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Updates 2014

2014-12-30 - Fredag den 13:e news
Fredag den 13:e are confirmed to play at the Obscene Extreme festival 2015. This annual festival in Czech Republic will take place July 8-12 in Trutnov.

The act has start the recording of their third album in Fvck Life Studios in Trollhättan. Just as the second album, Halvfabrikat Records will be a part in releasing this one.

While we are waiting for this album there will be a repress made of the second, the "Tjugohundratretton" LP. This one sold out very fast from us the first time and this time around we will make preorders available. Be sure to check this site.

2014-11-23 - New records added
This week we have gotten a total of approx 14 kilos of new records. Those has been added now. We have gotten the Contorture/Ahna split, various Iskra LPs, various Agathocles splits... Quite frankly, there are a lot of splits added. Browse the catalogue!

2014-11-02 - New releases 2014-2015
The upcoming records in the first half of 2015 will be:

Distress - S/T. You know what to expect from this outragous Russian crusties by now, don't you? This one is a 5 song selftitled EP. Out late 2014 or early 2015. Listen to two of the new tracks:

Social crisis/Ultimo rausea/Matka teresa/Controlled existence - 4 way split of crust, powerviolence and what not. Expect mayhem!

Passiv dödshjälp - Lögner. Two covers on a 5" EP, maybe late 2014 or early 2015.

Exilent - Signs of Devastation LP. I was totally blown away by this act at Punk illegal 2013. A limited and a regular LP version will be available in 2015.

Link - Chapter IV. A new 6 song LP will be out by those belgian crusties in 2015.

Social crisis/Days of desolation - Split EP.

2014-10-17 - HALVEP084 out now
Today we do release the highly awaited new EP by M:40, called Bär mig till bikten. M:40 are back after their fullength album Diagnos (HALVCD070, September 4, 2012). This piece of plastic gives us two new tracks of raging hardcore/crust from Lidköping. Strictly limited to 320 copies. The music can best be described as if you took the rage from Totalt jävla mörker and you would mix it up with the moodier parts from Neurosis. The mixture keeps the music interesting at all times. This EP really can’t make anyone disappointed; if you liked their fullength you will love the EP!

2014-10-15 - D-beater, excellent new punkblog
There are a new punkblog called D-beater and they did a short interview on behalf of the Halvfabrikat Store. This is available at the link:

Also, D-beater mentioned that Misantropic made it all the way to MTV. Pretty crazy if you ask me. I don't know if they need new genres or even if the 80s are bac. Nonetheless. Check it at the link.

There are a new Review of Passiv dödshjälp/Achilles made in Czech at

2014-10-11 - Preorders HALVEP084 + tours
Today we have begun taken preorders for the upcoming M:40 - Bär mig till bikten EP. Be sure to get your copy now, as this one is limited to 320 copies! Release Oct 17!

Oct 17, 2014. Frederica, DK @ Ungdomens hus
Oct 18, 2014. Eindhoven, NL @ Bloodshed fest, Dynamo

October`11 - GBG, 128 : an w/ Myteri
October`12 - Copenhagen, Ungdomshuset w/ Myteri
October`13 - Hamburg, Gun bar w/ Attack Of The Mad Axeman
October`14 - need help, Germany
October`15 - Berlin, Koepi w/ Counterblast
October`16 - Brunswick, Nexus w/ Moribund Scum
October`17 - Bloodshed fest
October`18 - Bloodshed fest
October`19 - Nijmegen, privat party
October`20 - day off, but if you have any offers just let us know
October`21 - Antwerpen, tba
October`22 - need help, France
October`23 - Paris, tba
October`24 - Bordeaux, tba
October`25 - Barcelona, tba
October`26 - Toulouse, Les Pavillons Sauvages
October`27 - need help, Lyon / Dijon / Besancon
October`28 - need help, France or Switzerland
October`29 - need help, Switzerland or Germany
October`30 - Keln, tba
October`31 - Oldenburg, Alhambra
November` 01 - Leiden, crust fest
November` 02 - Bremen, Friese w/ Moribund Scum

Oct 17, 2014. Eindhoven, NL @ Bloodshed fest, Dynamo

Sun 12 Oldenburg, Alhambra (GER)
Mon 13 Gröningen, BamBara (NL)

2014-09-27 - Distribution US
In a few days time, all you US Citizens can buy our newest outputs. Get them from: Havoc (Minneapolis, MN) or Stickfigure Distribution (Atlanta, GA).

2014-09-21 - Compilation: Stoppa våldet out now
The compilation Stoppa våldet (Stop the violence) is out. The record has been released by Artistet mot speciesism. This is part 2 which contains, amongst others: Operation, Seeds in barren fields and Pyramido.

01. Magnus Beischner & Hallå Luleå För att ni inte ser likadana ut
02. Svenska Akademien Proteinpornografi
03. Diegojah Meat is murder
04. FHTEOD feat. Henry Bowers Lustmord
05. Jenny Wilson Opposition
06. Kent Wennman You Knew
07. The Sensitives Old Fashioned Fuck Off
08. Sista Dansen Mardrömmar
09. Hemgraven Överallt, ingenstans
10. Ass & The Frenchmen Carrying
11. MANKIND Blood, Sugar
12. Batterix Det räcker nu!
13. Kajsa Grytt Om du kunde se mig
14. Martin Ahlquist Steget efter klivet
15. Chugger Bleed
16. Seeds in barren fields I am the Antichrist
17. Pyramido Serenity
18. Marionette Act of violence
19. IRON Break New Ground
20. Håll käften, vad vill du!? Kött
21. Operation Kött är mord
22. Club 8 Kill Kill Kill
23. Den förlorade generationen Jag äter inte mina vänner

Eventually we will have this in stock. For now, read more at their homepage. There are also a page dedicated to Operation here.

2014-09-05 - New upcoming records
We will do a limited run of the upcoming M:40 - Bär mig till bikten 7" this fall. As the band will play at the Bloodshed fest in the Netherlands October 18, we will have it out to their tour. Listen to the song Bär mig till bikten here.

Also, we will do a limited run of Passiv dödshjälp - Lögner. This is a cover 5" vinyl EP, which will hold two songs: Dom ljuger (Mob 47) and Alla jävlar ljuger (Skitsystem). This one will also be done for the Bloodshed fest, as Passiv dödshjälp also will play this festival.

We will do a new 5 track 7" with the Russian d-beaters, also known as Distress. The title of this is not decided yet. This will most likely happen Winter 2014.

2014-08-29 - CD restock
We have taken out at least 100+ records from the personal Halvfabrikat Collection and are in the process of putting them on sale. This means most restocks of titles available, but also there are some titles which has been sold out from us long time ago.

In the next few Days we will reveal the plans for the upcoming titles on the Halvfabrikat label. Be prepared!

2014-08-21 - Distress tour 2014
Distress tour 2014:
October 10 - Stockholm, Dead Rhythm w/ Myteri
October 11 - Gothenburg, 128:an w/ Myteri
October 12 - Copenhagen, Ungdomshuset w/ Myteri
October 13 - Hamburg, Gun bar w/ Attack Of The Mad Axeman
October 14 - need help, Germany
October 15 - Berlin, Koepi w/ Counterblast
October 16 - Brunswick, Nexus w/ Moribund Scum
October 17 - Bloodshed fest, NL w/ M:40 and Passiv dödshjälp
October 18 - Bloodshed fest, NL w/ M:40 and Passiv dödshjälp
October 19 - Nijmegen, privat party
October 20 - day off, but if you have any offers just let us know
October 21 - Antwerpen, tba
October 22 - need help, France
October 23 - Paris, tba
October 24 - Bordeaux, tba
October 25 - Barcelona, tba
October 26 - Toulouse, Les Pavillons Sauvages
October 27 - need help, Lyon / Dijon / Besancon
October 28 - need help, France or Switzerland
October 29 - need help, Switzerland or Germany
October 30 - Koeln, tba
October 31 - Oldenburg, Alhambra
November 01 - Leiden, crust fest
November 02 - Bremen, Friese w/ Moribund Scum
November 05 - Riga

2014-08-16 - HALVLP085 out today
Passiv dödshjälp/Idiot ikon - Split LP is out today. Available as limited amber or regular black.

2014-08-07 - Back from Hygget 2014
Alright, I have been at home for a few days but there has been some serious fuckups with the internet - until now. The webshop is fully up to date once again. Orders made this week will be taken care of this weekend. So if you have not yet gotten a confirmation on your order, don't worry. It will happen soon.

There have been some parcels coming this week and this items will be up in the webshop as soon as possible. We are also proud to announce that we soon will have some Myteri merch up in the webshop in a few days time. Myteri is ex-Eskatologia.

2014-07-22 - New stuff just in
We have gotten a bunch of new Passiv dödshjälp patches and backpatches. Also, we have gotten a delivery from Power it up (the new Exhale LP etc), Not enough Records (the new Insidious process LP as well as the new Crutches LP) and Phobia (the excellent Ahna/Cetascean - Split LP etc).

We are going to sell merch at the Hygget fest. We will only attend on saturday. So, if you need anything from the Halvfabrikat Mailorder, just email us and we can bring it there. Save the shipping.

Hopefully the Passiv dödshjälp/Idiot ikon - Split LP will be here prior to August 1. If so, it will be released this date. If not it has to wait a bit longer.

2014-06-30 - Webshop up to date
The webshop are ones again up to date from the sales at the Punk illegal festival. Thanks everyone who brought something out of our distro.

2014-06-24 - Preorder 079, 083
Preorders are up for the Insidious process/Contorture and the Krigskontrast/Skiplickers. Grab them now!

2014-06-20 - HALVLP080 out today
The long awaited MISANTROPIC/EATEN RAW - Split LP are finally out. There is a total of seventeen raw crustpunk songs on this piece of plastic. White limited vinyl as well as black regular version available.

2014-05-24 - Preorders accepted 080
So, finally, the preorder section has been opened on Misantropic/Eaten raw - Split LP. You can just add the version you want (of course you want both, right?) to the shoppingcart and then you fill in the details. The order has to be paid within one week for the order to be valid. If you want more records/merch, you do two orders, one for the preorder, one for the order. The preorders will be sent at the latest on June 19, as the actual streetdate is June 20.

2014-05-21 - What about preorders/store opening hours
Many, many, have been asking us about preorders for the upcoming MISANTROPIC/EATEN RAW - Split LP. The preorders for this will start this saturday, May 24, at 8 PM, 20:00 sharp. The preorder will open for both the limited and the regular version of the album. However, as this is one month to the actual streetdate, the preorder has to be done separately if you want any other records. All preorders has to be paid one week after the order has been done to be valid.

Halvfabrikat Store will be held open for the first time on saturday, May 31, 13:00 - 15:00. The store is located on Stenumsvägen 20, Axvall, on the back. You will find parkingspaces just outside of the entrance. This parkingspace is located on the right just after the house on Ringvägen. Maps and such at Remember, cash only.

2014-05-13 - Testpresses arrived
080, 081, 079 approved
So, finally we got the testpress for Misantropic/Eaten raw, and it sound raw as fuck. This one is a keeper! We have approved this one for the full production. Also we have gotten the Passiv dödshjälp/Achilles testpress and this too is sounding extreme. This one has also been approved for full production. The testpress of the Krigskontrast/Skiplickers have been received and approved, so the full production has been started on this one as well.

083 up next
Any day now we will receive the testpresses for the upcoming insidious process/Contorture Split EP. The atwork on this one has been printed already elsewhere.

What about preorders?
More info will follow in the next few days on preorders on the approved ones... We have gotten alot of mails about preordes on (especially) Misantropic/Eaten raw and as of now, preorders has not been opened. Due to a issue with most webbrowsers it seems that it actually work to preorder as the button is highlighted, but that is not really the case yet. However, we suggest you do not sleep on this one once the preorder has been opened...

2014-05-02 - Store news
The store are now fully done. To be opened in late May or early June. Expect some nice offers for the opening... Only available at the store, not in the webshop.

2014-04-22 - Upcoming tour: Link - European wasteland tour 2014
Link will do a European tour during May. These are the dates:

8/05 Weimar (D) @ Gerber 3
9/05 Bregenz (A) @ No Conform Festival, w/ Kyrest, Distinct Cult, PiXGs, Napalm Raid, Leechfeast
10/05 Rijeka (HR) @ Podrum, w/ Leechfeast
11/05 Zagreb (HR) @ Medika Squat - The grey room, w/ Kick It, Intrigue
12/05 Prague (CZ) @ Klub OO7, w/ Age of Collapse
13/05 Dresden (D) @ Chemiefabrik, w/ Age of Collapse
14/05 Poznan (PL) @ Rozbrat Squat, Fight them all, Rain
15/05 Berlin (D) @ Köpi Squat/Koma F, w/ Age of Collapse, Ruins
16/05 Leipzig (D) @ Zoro Squat, w/ Night fever
17/05 Bremen (D) @ Die Friese, w/ Napalm Raid

2014-04-19 - Update in webshop
Many new titles in from Boss tuneage/Boss tuneage Retro.

2014-04-01 - Increase on postage
Like a fucking joke the Swedish post has increased their prices once again.

2014-03-20 - Krigskontrast - S/T - finally back in stock
Yes, the long awaited Krigskontrast - S/T (HALVEP065) is finally back in stock. There are a few copies left as of today...

We have put a few titles on sale. The sale on our own titles means 50% off! These titles are available right now:

Operation - Så länge du inte gör motstånd stöder du systemet 1996-1999 CD
Protestera - 01.05.1886 CD
Protestera - Rock n riot CD
Eskatologia - Stormens öga CD
Anatomi-71 - På giftets vingar MLP

For other titles, see the Bargain section in the webshop.

2014-03-16 - News releases
Misantropic/Eaten raw - Split LP
Testpresses should be reaching us any day. After the approval we will begin taking preorders.

Passiv dödshjälp/Achilles - Split LP
Has been sent to the pressingplant last week.

Insidious process/Contorture - Split EP
The cover and inlay has been sent to a printingshop. Early next week we will ship the rest off to the pressingplant.

We have found some old patches which we thought where sold out. Those has been put on sale again at the webshop.

2014-03-09 - Forthcoming tours
Misantropic are doing a mini-tour in Finland in March. The LP will most likely not be in their luggage...

20/03 Oulu, 45 Special (with Out Of Tune)
21/03 Kuusamo, Ravintola Veijo (with Out Of Tune, Violent Hammer)
22/03 Rovaniemi, Grande (with Suohauta)

17-19/04 Punkfest 11, Verket, Umeå
28/06 Punk Illegal Festival 2014, Alafors folkets park, Alafors

And also, Insidious Process are doing a tour in Australia in April/May with Disturd (Japan).

25/04 Melbourne - Bendigo Hotel w/ Rort, Havittajat, Soma Coma Extinct Exist
26/04 Melbourne - Black Goat (All ages) w/ Kromosom, Leather Lickers, Substance Abuse
27/04 Adelaide- Crown and Anchor w/ Iron Wurzel, Power Chuck
28/04 Melbourne - Boney w/ Debacle, Masses
29/04 Canberra - Commonwealth Park (All ages) w/ Eye Gouge, Hygiene
30/04 Sydney - Valve Bar w/ TBA
01/05 Byron Bay - TBA
02/05 Brisbane - Total Attack
03/05 Brisbane - Total Attack

And Contorture will do some gigs as well:

17/04 Punkfest 11, Verket, Umeå
23/05 Scumfest, London, UK

2014-03-05 - News on postage and more
So, the Swedish post has decided on yet again raise their prices. April 1, 2014, there will be a raise of 1 SEK on a regular stamp, but most likely, all prices will go up.

We are now almost yet again sold out on the Misantropic - Insomnia CD. The CD is available on Spotify and such, but if you want the CD as such, hopefully you know what to do.

2014-02-19 - Store news
Two weekends, and this is what we have been doing. All the renovation has been done, also the LP/EP bins has been put into place.

The LP/EP bins fitted perfectly, actually, if they had been one millimeter longer, they would not have fitted at all... The first images shows the bins in place. The second is the same filled to the brim with merch.

We have gotten a load of records from Power-it-up Records, Selfmadegod Records and Disiplin Media (formerly known as Nakkeskudd Plater). Those are up on sale now.

2014-02-02 - General label news
This is what we have been working on a few months now. A real recordstore, which will contain only punk (in different shapes). The storearea is located in a basement. Outside there is plenty of parkingspace. Axvall is located right in between of Stockholm and Gothenburg, and only one Swedish mile detour from Skara (follow signs toward Skövde). We are not yet open for business, but we will be late spring 2014.

The first images shows how the room looked like prior to the renovation. The second show the room after the renovation. The biggest improvement so far is the floor, and the fact that we got ridden of the pisslike white/yellow walls (not really showable on the image, but believe me, it was there).

To celebrate the fact that we gotten this far, we would like to give all a little discount. Shop now and you receive a discount of 10%. Who knows when this discount will end, but most likely it will stay during the month of february. However; do you dare to wait and see?

2014-01-26 - Misantropic/Eaten Raw next up, plus more new releases in the pipeline
OK, so up next is the Misantropic/Eaten Raw split LP. This will be a gatefolded sleeve. A limited version of 100 copies will be made on White vinyl. The rest, 400, will be done on black. Also, only the first pressing will be made as gatefold... Release is set to March 20.

Other than that, here is the upcoming plans:

Passiv dödshjälp/Achilles Split LP. Out march 2014. Corelease with EMF, Phobia Records and Svoboda.

Krigskontrast/Skiplickers Split EP. Out early 2014. Corelease with Imminent Destruction, Rawmantic disaster and Not enough Records.

Contorture/Insidious Process Split EP. Out early 2014. Corelease with Not enough Records and Svoboda Records.

Contravene The ways of oppression, double CD. Discography by this amazing anarchopunk band who disbandoned in 1999. Will be out sometimes in 2014.

Yes, there are gaps in the cataloguenumbers and yes, those places will be filled eventually.

2014-01-18 - Preview of new Misantropic track
From the upcoming Misantropic/Eaten Raw Split LP, here is one of the new tracks. Fucking ace if you ask me. Also, included you'll see the artwork for the split.

General Halvfabrikat News
So, you might have noticed there has been little to none activity on this page? Are you one of those was been mailing us about this? We have had several persons mailing us about the lack of news. Have we been lazy? In fact no, we have some major news to tell. But this will have to wait a while longer... All I say right now is that the spring of 2014 will be one of the busiest one yet.

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