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Updates 2013

2013-12-19 - Backpatches added
A bunch of backpatches has been added. Also, one new patch (Skitsystem - GrÄ vÀrld) patch has been added to the webshop. There are also some new releases from Insane Society which are up on the web as well. One other intresting record to be bought is the Brink of despair - Rooted in dust LP. Really good crustpunk all the way from Leipzig/Neugersdorf.

2013-12-01 - 077 raw version out now
The Passiv dödshjÀlp - Kollektiva mönster raw version is out today. Fucking grab it Before it's sold out as this one is superlimited. Actually we got less than 10 copies left...

2013-11-26 - Preorder Passiv dödshjÀlp - Kollektiva mönster raw version
Now it's possible to preorder the superlimited Passiv dödshjÀlp - Kollektiva mönster raw version. Special screenprinted sleeve with black vinyl. Limited to 100. However, there are a few who will split this 100, so there are actually less than 10 of those in HFR stock. This might be on of the rarest Passiv dödshjÀlp record released to the public. Get it as preorder or while they last or buy it at Ebay for $100...

This records will be released December 1. Do you dare to wait to buy it then?

2013-11-02 - New releases in 2014
Late 2013 or early 2014 will see the light of day of the Krigskontrast/Skiplickers - Split EP. Besides this, we will also release the new Misantropic recording during early 2014. Some of the new songs has been played live, so some of the new songs are up as live recordings on YouTube. The new recording will be a split LP with the fellow crustpunks Eaten Raw, also from UmeÄ.

For those of you who wonder what Eaten Raw sounds like, they do have a bandcamp site where you can hear their old Demo ( However, if you just wanna take my word for it - they really are the UmeÄ answer to Wolfbrigade. Fucking excellent d-beat/crustpunk!

We will also do the raw version of Passiv dödshjÀlp - Kollektiva mönster LP, which is another sleeve than the regular version, a print as screenprinted sleeve and on black vinyl. Those will be handnumbered and limited to 100 copies.

Moreover, in 2014 we will celebrate the start of one of the best anarchapunkbands in history: Contravene. In 2014 there has been 15 years since the start of the band. Initially, "The ways of oppression", was released by the band themselves in a very limited quantity. Now it will be re-issued so that more people can get it and marvel over this amazing band. This version will include a different artwork.

2013-10-26 - Up again online
We have now conducted most of the move. There are many things to be taken care of but all the stuff are as of today in the same building. All orders that has come during the time of absence has been shipped today. We will let the prices remain until November 1, so place your order.

In the next few days we will update the upcoming projects of Halvfabrikat. Amongst other things there will be a repress of the Fredag den 13:e LP, as well as a very limited repress of the Krigskontrast EP. Many have been asking about this one... Now it's time to do it due to the fact that there is more space to put the stock here. Also we hope to reveal some new stuff as well.

We have also updated the webshop a bit with restocks. Finally we go the long awaited Anger burning - When LP back in stock, as well as a bunch of patches and backpatches. Restock of Anatomi-71, M:40 (the Historiens svarta vingslag logo design), Protestera (the GrÀnslösa land logo design) and Passiv dödshjÀlp patches. Moreover we have added two Distress backpatches designs, the D-beat apocalypse and the Bombs for war, d-beat for Peace designs. Expect a few new records added in the webshop this weekend.

2013-10-17 - Closed Oct 18 - Nov 1
We will relocate. This means we will close the office down from Oct 18 to Nov 1. No e-mails will be replied during this time, no orders will be taken care of. We might get back up online earlier than that, we'll keep you posted. To celebrate the move, there will be some discounts in the webshop during this time! Happy shopping.

The new address from Oct 23 will be:

Halvfabrikat Records
StenumsvÀgen 20
S-532 72 Axvall

2013-09-29 - Up to date
So, today we can say we are yet once again up to date with all stuff regarding Halvfabrikat since my tour with Protestera ended last weekend. The stock has been updated as well as the shop has gotten new items. All mails have been answered.

Do not forget that we have the new Distress - Life, Death.. Rebirth LP out, as well as the debut from Bombangrepp - FörrÄdd av samhÀllet 7" EP. Also, the Passiv dödshjÀlp - Kollektiva mönster LP is out as well. If you want this, you better act fast as this one sells really good.

2013-09-23 - 069+078 out now
The Distress LP - Life, Death.. Rebirth is finally out. So is the Bombangrepp EP - FörrÄdd av samhÀllet. Get them while they last. Especially the limited Distress LP, this will be gone in a few days time.

During the next few days there will be answering e-mails, updating the page with new items as well as updating the stock. This might have changed a bit since the tour, however, if you are one of those that have or will order a Product which is sold out - we will contact you.

2013-09-04 - On tour Sept 6-Sept 22
I will be of on an European tour with Protestera once again during September 6 - September 22. If your order has not been paid by tonight, there will be no time sending it before our departure.

You can still place orders during the abscence, although no orders will actually ship during this timespan. Please also note that no e-mails will be answered during this time. At the soonest, mails will be answered on Sept 22.

The tourschedule looks like this.

Protestera east tour 2013
Sept 06. Bremen (DE) @ Friese
Sept 07. Tharandt (DE) @ TBA
Sept 08. Warszawa (PL) @ Przychodnia squat
Sept 11. Lublin (PL) @ Tektura
Sept 12. KrakĂłw (PL) @ Kawiarnia Naukowa
Sept 13. Gliwice (PL) @ C.K.N.13
Sept 14. Vienna (AT) @ EKH
Sept 16. Zagreb (HR) @ TBA
Sept 18. Ljubljana (SI) @ Menza pri koritu/Metelkova
Sept 19. Podebrady (CZ) @ TBA
Sept 20. Cerhovice (CZ) @ TBA
Sept 21. Berlin (DE) @ Koepi

2013-09-01 - 077 out today
Passiv dödshjÀlp - Kollektiva mönster LP out today. Fucking rad album, get it while it last! Cool swampgreen vinyl for the vinyljunkie, cool black for the rest... Available at Spotify and such already.

Fredag den 13:e - Tjugohundratretton LP is back in stock. We got a few but they will sell out again fairly soon, so if you want it you better act fast. As of now, the first pressing is nearly sold out from all participating labels.

Distress - Life, death... rebirth LP
The release are to be picked up from the pressingplant and sent to us asap. Out late September.

Link/Absolutist - Chapter III: Split LP
Will be sent from our partnerlabel asap. Will be out late September.

Bombangrepp - FörrÄdd av samhÀllet EP
The record is done. Just waiting for inlays for it. Tentative releasedate, September 20.

2013-07-29 - News on releases... Or lack thereof
Many people ask us what is happening the new releases. Here is a short update.

Distress - Life, death... rebirth LP
The release has been sent to the presssingplant. Due to some severe cover related issues, the production has been delayed a bit. Hopefully the release will be out late August.

Link/Absolutist - Chapter III: Split LP
This one has taken forever at the pressingplant, but will be delivered to Another label this week. Maybe there are still chances for us to get this until friday, and then the releasedate set to August 10 is still on...

Passiv dödshjÀlp - Kollektiva mönster LP
Sent to pressingplant. Testpress approved. Will be out late August or early September.

Bombangrepp - FörrÄdd av samhÀllet EP
Sent to pressingplant. Testpress ordered. Will be out late August or early September.

2013-06-30 - HALVEP074 out now
Eskatologia - Skam . Skuld . Svek 10" is out. Get it today! Also, we have sort of a Eskatologia frenzy here; tons of new merch are added. New t-shirts, new patches, new backpatches, stickers... Feel free to browse through the webshop!

The Passiv dödshjÀlp - Kollektiva mönster LP testpress is now on Swedish soil.

2013-06-22 - HALVEP072 out now
The M:40/grace.will.fall - Promotional flexi disc for Close up #152 (HALVEP072) are out today. The subscribers of Close up magazine should all have gotten their copies as of now. The question is, have you gotten yours? You'll get it for free if you make an order where the ordersum exceeds 300 SEK. Note that M:40 has included the song Diagnos, from the CD/LP, but for now the grace.will.fall songs is unreleased.

Next in line is the last Eskatologia output; a 10" EP which consists of 6 new songs. Those are with Jonna as singer, not Anders who where a part of the band up til the Stormens öga CD. If you ask me, 10" is THE ONLY format for crustpunk noise. The 10" will be out June 30. However, from today on you are able to preorder this piece of vinyl.

Yes, the summersale is still a go. All customers will get a 20% discount, on every order, on all items in the webshop! Shop today as no one knows for how long this sale will persist.

2013-06-16 - Summer sale + more
Let's go for a summer sale. All users will get a 20% discount, on every order, on all items in the webshop! Shop today as no one knows for how long this sale will persist.

We will also put some of titles into the very special Bargain section of the webshop. Be sure to check the section out, as there will be very cool offers on a limited time only. You better go there now.

New stuff added to the webshop
We have gotten a big box of merch. The box contained patches, t-shirts and hoods. All things have been added to the webshop as of now. Check out the Hoods section.

Besides that, we took the decision of starting to sell utilities. The section is called Paraphernalia, and to start with we have added empty CD cases, clear or black trays in sets of one. This is to complete your CD collection as those damn jewelcases always seem to break. Hopefully in the future we can start to sell vinyl related utilities as well.

New release made public
We have also put a new upcoming release online. We will do a 7" EP with Bombangrepp called FörrÄdd av samhÀllet. This will be a labelsplit with Phobia Records and Skaven Records. More info will follow on this. Here one of the upcoming songs at the bandcamp site.

Going to the Punk illegal fest in Gothenburg?
As will we. If you want to save the postage, mail us your order and we will bring it with us to the fest. You'll pay in cash, exact amount please. You will get a neat little parcel so you can keep track of it during the fest.

2013-06-09 - New M:40/grace.will.fall release out in June
We can now present maybe one of the coolest releases of 2013! We hereby give you the M:40/grace.will.fall - Promotional flexi disc for Close up #152 (HALVEP072). Note that M:40 has included the song Diagnos, from the CD/LP, but for now the grace.will.fall songs is unreleased.

Almost the complete pressing have been handed over to Close up, to be included in Close up Magazine #152. This is for subscribers only. Apart from that there will be a complete page with interviews with both M:40 and grace.will.fall in the magazine.

So, how do one get a copy you might ask? Well, you can subcribe to the magazine. The other choice you can make is to head back here on June 22, then you'll get it for free if you make an order where the ordersum exceeds 300SEK. We also offer you to preorder the record from today to the releasedate. If you choose this alternative, you do not have to exceed the 300SEK limit.

2013-06-07 - Stocknews: Fredag den 13:e/Boredom
We are now down to the last copies of both Fredag den 13:e and Boredom LPs. In fact, we have one box left of each. If you want any (or both!) you better act accordingly. In the meantime: thank you, everyone who have been placing orders on those.

We also have a very few copies left of the limited Contorture LP on red vinyl.

Other label related news is that both Passiv dödshjÀlp LP and Distress LP has been sent to the pressingplant for the making of the initial testpressings.

We have also received the first batch of the final Eskatologia release, Skam . Skuld . Svek 10". Releasedate not yet set, but hopes are that it will later on tonight or at least this weekend.

2013-05-30 - Fredag den 13:e out now
So, the Fredag den 13:e LP is out now. Order your copy today, as the quantity is very limited from us... All copies are on clear vinyl! Buy it or regret it forever. It's that good!

We have had some problems with the downloadable files on the site, for instance the audio files. This issue has been solved so now all of the files are back online.

We have managed to restock a few Years of decay/Sand creek massacre - Split LP (HALVLP041). Buy it - it's totally worth getting.

2013-05-15 - News on the Fredag den 13:e LP
So the Fredag den 13:e LP has been postponed a few days due the the fact that we haven't yet received the records.

Edit: The cool thing is that the vinyl is not black. Due to an error at the pressingplant, all copies are on clear vinyl. Looks really sweet; sounds great. Get your copy today! Although the release is set to May 25, the preorders willl start ship this weekend.

2013-05-01 - HALVLP073 out now
Today we release the Boredom - Über alles LP. We do have a limited amount of copies, so place your order today not to miss it. Great hc/punk from Austria.

2013-04-21 - Sad/glad HFR news
Due to some misunderstandings and mishaps we have decided not to do the Totalt jÀvla mörker - Söndra & hÀrska LP. This cataloguenumber will be reused for another release.

However, although it is sad, this is not really a loss, as we have many cool releases in the pipeline, some of which are to be added on the upcoming page within the next few days.

Also, we have put up the Fredag den 13:e - Tjugohundratretton LP and the Boredom - Über alles LP as preorders. The releasedates for those two have been changed a few times, but hopefully now we can stick to them.

We have some releases which are still secret to the public. We will try a different approach for once. This release will also be reveal as soon as possible.

2013-04-10 - Recent shipment
We have gotten new patches. The shipment contained mostly new Misantropic patches, but also some new Distress. The Misantropic patches are all new motives. Now you will find a broad selection of colours on the patches. The stock on all the patches besides the black are very limited, so act fast if you want to have another colour than plain black.

We have also gotten a load of records from Trująca Fala. Mostly Knife in the leg but also Born dead icons, Artic flowers etc.

Upcoming gigs/tours
Anatomi- 71 will undertake a massive seven days tour in Europe (considering they only done six or seven gigs since the start in 1999), starting tomorrow.

Anatomi-71/Tarantuja (Can) rips Yurp 2013.
April 14 - Berlin, DE @ Köpi
April 15 - Amsterdam, NL @ Vrankkrijk
April 16 - Bremen, DE @ NEED HELP
April 17 - Groningen, NL @ Crowbar
April 18 - Prague, CZ @ Cafe Na Pul Cesty
April 19 - Munich, DE @ Kafe Marat
April 20 - Bologna, IT @ Atlantide

2013-03-26 - Prelisten to the Tjugohundratretton LP
There will be a prelisten to the new Fredag den 13:e album at March 27, 2013. This starts at 13:13 at the soundcloud page. Click on the image to go there! |

The CD will be released as scheduled, however, the LP are about two weeks away due to the fact that everything takes more time than we hoped. Despite of this, the releaseparty will be held in Gothenburg at Oceanen March 30. See you there!

2013-03-24 - Webshop update + new upcoming releases
The update of today is nothing but new patches and back patch motives. We have added a new category in the webshop especially for the back patches. Feel free to place an order as the stock is limited.

Also, we have gotten a very limited amount of the long time sold out Personkrets 3:1 - The glorious dead LP (HALVLP022). So if this is what you have been waiting for, buy it today as the chance of getting this will most likely never come back.

News upcoming releases
Yes, many have waited and there are infact quite many new upcoming releases!

HALVEP074 Eskatologia - Skam . skuld . svek. So, Eskatologia will make one more gig. To this event, we will try our best to get the last recording out - a six song 10" with Jonna as singer. The war is still on!

HALVLP076 Link/Absolutist - Chapter III will be a split with Absolutist. Absolutist is doing one long song that spans from crust to screamo, from crust to grind. I listened to the track once more today, and I can even hear some refences to the US Arizona based anarcho act Contravene on this... Link gives us four new songs. As always, this will be a gatefolded sleeve.

HALVLP077 Passiv dödshjÀlp - Kollektiva mönster LP. Nine new songs of Gefle crust. There is really nothing more to say here, right?

2013-03-18 - HALVLP070 out now
The M:40 - Diagnos LP is out today. There is nothing more to say regarding this, except that you really should buy it now, or regret it later. Don't miss M:40 on their german/czech tour in the end of this month.

M:40 - Diagnos march tour 2013
March 28. Weimar, DE @ Gerber 3.
March 29. Prague, CZ @ Bazina Klub.
March 30. Leipzig, DE @ G16.
March 31. Neubrandenburg, DE @ AJZ.

Edit: The preorder copies of the M:40 LP has been started to ship out. Not all copies has been packed and are ready to go, but they will be in the next few days. So don't be alarmed if your copy does not appear in the mail until next week.

2013-03-10 - Questions on preorders
M:40 - Diagnos LP
The preorder for M:40 - Diagnos LP has been opened a while ago and as expect, the limited to go fast... We still have copies left but do not sleep on this one, as the limited ones are just for the HFR mailorder and will not be sold at our distributors. So place your order today to reserve your copy. Remember that all those buy LP will have the CD included for free. The offer is only valid thru Halvfabrikat mailorder and will not apply to our co-releasing labels, the band or any of our distributors down the line.
Questions has arosen on preorders. Here are some answers. All preorders has to be paid upfront in order to be valid. All those who order as C.O.D. (swe: postförskott) within sweden will pay the full amount now and have the M:40 LP shipped for free when we do have it in stock. There are no real excuses not to get the album from us, right?

M:40 - Diagnos march tour 2013
March 28. Weimar, DE @ Gerber 3.
March 29. Prague, CZ @ Bazina Klub.
March 30. Leipzig, DE @ G16.
March 31. Neubrandenburg, DE @ AJZ.

Contorture - Who's in charge LP
The Contorture LP is doing alright. It has been out now for two weeks and 1/3 of the copies are gone. You need this? You need this!

Distress - Life, death... Rebirth LP
The Distress LP is going to be out in May/June. This will be a co-release with one German label, plus atleast two russian labels in the time for a June tour by Distress. In the meantime, there are some tracks available for you realize the greatness of the band, at the their bandcamp site.

2013-03-01 - Every Friday is Fredag den 13:e!
Every Friday in March Fredag den 13:e will release a new song on Soundcloud from their upcoming album "Tjugohundratretton". So what are you waiting for - go directly to to listen to today's song "Spritromantik" (or just click play down here). The song will only be available for 24 hours so spread the word! From now on every Friday is Fredag den 13:e...

2013-02-15 - HALVLP066 out now
Contorture Who's in charge LP are out now. Be sure to grab yourself a copy while they last.

2013-02-10 - News on 066, 070, 071
There is quite much going on at HFR nowadays. Here is the latest updates on the next few releases. We have several more, but let's hold on to those for a while...

Contorture - Who's in charge (HALVLP066)
The first two batches of LPs has arrived. This means we have start shipping the LP already, despite the releasedate February 15. This means: if you preorder your copy now it will be shipped prior to this date.

M:40 - Diagnos (HALVLP070)
The artwork proofs has been approved. The releasedate is set to March 18. On March 1, the preorder will be opened. There will be a regular version of 800 in black, and a limited version of 200 in red. We expect the limited ones to be gone in a week or so after the preorder starts, so hang on if you want one of those. Or you can always buy one for ten times as much on Ebay later...

Fredag den 13:e - Tjugohundratretton (HALVLP071)
There will be a releasegig in Gothenburg on March 30. Dunno yet if this is a public or non-public event.

2013-02-04 - HFR on social media?
In 2013 even Halvfabrikat has made it's way into social media. To start with, we have gotten a Twitter account. Find it here. The thought behind this is to get news out quickly (even though we will keep updating this page!).

Contorture - Who's in charge (HALVLP066)
The LPs are on their way... The preorder is open until February 15. Remember, if you order any other items you will have this shipped for free.

M:40 - Diagnos (HALVLP070)
So we got a second testpress and this time it was ok. So, it has been approved. The releasedate is set to March 18. February 18, the preorder will be opened. There will be a regular version of 800 in black, and a limited version of 200 in red.

Fredag den 13:e - Tjugohundratretton (HALVLP071)
This piece of plastic has been sent to the pressingplant. There will be a releasegig in Gothenburg... More info will follow.

2013-01-20 - New year at HFR
So, a new year and no news from Halvfabrikat? We have alot of plans for 2013, here are some of them...

Contorture - Who's in charge (HALVLP066)
The Contorture LP is finally done. The release is set to February 15, so now the preorder has been opened for this. Reserve your copy today, so you don't miss this masterpiece! We will get our copies around the releasedate so if you preorder this, and want to have your order in parts we will ship this when we get it for free!

Distress - Life, death... rebirth (HALVLP069)
Right now the material is in the hands of Jack Control. He will master this to perfection.

M:40 - Diagnos (HALVLP070)
This LP is somewhat delayed due to the fact that the side A of the testpress was not OK. While ordering this LP, you'll get the CD version as bonus! This offer is only valid through Halvfabrikat Mailorder.

Fredag den 13:e - Tjugohundratretton (HALVLP071)
This piece of plastic is ready to be sent to the pressingplant. Expect thirteen new songs by one of the best crust acts from Gothenburg right now.

Boredom - TBA (HALVLP073)
We agreed on taking part of the new Boredom LP. There are nine new songs on this, to be out in March. The title on this are not yet confirmed. Boredom will also do a smaller tour in Greece in february, together with Sarabante. Here is the info:

14.02.2013 LARISSA, T.E.I.
17.02.2013 ATHENS, ZERO

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