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Updates 2018

2018-12-13 - Preorder HALVCD104
The preorder for the upcoming Fredag den 13:e - Dystopisk utsikt CD has been opened. Release is set to Jan 13, 2019.

2018-11-30 - Autumn sale ended
The Autumn sale has ended. Thanks to everyone who placed an orer during this timeperiod, to help us clear some stock. Tomorrow we do release the Distress/Irritation - Split EP.

2018-10-11 - Autumn sale
From now on there will be an October sale at the webshop. All customers will get a 20% discount on all items in our webshop. The offer are valid as long as you can view this newsfeed. Order today as some items might be sold out.

The offer does not include any discount on shipping.

Hint: The sale will be closed on friday nov 30, 12.00.

2018-09-14 - A new homepage
A new homepage is being under construction. The old page will still be updated with new items and news, but we hope to introduce the new during this fall/winter. The new homepage will work on all devices such as computers or Telephones.

2018-08-31 - Delays in orders
Due to personal issues the orders going out has become somewhat delayed. They will be ready within this very weekend though. Thanks for your patience.

Finally we have the Protestera - 01.05.1886 vinyl LP back in stock! Initially released on Skuld Releases back in 2010, now reissued on behalf of Flyktsoda.

2018-08-03 - Distress/Irritation releasedate set
Distress/Irritation will be released December 1. Pressing vinyl these Days takes time.

Misantropic - Discography
Second batch of sleeves for the Misantropic - Discography are here. All orders that was waiting for this item to be shipped has been sent as of yesterday.

2018-07-31 - Distress/Irritation testpress
Distress/Irritation testpress has been received and it sounds amazing. Except this to be release this fall.

Misantropic - Discography
So, we have gotten the first batch of sleeves for the Misantropic - Discography. There are only a few and we do this the old fashion way - first come, first serve.

2018-07-13 - 104 out now
Fredag den 13:e - Dystopisk utsikt, out today. The limited ones are going fast!

Misantropic - Discography
Many are asking us why they do not get their delivery of the Misantropic LP. We are STILL waiting for the screenprinted sleeves to reach us. When those arrive all orders will be sent out. Bear with us! We too have been waiting nearly a month since the releasedate for this.

2018-07-09 - On friday the 13th...
..The new Fredag den 13:e album "Dystopisk utsikt" will be released as LP. A limited run of gold vinyls has been made, as well as a regular black version. The records has been received here at the HQ this morning. All preorders has been sent out.

2018-07-01 - Delays...
Misantropic - Discography LP
The sleeves for this release are somewhat delayed as not all of them have been printed yet. All of you who have made an order on this will get a copy. There are still vinyls left so hurry up and make your order on this super limited gem.

Fredag den 13:e - Dystopisk utsikt LP
The production is done! It will be shipped to us as we speak, but still, we postpone the entire release two weeks. New releasedate July 15.

Fredag den 13:e - Dystopisk utsikt CD
Expect this to be out later than the LP version due to some printer errors, alas LP release July 15.

Distress/Irritation - Split EP
The production for this has just been started. Initially just 500 black vinyls in a xeroxed cover where to be produced, now we upgraded this so there will be a limited silver vinyl version, as well as 400 black. There will also be a glued sleeve made.

2018-06-15 - 101 out now
The Misantropic - Discography LP are out today.

MISANTROPIC are back, with this discography 12” vinyl. You know what to expect: fast d-beat and double bass drums, metallic thrashing punked up riffs, bulldozing bass lines and angry pissed off vocals. A hardcore holocaust.

Tonight they play at the K-Town festival in Copenhagen, DK. Do not miss this. They brought a few of the Discography LPs with them, so buy it from them. If all Money has been spent on beer, you can buy it from us. But do not wait too long - this record is limited to 180 copies in total.

Again, sorry for the somewhat high price on this. Even if we do manage to sell all copies, we will still not break even. The vinyl has been at the HQ for several years, but now Sister Screen did a sleeve for it, just to get it out to the public. Besides a raw version (50 copies) for last years Punkfest, this is you chance to grab this piece of vinyl. Unfortunate enough, this is also a somewhat limited pressing.

Distress/Irration - Split EP
The Distress/Irration - Split EP was sent to press today. More news when we have a estimated dispatch date for this vinyl EP.

2018-05-25 - GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation
You may have heard about the new General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), that comes into effect May 25, 2018. To help comply with GDPR consent requirements, we need to confirm that you would like to receive content from us, even when you are not a registered customer of either our Mailorder or Wholesale service.

We hope that our content is useful to you and you wanna continiue receiving our newsletters that contain the latest news, special-deals, and products that we have to offer.

If you like to recieve our newsletters in the future - do nothing. If you do not want to continue hearing from us, please update your subscription settings.

2018-05-05 - Special deal
Protestera - Pengarna eller livet CD/LP.
CD - 80kr.
LP, black vinyl, booklet, sticker - 100kr.
LP, limited gray vinyl, booklet, sticker, 50x70 poster (not available anywhere else!) - 120kr.

M:40 - Diagnos CD/LP.
CD - 80kr.
LP, black vinyl, gatefolded sleeve - 100kr.
LP, limited red vinyl, gatefolded sleeve - 120kr.

Special deal: Buy any (or both!) of the limited versions and get the CD for free.

2018-04-21 - Record store weekend 2018 - 20% off
Today it is Record Store Day. Halvfabrikat Records is not really a part of this fad (records should be bought all year round) - but we do offer a 20% discount on all records in our webshop. The offer are valid now, but this weekend only.

2018-03-25 - Plans Q2 2018
The plan for Q2 2018 are as follows:

Misantropic - Discography LP. As the raw version, we will screenprint sleeves for the rest of the records. The raw version was black with White ink, this version will be White with black print. The downside of this is that it will be released in less than 200 copies. Release: May.

Passiv dödshjälp Lögner (limited 3rd press; black vinyl) 5" EP. Release: May.

More world, less bank part 4. Will be sent to the pressingplant this week to come. The sleeve will be done as a foldout.

Fredag den 13:e - Dystopisk Utsikt LP/CD. The new F13 has been sent to press. It will be done as a gatefold and yes - it will be done as a limited version as well.

Distress/Irritation - Split EP. The sleeve are being finalized as we speak.

A few have asked us if we still have the limited Protestera - Pengarna eller livet LP left (gray vinyl, free poster). Yes - we still have some copies left. Grab it while they last!
You can place an order and collect it in the Halvfabrikat Store in Axvall. Just Place your order and choose payment option "Other". We can keep the store open just for you.

2018-01-31 - Preorders open
Preorders are open for both Exilent/Moribund scum - Split LP and the Protestera - Pengarna eller livet LP (regular and limited versions). Release March 2.

2018-01-13 - Plans Q1 2018
The plan for Q1/Q2 2018 are as follows:
Protestera - Pengarna eller livet LP. Regular black and limited grey version will be available. Release March 2. Preorder will start Feb 1.
Exilent/Moribund scum - Renewal (Split LP). Release March 2.
Passiv dödshjälp - Lögner 5". 3rd pressing. May or earlier.

Also near to be out are the Distress/Irritation - Split EP and the More World, less bank 4 compilation. We miss some of the artwork for both.

Swish are now available as payable option. Choose Swish in the payment field after placing your order.

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