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Updates 2015

2015-11-01 - 096 out now
Today we do release the Social crisis/Days of desolation - Split EP. Crustcore vs grindcore; Poland vs Belgium. Limited White vinyl available!

2015-10-28 - Adjustments of prices
We have now adjusted the most prices in our webshop. For the regular customers this means some changes as there are quite a few titles who have been reduced in prices.

The biggest change has been set to the Wholesale customers, as we have lowered the actual amount of records you have to buy in order to get your discount. Usually this means from 5 titles of the same, down to 3 of each title. We have also reducted the prices considerably for all Wholesale customers.

If you need a Wholesale account, to get the discount as retailer, just set up an account in our webshop. Then mail us your info. We will convert your account to a Wholesale account.

Next release
Next release is the Social crisis/Days of desolation - Split 7" EP. Out November 1. Preorders accepted now.

2015-10-07 - Delivery by D-takt och Råpunk Records
We got a few titles from D-takt och Råpunk Records. We now have Anatomi-71 - Distansen tilltar LP as well as Totalt jävla mörker - Helvetespunk EP in stock.

2015-09-20 - 092 out now
Anatomi-71 - Distansen tilltar CD out today! Limited 300 copies.

2015-09-03 - 093 are out
Yes, the Myteri LP are out. This one sell really good, so grab it while you can! Limited solid White available.
Myteri are a new all-star band deriving from Gothenburg and more. Some of the members are from Eskatologia; and this sound is still intact. Ten songs of misery and despair; d-beat and booze throughout this raw mayhem.

2015-08-22 - 094 out now
Today we release the Fredag den 13:e - Domedagar LP on yellow vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.
Fredag den 13:e are back with a third output - the Domedagar LP. And what a recording, what a release! Just as angry as the vocals, the guitars pierce your ears and eventually you just wanna dance. This is undoubtfully one of the best records in 2015. The band have no intention of slowing down on this recording!
Now it is time to once again unleash one of the best hardcore/rock n crust acts from Gothenburg.

22 Aug, SE, Göteborg - Releaseparty for Domedagar w/ Strul, The Arson Project, Gust and Gamla Pengar @ Skjul Fyra Sex (Fiskhamnsgatan 41).

04 SEPT @ Verket, Umeå
09 OCT @ 128an, Gothenburg
10 OCT @ Bokcaféet, Jönköping

19 SEPT @ 128an, Gothenburg (Releaseparty for Myteri - S/T LP) w/ Aerial Ruin, Blodad tand and The Bristlers
2-3 OCT @ Tunghort 2015 festival, Checkpoint Charlie, Stavanger (NO), w/ Livstid, This gift is a curse, Agenda
31 OCT @ Holgerfest 4, Jönköping, w/ Passiv dödshjälp

31 OCT @ Holgerfest 4, Jönköping, w/ Myteri

21 AUG @ Stumpf, Hannover (D)
22 AUG @ Kill the plastic smile, Oldenburg (D)
23 AUG @ Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen (DK)
19 SEPT @ 128an, Gothenburg (Releaseparty for Myteri - S/T LP) w/ Aerial Ruin, Blodad tand and The Bristlers
10 OCT @ Bokcaféet, Jönköping

27.8 - Warszawa (PL)
28.8 - Dresden - Paranoyafest (D)
29.8 - Hannover (D)
30.8 - Nanacy (FR)
31.8 - Saint Etienne (FR)
01.9 - Zarautz (ESP)
02.9 - Bilbao (ESP)
03.9 - Priaranza del bierzo (ESP)
04.9 - Madrid (ESP)
05.9 - Zaragoza (ESP)
06.9 - (TBA)
07.9 - DAY OFF
08.9 - Marseille (FR)
09.9 - Mens (FR)
10.9 - Biel (CH)
11.9 - Köln - Bauwagenplatz (D)
12.9 - (TBA)
13.9 - (TBA)

2015-07-22 - 022 restock
The Personkrets 3:1 - The glorious dead LP are available from us again! The LP has not been in stock for several years, but can now be bought again from us! Get this one while supply last...

2015-06-17 - 088 out now
The highly productive Passiv dödshjälp is back with a cover 5" EP. Hereon you will find two covers, one originally made by Mob 47 and one by Skitsystem. Pulverizing crustcore from 026. Intense in a direct way; keeping focus of the shit in todays society. This one is limited to 100 copies on clear vinyl, and are being released today.

2015-06-07 - 090 out now
Link - Chapter IV LP are out now. Fucking brutal 6 song masterpiece. You really can't miss this one. Limited to 300 copies on clear vinyl! Also, the restock of Exilent - Signs of Devastation LP are made. Those are going fast I tell you... Still there are some left but please do not sleep on this.

2015-05-24 - Restock soon on HALVLP089
The Exilent - Signs of Devastation LP (HALVLP089) sold out literally in a day. There will be a restock soon. If you missed this one you'll get a new chance. The preorder starts June 1. We will start packing the preorders June 6.

The Passiv dödshjälp - Lögner 5" will be out soon! Those are on the way to be delivered.

2015-05-01 - 086 out now
The Distress - S/T EP are out today. 300 copies in foldout sleeve.

2015-04-16 - 071 (repress) and 089 out now
Out today: Fredag den 13:e - Tjugohundratretton, 2nd pressing on red transparent wax. This is prime Numbercrust/Motörcharged scandicrust deriving from Gothenburg, Sweden.

Also out today are the Exilent - Signs of Devastation 12" LP. Long awaited second full-length album from these Hannoverpunx. Ten new songs of this raging crust that we already know from their first album. The LP comes in an inside-out printed gatefoldcover and includes downloadcode, poster (dina2) and sticker!

2015-04-10 - New merch just in
We have gotten a bunch of new patches a few Days ago. Those have been put in the webshop yesterday. Amongst other there where a completely new Passiv dödshjälp - Logo patch.

Today we got even more brand new. We ordered this batch a while back but now they have arrived. Those will be put online asap, but it may take a few Days. Those are all new, except for a restock of the M:40 - Historiens svarta vingslag patch. There are many new Misantropic patches amongst other. Also, we have gotten a bunch of new backpatches. It's fucking time to patch up your springjacket!

2015-03-31 - M:40 to play in Lidköping
M:40 are to play in Lidköping May 9. The event will be held at The Bowlingalley in Lidköping. The address to the venue are Kinnegatan 15, quite near the bus/trainstation. The price are SEK20 if you arrive prior to 9PM, thereafter the price are SEK40. Wardrobe included. Age 18 and over. Halvfabrikat Records will be attending Selling merch and records.

M:40 (Crust/Hardcore from Lidköping/Skövde)

MÄBE (Rock from Strömstad)

Seedna (True darkness from Lidköping/Skövde)

Öken (Stoner from Skövde)

Link to the event:

2015-03-13 - Today is Fredag den 13:e
This is some news directly from the Fredag den 13:e camp:

- Our new album DOMEDAGAR is currently being mastered by Brad Boatright (FROM ASHES RISE) in AUDIOSIEGE Studios. We are very satisfied with the sound of it and how the thirteen songs turned out. A big fvcking kiss to Fred (GUST, ANCHOR) at FVCK LIFE Studios for recording and mixing our shit! He´s the best!
- 1000 LP´s of DOMEDAGAR will be co-released by Deviance Records (FR), Halvfabrikat Records (SE), Everyday Hate Records (PL), Farsot Records (SE), Angry Voice Records (DE) and Bez-AK47 Records (FR). Everyday Hate Records will release the CD-version. We hope to have the new album in our hands in the middle of May.
- The song ”Du ska lida” won last month´s poll and is the song that joins the other twelve songs on DOMEDAGAR. ”Hyckleriet fortskrider” will be released on a split 7” with a very great band in a not so far distant future. You can still find both songs on if you want to give them a listen.
- The repress of TJUGOHUNDRATRETTON LP will arrive next month! Our hopes are to have our web shop running again by then so you can order it from there.
- We have some shows coming up that are listed below! We will of course also throw a kick ass release party for DOMEDAGAR in Göteborg in June. We´ll keep you posted about date and venue.
Cheers fuckers!

16 May, SE, Karlstad – KLUBB TVÄRKÖRT @ ROCK BAR
12 Jun, SE, Stockholm – PUNX 44 @ CYKLOPEN
8 Jul, DE – Berlin - TBA
10 Jul, DE - TBA
11, Jul, PL - TBA

2015-03-01 - Vivens II - compilation out now on Spotify
Yesterday there was a hell of a party in Alvik, Sweden. Sicksound: Vivens where filled to the brim with Halvfabrikat bands!

Here you can listen to the record that was released yesterday (called Vivens II), go to Spotify.

The songs with some kind of connection to HFR:
1. Passiv dödshjälp - Mytomani
2. Idiot ikon - Vil slite meg ut
3. M:40 - Bär mig till bikten
5. Protestera - När bedövningen släpper
6. Håll det äkta feat Gerda Berglund - Äkta ser äkta

2015-02-09 - New releases in the pipeline
New fucking year. New releases in the making. There are a few sent to press right now:
HALVEP086. Distress - S/T, 7" EP.
HALVEP088. Passiv dödshjälp - Lögner 5" EP.
HALVLP089. Exilent - Signs of Devastation 12" LP. (limited as well as regular edition will be available).
HALVLP090. Link - Chapter IV 12" LP.

We are waiting for artwork on:
HALVLP071. Fredag den 13:e - Tjugohundratretton 12" (2nd press, with new artwork)
HALVCD092. Anatomi-71 - Distansen tilltar CD (Release in April as CD/digital).

No news on:
HALVCD075. Contravene - The ways of oppression 2CD.
HALVEP087. Social crisis/Ultimo rausea/Matka teresa/Controlled existence - 4 way split 7" EP
HALVEP091. Social crisis/Days of desolation - Split 7" EP

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