.05.2012 SUNDAY/ SWEDEN - NEED HELP!!!
07.05.2012 MONDAY / DENMARK helsingör - venue TBA
08.05.2012 TUESDAY / GERMANY
10.05.2012 THURSDAY / GERMANY gotha - juwel
11.05.2012 FRIDAY / GERMANY
12.05.2012 SATURDAY LUXEMBOURG luxemburg ‚Äď roude leif

2012-03-29 - News on releases
The Future Ruins LP has been shipped from the pressingplant. This means the presale starts at any day now... Keep you eyes on this page if you want the limited one, which obviously will go first. Release is not yet set.

The Krigskontrast EP has been shipped from the pressingplant as well. This means this piece of plastic also will be released pretty soonish. We still wait for the sleeves on this one.

2012-03-27 - Restocks
So we finally restocked the Insidious process/Avfart 33 split LP. Get it while they last, this will most likely be the last ones... There are also some other restocks made. All those are available to buy right away.

We are currently working out a release schedule for 2012. It is slowly coming together. We are looking at a massive spring/summer!

2012-03-02 - News from the HFR camp
The Krigskontrast 7" EP was sent to the pressingplant a few weeks ago. This is a labelsplit by HFR and Not Enough Records. The testpresses have been sent from the plant to the HFR office.

The Future Ruins LP has been sent to the pressingplant, the testpresses have been approved. There will be a regular version on black vinyl, and also, there will be a limited europressing on coloured vinyl. There will also be an exclusive US version on Aborted Society Records.

Distributional news
HFR are now distributed in Mexico/South America by Makinas Records. So, if you live in Mexico/South America, order from them to save postage!

Link to tour scandinavia in May 2012
03.05.2012 THURSDAY / GERMANY L√ľbeck @ Veb
04.05.2012 FRIDAY / SWEDEN Karlstad @ Misplaced festival w/ SUMMON THE CROWS [NO], ANATOMI-71 [SE]...
05.05.2012 SATURDAY / SWEDEN Göteborg @ Härden w/ PYROKLAST [USA] + AGE OF WOE [SE]
07.05.2012 MONDAY / DENMARK Helsingör @ Venue TBA
08.05.2012 TUESDAY / SWEDEN
10.05.2012 THURSDAY / SWEDEN
11.05.2012 FRIDAY / GERMANY Hamburg - Venue TBA
12.05.2012 SATURDAY / LUXEMBOURG Luxembourg - Venue TBA

2012-01-14 - Audio up and running
The audio is up and running on every page now. You can click or right click on the speaker on the right side of every tracklist and they are able to be downloaded.

To celebrate this, we have added more songs to the website, and more will be added as time goes. If there are any songs that does not work as they should (i.e. not downloadable), please let us know and we will correct this. Also, if you have a wish to hear a certain song, mail us and we can most likely add this.

Link to tour scandinavia in May 2012
03.05.2012 THURSDAY / DENMARK Kopenhagen - venue TBA
04.05.2012 FRIDAY / SWEDEN Karlstad - misplaced festival w/ SUMMON THE CROWS [NO], AGRIMONIA [SE], ANATOMI-71 [SE]
05.05.2012 SATURDAY / NORWAY
06.05.2012 SUNDAY / SWEDEN
07.05.2012 MONDAY / SWEDEN
08.05.2012 TUESDAY / SWEDEN
10.05.2012 THURSDAY / SWEDEN
11.05.2012 FRIDAY / GERMANY Hamburg - venue TBA
12.05.2012 SATURDAY / LUXEMBOURG Luxembourg - venue TBA

2012-01-06 - Audio up on a new page
Yes, finally we have settled the last piece of the jigzaw puzzle. We have uploaded the audiofiles to another server for you to download. The new page is available at Media / Audio on the top of this very page. Also, we have decided to publish the front artwork as high resolution tifs and all the pressreleases made. They are to be found in the media section as well. There will be jpgs other formats of the artworks up in a few days as well.

Unfortuntly, the audio on every page does not work at the moment. We are to find a solution for this as well but that include lots of work. use the page in the media section for new, for your audio crust needs.

2012-01-04 - Vacation is over - time to start HFR again
Alright, so today I got back from new years eve celebrations and what not, and now it's time to work on HFR again. If you have not yet received a response to your sent mail, I will get to it shortly. I have about 100 left now...

Anyway, Moderat Likvidation has made a video to their More world, less bank 3 track. Check it on YouTube. Already it has gotten some publicity, check Video of the week.

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