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Updates 2018

2018-03-25 - Plans Q2 2018
The plan for Q2 2018 are as follows:

Misantropic - Discography LP. As the raw version, we will screenprint sleeves for the rest of the records. The raw version was black with White ink, this version will be White with black print. The downside of this is that it will be released in less than 200 copies. Release: May.

Passiv dödshjälp Lögner (limited 3rd press; black vinyl) 5" EP. Release: May.

More world, less bank part 4. Will be sent to the pressingplant this week to come. The sleeve will be done as a foldout.

Fredag den 13:e - Dystopisk Utsikt LP/CD. The new F13 has been sent to press. It will be done as a gatefold and yes - it will be done as a limited version as well.

Distress/Irritation - Split EP. The sleeve are being finalized as we speak.

A few have asked us if we still have the limited Protestera - Pengarna eller livet LP left (gray vinyl, free poster). Yes - we still have some copies left. Grab it while they last!
You can place an order and collect it in the Halvfabrikat Store in Axvall. Just Place your order and choose payment option "Other". We can keep the store open just for you.

2018-01-31 - Preorders open
Preorders are open for both Exilent/Moribund scum - Split LP and the Protestera - Pengarna eller livet LP (regular and limited versions). Release March 2.

2018-01-13 - Plans Q1 2018
The plan for Q1/Q2 2018 are as follows:
Protestera - Pengarna eller livet LP. Regular black and limited grey version will be available. Release March 2. Preorder will start Feb 1.
Exilent/Moribund scum - Renewal (Split LP). Release March 2.
Passiv dödshjälp - Lögner 5". 3rd pressing. May or earlier.

Also near to be out are the Distress/Irritation - Split EP and the More World, less bank 4 compilation. We miss some of the artwork for both.

Swish are now available as payable option. Choose Swish in the payment field after placing your order.

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