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Updates 2016

2016-12-09 - The Passiv dödshjälp/Exilent cancelled
The Passiv dödshjälp/Exilent are cancelled. Instead there will be a Passiv dödshjälp/Fear of extinction - Split LP, and later on the Exilent material will be a split LP together with Moribond Scum.

the sale are now over. Thank you for ordering during this sale.

2016-11-09 - US election aftermath sale
Today we do begin our autumnsale. 10% off all stock, regardless of if it is Halvfabrikat releases or if it is found in the distro. However, if you do shop whilst being logged in, you will get 15% off all items in your order. This offer is valid at least one month from now, meaning November 9 - December 9.

The Massmilicja/Protstera - Split 7" EP are out since a while back and are going really good. This means we are down to our last copies of this black [block punk rock] piece of vinyl. Fucking go get it while it lasts!

2016-09-30 - 098+090 repress out
Massmilicja/Protestera as well as Link - Chapter IV repress are out today!

2016-08-18 - Stock return
This week we have gotten a stock return from a distributor. There are A L O T of releases which has previously been sold out from us, and they are now restocked and the webshop is fully updated. Some as low as 1 copy each! This is your chance to pick up and eventually fill the gaps in you own Halvfabrikat Records colllection!

2016-08-14 - Soundfiles, pressreleases etc are now working again
Soundfiles, pressreleases, salesinfo and artwork files are now working again. We have had some hard time getting all those files to work but now they do. We do celebrate this by putting new soundfiles/mp3s up on the most recent releases.

2016-08-11 - 091 out now
Yestday we did release the Monday suicide/Social crisis - Split LP (HALVLP091). Black regular vinyl as well as limited dark red marmelade vinyl available.

2016-08-04 - News on the releases
To be out August 10:
HALVLP091. Monday suicide/Social crisis - Split LP.

To be out August 25:
HALVLP090. Link - Chapter IV, LP (2nd press; limited 300 on black vinyl).
To be out September:
HALVLP101. Misantropic - Discography LP.

Next up:
HALVEP086. Distress - S/T EP (2nd press; black vinyl). To be sent to press.
HALVEP098. Massmilicja/Protestera - Split EP. In press.
HALVLP099. Link/Geraniüm - Chapter V (Split) LP. To be sent to press.
HALVLP102. Passiv dödshjälp/Exilent - Split LP. To be sent to press.

2016-05-31 - 087 are out
Today we do release one new record: Social crisis/Ultimo rausea/Matka teresa/Controlled existence - War is Business - 4-way split 7" EP.

2016-05-22 - New release out June 1 - preorders are up
Preorders are up for the Social crisis/Ultimo rausea/Matka teresa/Controlled existence - 4 way split 7" EP "War is business". Get your copy in regular black vinyl or limited light green vinyl. Go to Releases - Upcoming, to preorder this piece of plastic! Release set to June 1.

2016-05-01 - 093 and 095 out now
The Myteri - S/T CD and the Passiv dödshjälp - Tecken på idioti 10" EP are out now. The Passiv dödshjälp release are available in regular black and limited white with pink splatter. The presale has been really good on this release - so if you want one (or both!) you better Place your order asap.

2016-04-10 - New releases out May 1
New releases out May 1.

Myteri - S/T CD.
Passiv dödshjälp - Tecken på idioti (black version as well as limited White with pink splatter vinyl will be available).

We are currently accepting preorders on all above. A few are left of the limited Passiv dödshjälp so do not sleep on this one.

2016-03-09 - New releases soon out
As it seems, several releases are to be released soonish.

Myteri - S/T CD.

Passiv dödshjälp - Tecken på idioti (black version as well as splatter vinyl will be available).
Social crisis/Ultimo rausea/Matka teresa/Controlled existence - War is Business - 4-way split EP.
Link/Geraniüm - Chapter V (Split) LP.

Social crisis/Monday suicide - Split LP.

Protestera/MassMilicja - Split EP.

2016-01-31 - 097 and 088 repress are out now + Manifest 2016
Halvfabrikat Records have two releases that has been nominated to this years Manifestgala. The winner will be presented on February 5, at Nalen in Stockholm. More info:

Anatomi-71 – Distansen tilltar (Halvfabrikat Records)
Kronofogden – Arbete och/eller fritid (Blindead records)
Fredag den 13:e – Domedagar (Halvfabrikat Records)
Arre! Arre! – A.T.T.A.C.K (Rundgång Rekords)

Today we do release the Born for Slaughter/Myteri - Split 7" EP (HALVEP097) as well as the repress of Passiv dödshjälp - Lögner 5" EP on black vinyl. Both of which are limited in stock due to preorders etc so dont sleep on this if you want them.

2016-01-12 - Manifest 2016
Both Anatomi-71 (with the album Distansen tilltar) and Fredag den 13:e (with the album Domedagar) are nominated for Manifest 2016. Both in the category Punk.

2016-01-01 - Happy new year?
So, yet Another new year at our doorstep. We at Halvfabrikat are quite busy with new releases. Next out will be at least:
Feb 1. Passiv dödhjälp - Lögner 5" EP repress on black vinyl. Born for Slaughter/Myteri - Split 7" EP.

All orders from today will receive a free Myteri sticker. The offer are valid as long as we have those in stock. Remember, all orders come with free stuff (flyers, or even more depending on the size of the order).

Thanks for supporting us in 2015. Keep us alive in 2016 by placing your order today!

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